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Author: Bruce H. Norton Quotes

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Mark Fiore Quotes

"Id rather be single, happy, and lonely sometimes than married, lonely, and happy sometimes."

Mariyn Monroe Quotes

"Im pretty, but Im not beautiful. I sin, but Im not the devil. Im good, but Im not an angel."

Ghandi Quotes

"La véritable source des droits est le devoir. Tout le reste est une question dorganisation."

Ian Neath Quotes

"Asking where memory is "located" in the brain is like asking where running is located in the body. There are certainly parts of the body that are more important (the legs) or less important (the little fingers) in performing the task of running but, in the end, it is an activity that requires complex coordination among a great many body parts and muscle groups. To extend the analogy, looking for differences between memory systems is like looking for differences between running and walking. There certainly are many differences, but the main difference is that running requires more coordination among the different body parts and can be disrupted by small things (such as a corn on the toe) that may not interfere with walking at all. Are we to conclude, then, that running is located in the corn on your toe?"

Yaya Nurcahyadin Quotes

"You get something, if you do something"

Dan Carlin Quotes

"History is the autobiography of a madman."

Barry Watson Quotes

"It was tough trying to figure out how to put on all the womens clothes."

Robert Nye Quotes

"The old, endless, approachable and always answering Sorrow," says my father Lucifer. "For who calls on me never goes unanswered. Only prayers to God go without answers."

Roland H Baiton Quotes

"When Christianity takes itself seriously, it must either renounce or master the world."

Julie Wenzel Quotes

"Sometimes, your pet picks you."

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Quotes About Cersei Love

"Robert wanted to be loved. My brother Tyrion has the same disease. Do you want to be loved, Sansa?""Everyone wants to be loved.""I see flowering hasnt made you any brighter," said Cersei. "Sansa, permit me to share a bit of womanly wisdom with you on this veryspecial day. Love is poison. A sweet poison, yes, but it will kill you all the same." - Author: George R.R. Martin

Quotes About Termos

"esse querido plano interior; o segredo da felicidade é não termos escrúpulos para connosco e termos o máximo de atenções para com todos os outros; de resto, o próprio tempo disse já adeus a todos os piratas da alma" - Author: Stig Dagerman

Quotes About Tragedy Of The Commons

"Tragedy of the Commons: while each person can agree that all would benefit from common restraint, the incentives of the individuals are arrayed against that outcome." - Author: Clay Shirky

Quotes About Kevin Rudd

"You know, in the WikiLeaks cables, the Chinese discovered that Kevin Rudd was urging the Americans to keep the military option open against them. This is hardly a friendly gesture." - Author: Paul Keating

Quotes About Living On The Beach

"When I lie back and close my eyes, this farthest lip of beach right next to the end of the ocean feels like being up close to an enormous breathing being, the bass drum surf thump reverberating through the sand. Living out here with no lights, alone, you would indeed become sensitive to seasons, rhythms, weather, sounds- right up next to the sea, right up under the sky, like lying close to a lovers skin to hear blood and breath and heartbeat." - Author: Paul Bogard

Quotes About Ptolemy

"Thats how Ptolemy imagined the disposition of his memories, his thoughts: they were still his, still in the range of his thinking, but they were, many and most of them, locked on the other side a closed door that hes lost the key for. So his memory became like secrets held away from his own mind. But these secrets were noisy things; they babbled and muttered behind the door, and so if he listened closely he might catch a snatch of something he once knew well." - Author: Walter Mosley

Quotes About Humans Being Small

"What is making contact? It is hard to define, but people do know when they have or have not made contact… Sometimes it seems that humans have lost the art. The range of possibilities for contact open to human beings is extremely large, ranging from conversations that can last hours to something as brief as a pull on a pigtail. However, just a small attempt to make contact with the other person on a regular basis can put a distant relationship back on track." - Author: Roberta M. Gilbert

Quotes About Sad Love Tumblr

"But one kiss levitates above all the others. Theintersection of function and desire. The I do kiss.The Ill love you through a brick wall kiss.Even when Im dead, Ill swim through the Earth,like a mermaid of the soil, just to be next to your bones." - Author: Jeffrey McDaniel

Quotes About Friendship Ending

"The first Embassy to Afghanistan by a western power left the Companys Delhi Residency on 13 October 1808, with the Ambassador accompanied by 200 calvary, 4,000 infantry, a dozen elephants and no fewer than 600 camels. It was dazzling, but it was also clear from this attempt to reach out to the Afghans that the British were not interested in cultivating Shah Shujas friendship for its own sake, but were concerned only to outflank their imperial rivals: the Afghans were perceived as mere pawns on the chessboard of western diplomacy, to be engaged or sacrificed at will. It was a precedent that was to be followed many other times, by several different powers, over the years and decades to come; and each time the Afghans would show themselves capable of defending their inhospitable terrain far more effectively than any of their would-be manipulators could possibly have suspected." - Author: William Dalrymple

Quotes About Returning Back To Work

"After the success of August, there were people saying I should change my life. And maybe I should have bought a yacht and traveled the world instead of returning to Steppenwolf to act in and write plays. But Im from the Midwest, and thats what we do: We go back to work." - Author: Tracy Letts