[It Has Been Well And Truly Said That In The Exoteric Church The Ceremony Is Performed By One Person For The Benefit Of The Congregation; But In The Lodge The Ceremony Is Performed By The Congregation For The Benefit Of One Person.]

Author: Dion Fortune Quotes

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Carre Otis Quotes

"I think that we cant deny the publics want for balancing out the images that are out there depicting women. Not all of us are 17 and a size two."

Diana Athill Quotes

"To me it was plain silly. It is so obvious that life works in terms of species rather than individuals. The individual just has to be born, to develop to the point at which it can procreate, and then to fall away into death to make way for its successors, and humans are no exception whatever they may fancy."

Dan Gelber Quotes

"Getting straight As for having lots of tests is not the same as getting As on the tests. Weighing a malnourished dog every day doesnt make him any better."

Wafaa Bilal Quotes

"In any culture the dispossessed and powerless willl turn to religion and legend, because what else do they have to believe in? They need these stories of heroism and superhuman saviors to give them hope."

Frank Wedekind Quotes

"If our esteemed colleague, Zungenschlag, does not find our room ventilated sufficiently, I should like to suggest that our esteemed colleague, Zungenschlag, have a ventilator set into his forehead."

The TV Show Gilmore Girls Quotes

"Life is a battle, and you either enter it armed, or surrender immediately."

Brooke Elliott Quotes

"The majority of women in America look like me."

Kevin E Beasley Quotes

"Adventure is about what we do; not what we plan, strategize or dream about. Adventure begins with "what ifs" and "why nots." "What if I were to step out to chase that dream? Why not take the first steps and see what happens? When we step through the doorway of adventure our life is suddenly worth the living. And we experience life as it was meant to be."

Louise Yates Quotes

"When he read, he forgot that he was waiting."

Nellie Bly Quotes

"It is only after one is in trouble that one realizes how little sympathy and kindness there are in the world."

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"If Mom was feeling ambitious, she scribbled a small list of items beneath the word, but seeing as her handwriting is virtually illegible, we wont know whats in each box until we actually open it. Like Christmas. Except we already own everything." - Author: Victoria Schwab

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"Individuality: ten. Cautiousness: three. Combativeness: nine." She looked over and gave me a wink. "Well, what did you expect from a pirates daughter? Hope: eight. Amativeness. Whats that?"Kate acutally blushed. "I think it has something to do with your attractiveness to the opposite sex.""Ten," said Nadira, smiling modestly. (Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel)" - Author: Kenneth Oppel

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"Neka pironska ravnodušnost, ublažena postojanom blagošću i dobrotom te povremenim proplamsajima snažne tjelesne srasti, bila je njegovo normalno stanje, koje su mu bile odredile njegova urođena i navikom stečena narav." - Author: Aldous Huxley

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"I dont go back home to Sardinia as much as I would like, just for Christmas and family events." - Author: Caterina Murino

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"Hatırladığım kadarıyla, vaktiyle, hayatım bir şölendi, tüm gönüllerin açıldığı, tüm şarapların aktığı bir şölen. Bir akşam, Güzelliği dizlerimin üstüne oturttum. -Ve onu çok acı buldum.- Ve sövdüm ona. Adalete karşı önlem aldım. Kaçtım uzaklara. Ey büyücüler, ey sefillik, ey kin, hazinem size emanet! Kafamdaki tüm insani umutları yok etmeyi başardım. Her sevincin üstüne sıçradım bir vahşi hayvan gibi boğmaz için. Yanıma cellatlar çağırdım, ölürken, tüfeklerinin dipçiklerini ısırayım diye. Belalar çağırdım, kumla, kanla beni boğsunlar diye. Mutsuzluk ilahım oldu. Çamura uzandım boylu boyuna. Cinayet havasıyla kurulandım. Ve nice oyunlar oynadım delicesine. Ve ilkbahar getirdi bana budalalığın ürkütücü gülümsemesini." - Author: Arthur Rimbaud

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"When we are meditating in a haunted graveyard, or even in our rooms, frightening external and internal appearances may arise during Chöd practice. If this happens, check the two superstitions—the external, frightening appearance, and the internal appearance of the inherently existent I that is frightened. Do they exist from their own sides? With determination, check for the I that experiences fear, whether of a sight or a sound. Recalling that our purpose is to compassionately sacrifice ourselves to the spirits, and remembering emptiness of the three spheres of giving, we mix our minds with space and visualize the spirits consuming our bodies as well as our sense of an inherently existent self. After the spirits have eaten the body, again investigate the two superstitions. It is by checking for the independent I that we come to realize emptiness." - Author: Zongtrul Losang Tsöndru

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"Theres childhood and early onset bipolar, but it transitions in your early adulthood into something a little bit different, and extremely severe. It was at that time that my impulse control just went out the window. Impulse control when youre manic just disappears." - Author: Marya Hornbacher

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"There are Russians, and then there are Russian ballerinas from the Kirov." - Author: Meg Howrey

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"It must be said that it is challenging to balance uncompromising artistic integrity with commercial requirements, but Ive also come to learn that couture clients are adventurous and particularly unpredictable in their taste." - Author: Stephane Rolland