[It Is Not Seen As Insane When A Fighter, Under An Attack That Will Inevitable Lead To His Death, Chooses To Take His Own Life First. In Fact, This Act Has Been Encouraged For Centuries, And Is Accepted Even Now As An Honorable Reason To Do The Deed. How Is It Any Different When You Are Under Attack By Your Own Mind?]

Author: Emilie Autumn Quotes

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Luigi Pirandello Quotes

"Abbiamo tutti dentro un mondo di cose: ciascuno un suo mondo di cose! E come possiamo intenderci, signore, se nelle parole chio dico metto il senso e il valore delle cose come sono dentro di me; mentre chi le ascolta, inevitabilmente le assume col senso e col valore che hanno per sé, del mondo comegli lha dentro? Crediamo di intenderci; non ci intendiamo mai!"

Karen A Duncan Quotes

"We may also discover that sexual abuse helps to explain the high prevalence rates of eating disorders among women and may lend some insight into why we are starting to see more documentation of eating disorders among boys as we see the reports of sexual abuse for male children increasing. Culture alone cannot explain the phenomena of such high rates of eating disorders."

Melvin Schwartz Quotes

"Mathematics is much more than a language for dealing with the physical world. It is a source of models and abstractions which will enable us to obtain amazing new insights into the way in which nature operates."

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Quotes

"A regime that can suspend or abrogate the constitution and run the country on its whims and caprice should be ashamed of bringing on its lips the word "law". It is like prescribing a punishment for adultery after raping the country. It is like saying that Holy Quran is suspended nobody can escape from the Hadees."

Whittaker Chambers Quotes

"It taught me that . . . there can be no true humility and no true compassion where there is no courage."

Peter Viereck Quotes

"What keeps earth air breathable? Not oxygen alone. The earth is a freer place to breathe in, every time you love without calculating a return -- every time you make your drudgeries and routines still more inefficient by stopping to experience the shock of beauty wherever it unpredictably flickers."

Craig Benson Quotes

"Now I believe that people need to understand whats happening in my campaign, and theyre going to get three or four snapshots of that, with plenty of time before the first disclosure happens in June."

Juan Villoro Quotes

"Tengo una teoría: la televisión no pertenece a la cultura sino a la neurología; estimula un enlace de neurocircuitos que te permite ver en estado de zombi, suspendiendo el juicio. Y no sólo eso, también los que están dentro de la pantalla se encuentran alterados; el efecto de las cámaras produce una especie de trance, como el aura luminosa que ven los afectados de jaquecas y que tantas veces se confundió con las apariciones religiosas."

Kathleen E Woodiwiss Quotes

"Nem sempre há segurança nos números, e às vezes as circunstâncias influem muitas nas ações dos homens."

Birdy From Skinny Love Quotes

"who will love you? who will fight? and who will fall far behind?"

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Quotes About Twisting Words

"sheets, I keep hearing something—or someone—calling, just loud enough to pierce the walls. The voice is surely something more than wind, curling and twisting itself into highs and lows, like muffled music. I know that if only I could lean closer, words would become clear, distinct. Words that wouldnt break apart before I can wrap my mind around them." - Author: Victoria Schwab

Quotes About Religious Extremists

"Modern materialists and religious extremists alike lack the spiritual animistic reverence for non-human beings that every culture once understood as a given." - Author: Zeena Schreck

Quotes About Both Sides Of The Coin

"No beast of reality, or creature of imagination, is as terrible as mankind. Or as loving. Its a contradiction. Ive always liked contradictions. Today I see both sides of the coin unveiled in gruesome and beautiful imagery, captured by my eyes and filed away in my mind, like still shots taken by a world-renowned photographer." - Author: David Estes

Quotes About Being Engulfed

"my brain had begun to endure its familiar siege: panic and dislocation, and a sense that my thought processes were being engulfed by a toxic and unnameable tide that obliterated any enjoyable response to the living world." - Author: William Styron

Quotes About Normal

"It was a grungy, dangerous, bankrupt city without normal services most of the time. The garbage piled up and stank during long strikes of the sanitation workers. A major blackout led to days and days of looting. We gay guys wore whistles around our necks so we could summon help from other gay men when we were attacked on the streets by gangs living in the projects between Greenwich Village and the West Side leather bars...The upside was that the city was inexpensive…" - Author: Edmund White

Quotes About Hua

"None of the good promises the LORD had made to the house of Israel failed. Everything was fulfilled. Joshua 21:45" - Author: Beth Moore

Quotes About Personal Boundaries

"Unhealthy families discourage individual expression. Everyone must conform to the thoughts and actions of the toxic parents. They promote fusion, a blurring of personal boundaries, a welding together of family members. On an unconscious level, it is hard for family members to know where one ends and another begins. In their efforts to be close, they often suffocate one anothers individuality." - Author: Susan Forward

Quotes About Beauty Contest

"In the art of literature there are two contending parties. Those who aim to tell stories that are more or less well thought out, and those who aim at beautiful language, beauty of form. This contest may last a very long time; each side has a fifty-fifty chance. Only the poet can rightfully demand that verse be beautiful and nothing but." - Author: Paul Gauguin

Quotes About Rett Syndrome

"Professor Raylenes ground breaking study found that subjects with Tourrettes Syndrome burned more calories than Lutherans." - Author: Chris Dolley

Quotes About Loving Right Now

"His love for my mother wasnt about looking back and loving something that would never chance. It was about loving my mother for everything--for her brokenness and her fleeing, for her being there right then in that moment before the sun rose and the hospital staff came in. It was about touching that hair with the side of his fingertip and knowing yet plumbing fearlessly the depths of her ocean eyes." - Author: Alice Sebold