[It Has Often Been Observed That The Repercussion Of Poetic Language On Prose Language Can Be Considered A Decisive Cut Of A Whip.]

Author: Eugenio Montale Quotes

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Mark Forsyth Quotes

"Oxygen was called flammable air for a while, but it didnt catch on."

Robert Shea Quotes

"Individuals, too, who cultivate a variety of skills seem brighter, more energetic and more adaptable than those who know how to do one thing only."

Francisco X Alarcon Quotes

"I carry my roots with me all the time rolled up, I use them as my pilllow."

Lord Haw Haw Quotes

"Apart from my absolute belief in National Socialism and my conviction of Hitlers superhuman heroism, I had always been attracted to Germany."

Leonard Wibberley Quotes

"The crime which is done now is that war has made a tool and slave of science, and mans knowledge, painfully and laboriously compiled, is made the instrument of mans destruction."

Fabio Volo Quotes

"Tutto quello da cui cercavo di scappare mi si ripresentava continuamente, sembrava la legge del contrappasso. Il mio passato era sempre lì, ero circondato dai miei fantasmi."

Pearl Abraham Quotes

"When the highest value in a community is loyalty to the greater cause, meaning the continuity of the status quo, all means to this end are imbued with religious significance, and are thereby justified."

William Glasser Quotes

"Sex is on the minds of most people, especially those who shouldnt be having it."

Kristin Van Ogtrop Quotes

"If you keep doing something because you like it and suddenly a decade or two passes - well, you have a career."

Matthew Kadow Quotes

"Acknowledge what i mean, and not what say"

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Quotes About Attimo

"Allinizio era lividi. Poi graffi. Mi calmano un momento. Righe rosse precise, a volte lettere a comporre parole, bellissime parole a comporre frasi, prese da dove. Graffi, segni delle lacrime che di segni non ne lasciano mai. Allinizio erano graffi, portavano via piccole porzioni di pelle e sporcizia. Andavano facilmente via. Con lunghia. Poi un giorno ricordo comera bello lasciarsi medicare. Comera facile sentirsi consolata, una goccia di disinfettante per bambini, verde che non brucia. A lacerare e lacerarsi ci vuole un attimo." - Author: Valentina Dazed Di Martino

Quotes About Festival Of Lights

"I extend my greetings and good wishes to all our citizens on the joyous occasion of Deepawali. The festival of lights, celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm all over the country, signifies the victory of good over evil and is an appropriate occasion for us to resolve to follow the high ideals in life." - Author: Mohammad Hamid Ansari

Quotes About Head Held High

"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;Where knowledge is free;Where the world has not been broked up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;...Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;...Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake." - Author: Rabindranath Tagore

Quotes About Change Because Of Love

"... the powerful changes that happen in the life of a disciple never come from the disciple working hard at doing anything. They come from arriving at a place where Jesus is everything, and we are simply overwhelmed with the gift. Sometimes it seems as if God loves us too much. His love goes far beyond our ability to stop being moral, religious, obedient, and victorious, and we just collapse in his arms.Out of the gospel that Jesus is the only Mediator between God and humanity comes a Christian life that looks like Jesus, a life Jesus would recognize. Its a life that looks like Jesus, because Jesus does everything, and all we do is accept his gift. And to accept his gift, we have to give up trying to be Jesus.Out of that discovery comes a Christian life that is free from the tyranny of unnecessary adjectives - even my preferred modified, Jesus-shaped - and simply follows after the One who loves us beyond words or repayment." - Author: Michael Spencer

Quotes About Queens And Crowns

"News flash, lady. There are no queens anymore," Shane said. He loaded shells in a shotgun and snapped it shut, then searched for a place to strap it on that didnt interfere with the flamethrower. "No queens, no kings, no emperors. Not in America. Only CEOs. Same thing, but not so many crowns." - Author: Rachel Caine

Quotes About United Family

"Al Gore, the former vice-president of the United States, lives in a mansion that uses more electricity than the average familys bungalow! David Suzuki rides on a bus that uses more fuel than a Smart car to get across Canada! Oh my God! And this is just the tip of the vanishing iceberg!" - Author: Linwood Barclay

Quotes About Please

"You can be confused later. But come on my face now, please?" - Author: Kylie Scott

Quotes About Shits

"In truth I was manufacturing a brick wall of shits." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About How Short Life Is

"Yet how strange a thing is the beauty of music! The brief beauty that the player brings into being transforms a given period of time into pure continuance; it is certain never to be repeated; like the existence of dayflies and other such short-lived creatures, beauty is a perfect abstraction and creation of life itself. Nothing is so similar to life as music." - Author: Yukio Mishima

Quotes About Liesel And Ilsa

"When Liesel left that day, she said something with great uneasiness. In translation, two giant words were struggled with, carried on her shoulder, and dropped as a bungling pair at Ilsa Hermanns feet. They fell off sideways as the girl veered with them and could no longer sustain their weight. Together, they sat on the floor, large and loud and clumsy. Two giant words...Im sorry." - Author: Markus Zusak