[It Is Not That God Is The Spectator And Sharer Of Our Present Life, Howsoever Important That Is; But Rather That We Are The Reverent Listeners And Participants In God's Action In The Sacred Story, The History Of The Christ On Earth.]

Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes

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"The saddest songs are written when a person is happy."

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"Im not maximized yet."

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"Bangunlah malam, ia membantu untuk lulus ujian yang lain. Jangan sekali-kali membesarkan tidur."

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"It takes a lot of moola to fool around with national magazines, regardless of their politics. It takes even more if the paper is hell bent on shoving a hot poker up the rear end of the Establishment, as that editorial posture is not conducive to a massive influx of advertising dollars...a lot of people on the left still cherish the idea that Ramparts went under because I bought people drinks."

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"Robert Morley is a legend in his own lunchtime."

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"Let the professors of Christianity recommend their religion by deeds of benevolence - by Christian meekness - by lives of temperance and holiness."

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"...These politically correct language initiatives are misguided and harmful. They create highly entitled professional "victims" who expect to be free from any offense, and they engender a stifling atmosphere where all individuals walk on eggshells lest they might commit a linguistic capital crime."

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"Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident."

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"You know, I think Chris Nolan is an incredibly intelligent filmmaker, and I think Leonardo DiCaprio is an incredibly talented actor."

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"I always turn to the sports pages first, which records peoples accomplishments. The front page has nothing but mans failures." - Author: Earl Warren

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"Virtue is under certain circumstances merely an honorable form of stupidity: who could be ill-disposed toward it on that account? And this kind of virtue has not been outlived even today. A kind of sturdy peasant simplicity, which, however, is possible in all classes and can be encountered only with respect and a smile, believes even today that everything is in good hands, namely in the "hands of God"; and when it maintains this proportion with the same modest certainty as it would that two and two make four, we others certainly refrain from contradicting. Why disturb THIS pure foolishness? Why darken it with our worries about man, people, goal, future? And even if we wanted to do it, we could not. They project their own honorable stupidity and goodness into the heart of things (the old God, deus myops, still lives among them!); we others — we read something else into the heart of things: our own enigmatic nature, our contradictions, our deeper, more painful, more mistrustful wisdom." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

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"Why do we not care to acknowledge them? The cattle, the body count. We still dont like to admit the war was even partly our fault because so many of our people died. A photograph on every mantlepiece. And all this mourning has veiled the truth. Its not so much lest we forget, as lest we remember. Because you should realise the Cenotaph and the Last Post and all that stuff is concerned, theres no better way of forgetting something than by commemorating it." - Author: Alan Bennett

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"Its all strange to me. I know I live on a fierce and magical planet, which sheds or surrenders rain or even flings it off in whipstroke after whipstroke, which fires out bolts of electric gold into the firmament at 186,000 miles per second, which with a single shrug of its tectonic plates can erect a city in half an hour. Creation … is easy, is quick. Theres also a universe, apparently. But I cannot bear to see the stars, even though I know theyre there all right, and I do see them, because Tod looks upward at night, as everybody does, and coos and points. The Plough. Sirius, the dog. The stars, to me, are like pins and needles, are like the routemap of a nightmare. Dont join the dots.… Of the stars, one alone can I contemplate without pain. And thats a planet. The planet they call the evening star, the morning star. Intense Venus." - Author: Martin Amis

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"Charles Wesleys hymns are forceful because they contain so many words which are physical: for him the life of a Christian was to be experienced in the body as well as in the soul." - Author: J.R. Watson

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"Her youngest daughter shrugged. "Aint got no money, do we?" "I dont understand. Why arent you pillaging like the rest of your kin?" "It was the Northlands, Da. Aint nothin to pillage but the crows in the trees." "And snow," their eldest added. "Lots and lots of snow." Bram motioned to his study. "You know where I keep the gold coin." As if on fire, their offspring made a desperate run for their fathers study, climbing over the table and fighting each other through the door. It wasnt pretty." - Author: G.A. Aiken

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"He learned that almost all of the world lived in colossal and constant fear.Afraid of everything-the police,officials and courts,the thugs,criminals and mafia;afraid of the establishment and the anti-establishment;afraid of failure and of criticism,of being humiliated and being mocked,of being ugly and bald;afraid of cockroaches and of cats,of the seas and the skies,of lightning and of electricity;afraid of priests and physicians;afraid of dying and of living.More than hope,peoples life seemed to be defined by fear.Most hope,it seemed,was only about somehow negotiating the fear successfully.A tiny minority managed to cross the line of fear and this tiny minority then became the shapers of the world in which the rest lived." - Author: Tarun J. Tejpal