[It Is Now No More That Toleration Is Spoken Of, As If It Was By The Indulgence Of One Class Of People, That Another Enjoyed The Exercise Of Their Inherent Natural Rights. For Happily The Government Of The United States, Which Gives To Bigotry No Sanction - To Persecution No Assistance, Requires Only That They Who Live Under Its Protection Should Demean Themselves As Good Citizens.]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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"two nieces. But time is running out. Down on her luck Charleston, SC restaurateur, Darcy Witherspoon is licking a wounded ego when she arrives in Black Moose, VT and meets the handsome Maple"

Ben M Baglio Quotes

"Were ready for him!"

Goodman Ace Quotes

"TV - a clever contraction derived from the words Terrible Vaudeville. However, it is our latest medium - we call it a medium because nothings well done."

Ricardo Chevere Quotes

"Knowledge makes you knowledgable, understanding knowledge makes you intelligent, using knowledge efficiently makes you smart, but only kindness makes you truly wise."

Claire Messud Quotes

"I kept thinking, as I was telling Didi, that somehow what was in my head--in my memory, in my thoughts--was not being translated fully into the world. I felt as though three-dimensional people and events were becoming two-dimensional in the telling, and as though they were smaller as well as flatter, that they were just less for being spoken. What was missing was the intense emotion that I felt, which, like water or youth itself, buoyed these small insignificant encounters into all that they meant to me. There they were, shrinking before my eyes, shrinking into my words. Anything that can be said, can be said clearly. Anything that cannot be said clearly, cannot be said."

Richard J Mouw Quotes

"... no sensitive Christian can be satisfied with a distinction between righteousness and unrighteousness drawn only between communities, with each individual belonging unambiguously on one or the other side of the line. The behavior of "the righteous" is often very disappointing, while "the unrighteous" regularly perform in a manner that is much better than our theology might lead us to expect of them. Thus the need for a perspective that allows for both a rather slow process of sanctification in the Christian life and some sort of divine restraint on the power of sin in the unbelieving community. These theological adjustments to a religious perspective that might otherwise betray strong Manichean tones provide us with yet another reason for openness to a broad-ranging dialogue: Christians have good grounds for believing that their own weakness can be corrected by encountering the strengths of others."

William Bolcom Quotes

"And once I know what the first page is, then the rest will come."

Sarah Silverman Quotes

"Relations between black and white would be greatly improved if we were more accepting of our fears and our feelings and more vocal about it."

Marge Baylin Quotes

"When I tell you "forever", I mean it."

Irving Azoff Quotes

"The release of Chinese Democracy marks a historic moment in rock n roll."

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"Indeed, to spur your Baal to action, I will taunt and challenge you ... to create as much as a single frog in the name and by the power of free choice, though the heathen and ungodly magicians in Egypt were able to create many.... I will not set you the heavy task of creating lice, which they could not produce either" - Author: Martin Luther

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"I decided to begin with romantic films specifically mentioned by Rosie. There were four: Casablanca, The Bridges of Madison County, When Harry Met Sally, and An Affair to Remember. I added To Kill a Mockingbird and The Big Country for Gregory Peck, whom Rosie had cited as the sexiest man ever. It took a full week to watch all six, including time for pausing the DVD player and taking notes. The films were incredibly useful but also highly challenging. The emotional dynamics were so complex! I persevered, drawing on movies recommended by Claudia about male-female relationships with both happy and unhappy outcomes. I watched Hitch, Gone with the Wind, Bridget Joness Diary, Annie Hall, Notting Hill, Love Actually, and Fatal Attraction. Claudia also suggested I watch As Good as It Gets, "just for fun." Although her advice was to use it as an example of what not to do," - Author: Graeme Simsion

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"Eletrostaticamente eu sempre senti a tua falta.Eletrostaticamente eu sempre te esperei.Eletrostaticamente eu sempre te procurei.Eletrostaticamente eu sempre te amei." - Author: Filipe Russo

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"Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball." - Author: Jennie Finch

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"How do we regulate our emotions? The answer is surprisingly simple: by thinking about them. The prefrontal cortex allows each of us to contemplate his or her own mind, a talent psychologists call metacognition. We know when we are angry; every emotional state comes with self-awareness attached, so that an individual can try to figure out why hes feeling what hes feeling. If the particular feeling makes no sense—if the amygdala is simply responding to a loss frame, for example—then it can be discounted. The prefrontal cortex can deliberately choose to ignore the emotional brain." - Author: Jonah Lehrer

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"So my father grew up in an orphanage in Boston. He was then adopted by an elderly childless couple from Maine, who gave him the name of Mitchell. He moved to Maine, and there he met my mother and was married." - Author: George J. Mitchell

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"achieving true sobriety goes beyond abstinence. its also about healing your soul, apologizing for damage you did to other, and seeking forgiveness." - Author: Lou Gramm

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"When you look around right now, Nashville is kind of going through another changing of guard; youre watching the Martina McBrides and the Faith Hills and all of them that have been the big stars for the last however many years, and the next generation is coming in: Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, those girls." - Author: Callie Khouri

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"Its terrible sometimes, inside," he said, "thats whats the trouble. You walk these streets, black and funky and cold, and theres not really a living ass to talk to, and theres nothing shaking, and theres no way of getting it out- that storm inside. You cant talk it and you cant make love with it, and when you finally try to get with it and play it, you realize nobodys listening. So youve got to listen. You got to find a way to listen." - Author: James Baldwin

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"Heck, cant you even try to see it my way? Youve got children of your own, but Im older than you. When mine are grown Ill be an old man if Im still around, but right now Im—if they dont trust me they wont trust anybody. Jem and Scout know what happened. If they hear of me saying downtown something different happened—Heck, I wont have them any more. I cant live one way in town and another way in my home." - Author: Harper Lee