[It Is Not That God Is The Spectator And Sharer Of Our Present Life, Howsoever Important That Is; But Rather That We Are The Reverent Listeners And Participants In God's Action In The Sacred Story, The History Of The Christ On Earth.]

Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes

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"The summer passed quietly. I busied myself as best I could, reading a good deal."

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"Although, my experience when Ive been depressed, not only am I too depressed to sit down and write a song, Im too depressed to pick up my feet. So if you can at least write about it, youre halfway away from it."

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"Love is the foundation of all obedience."

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"Nuclear power is here to stay, and we need to support a strong domestic uranium industry."

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"I couldnt work my way into being a good-looking guy."

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"Music is like a journey that never ends"

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"Sitting up straighter, I remember Nora Mahoney saying, You only go around the block once. I rework it in my mind so she adds, So do it right."

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"That was why he still hadnt called her. He wasnt sure what the hell he was going to say if she picked up. Evie, Im really sorry about acting like a complete dick to you. Would you be willing to go out for lunch again? This time somewhere where my brother cant kill anyone, and my fucked‐up father wont take revenge for my letting it happen by trying to kill you?"

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"A guy once told me that I sound like Im a little ahead of myself. I cant wait to thank him at the Oscars."

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"Its not about the taking part. Its about the winning. Its about the hours you sacrifice in order to achieve your victory, and only you know what victory is for you, and only you know what it took to get you there."

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"Fiul lui Stalin si-a jertfit viata pe altarul cacatului. A muri pentru cacat nu inseamna o moarte pagubita de semnificatii. Nemtii care si-au sacrificat viata pentru a extinde cit mai departe spre rasarit granitele imperiului lor, rusii care au murit pentru a face ca puterea lor sa ajunga cit mai departe spre apus, da, acestia au murit intr-adevar jertfindu-se pe altarul unei prostii, iar moartea lor e lipsita de sens si de valoare generala. In schimb, moartea odraslei lui Stalin a fost singura metafora in toiul universalei imbecilitati a razboiului mondial." - Author: Milan Kundera

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"Osjetila se pomalo izdanom i tužnom, ali u taj mah na vidiku se pojavio golemi pokretni predmet. Bilo je to veliko stablo kestena u punom cvatu koje su vozili na Champs-Elysees, privezano na velikom kamionu, koje se naprosto treslo od smijeha - kao kakva ljupka osoba koja se našla u nedostojanstvenom položaju, ali svejedno zna kako nije ništa izgubila od svoje ljupkosti. Promatrajući stablo s uživanjem, Rosemary se poistovjetila s njime, i veselo se s njime smijala, i sve se odjednom opet činilo prekrasnim." - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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"These Souls with great Material Possessions were allowed this because of Past Good Works in their Previous Life, but now feel there is no need for Spiritual Progress. They are too easily forgetting why they were granted this Material Wealth in the first place. Therefore we must stop them from accumulating more Material Gains to Guide them back to the right path." - Author: Mary Todd Lincoln

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"So I decided to do it [hike the Appalachian Trail]. More rashly, I announced my intention - told friends and neighbors, confidently informed my publisher, made it common knowledge among those who knew me. Then I bought some books... It required only a little light reading in adventure books and almost no imagination to envision circumstances in which I would find myself caught in a tightening circle of hunger-emboldened wolves, staggering and shredding clothes under an onslaught of pincered fire ants, or dumbly transfixed by the sight of enlivened undergrowth advancing towards me, like a torpedo through water, before being bowled backwards by a sofa-sized boar with cold beady eyes, a piercing squeal, and slaverous, chopping appetite for pink, plump, city-softened flesh." - Author: Bill Bryson

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"There existed very long saxophones from years ago. The player sat on their chair like a cellist; that same sort of feeling to it as well - unlike for example the way a harpist would be: the whole act differing in a very fundamental sense. Although harpists are fine. There is nothing to be said against harpists by any means whatsoever." - Author: James Kelman

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"It wasnt love at first sight. They ran into each other one morning in a sunny clearing in the forest. A few moments of stunned silence. `Glockenspiel, Adam pronounced, thinking (but with terrible doubt) hed found another animal in search of a name. When Eve approached him, proffering a handful of elderberries, he threw a stick at her and ran away." - Author: Glen Duncan

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"Otto said: Try to figure out a way to kill us nicely. You can, of course, drop mother into the well, and maybe you could poison me somehow." - Author: Väinö Linna

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"Undoubtedly, Baron Arald thought with a deep sense of pride and satisfaction, this would go down as the weddiong of the year. Perhaps of the decade.Already, it had the hallmarks of a roaring success . The Bores Table was well attended with a group of eight people, currently vying to see who could be the most uninteresting, overbearing, and repetitive. Other guests glanced in their direction, giving silent thanks to the organizers who had seperated them from such dread-ful people.There had been inevitable tearful flouncing and shrill recriminations when a girlfriend of one of the younger warriors from Sir Rodneys Battleschool had caught her boyfriend kissing another girl in a darkened corridor. It wouldnt be a wedding reception without that, Arald thought." - Author: John Flanagan

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"From black-rimmed plates they ate turtle soup and eaten Russianrye bread, ripe Turkish olives, caviar, salted mullet-roe, smokedFrankfurt black puddings, game in gravies the colour of liquoriceand boot-blacking truffled sauces, chocolate caramel creams, plumpuddings, nectarines, preserved fruits, mulberries and heart-cherries;from dark coloured glasses they drank the wines of Limagne andRousillon, of Tenedoes, Val de Peñas and Oporto, and, after the coffeeand the walnut cordial they enjoyed kvass, porters and stouts." - Author: Joris Karl Huysmans

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"Tupo navikavanje, onošto je maleno i nisko, ispunjavajući sve kutove sveta, kao težak zemni vazduh dimeći se oko svega što je veliko, ometajući, obmanjujući, ublažavajući, gušeći, otežava put kojim ono što je veliko ima da ide ka besmrtnosti. Taj put, međutim, vodi kroz ljudske mozgove! Kroz mozgove zastrašenih i kratkovečnih životinja koje se stalno iznova pojavljuju radi istih nevolja i s naporom neznatno vreme odbijaju od sebe propast. Jer, one u prvom redu hoće samo jedno: da žive po svaku cenu. Ko bi kod njih naslutio onu tešku trku lučonoša monumentalne istorije zahvaljujući kojoj ono što je veliko dalje živi!" - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche