[It Is People's Willingness To Take Personal Risks And Confront The Powerful By Daring To Speak The Truth, Not The Truth Itself, That Ultimately Leads To Change.]

Author: Ivan Krastev Quotes

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"I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues."

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"You can sustain visual beauty and innovative visual ideas for a certain length of time, but in a two-hour experience, which is really what movies are, usually audiences - whether they know it or not - most want an emotional connection to character."

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"My first kiss as a single woman. It sent a tingle sprinting down my spine like a tingle panther."

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"Im more of a people pleaser."

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"Unless their use by readers bring them to life, books are indeed dead things."

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"Quotes? you want quotes?To sound important, quote yourself"

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"Even in the face of powerful structures of domination, it remains possible for each of us, especially those of us who are members of oppressed and/or exploited groups as well as those radical visionaries who may have race, class, and sex privilege, to define and determine alternative standards, to decide on the nature and extent of compromise."

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"Your life is always under construction. It is your job to learn howto untangle the threads and weave a tapestry that matches your desires."

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"Sígueme contando sobre aquellos días cuando teníamos los corazones envueltos en papel regalo."

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"What caused the gods to fall upon my family like starved lions in a Roman arena?"

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Quotes About Finding Out The Hard Way

"When you believe without knowing you believe that you are damaged at your core, you also believe that you need to hide that damage for anyone to love you. You walk around ashamed of being yourself. You try hard to make up for the way you look, walk, feel. Decisions are agonizing because if you, the person who makes the decision, is damaged, then how can you trust what you decide? You doubt your own impulses so you become masterful at looking outside yourself for comfort. You become an expert at finding experts and programs, at striving and trying hard and then harder to change yourself, but this process only reaffirms what you already believe about yourself -- that your needs and choices cannot be trusted, and left to your own devices you are out of control (p.82-83)" - Author: Geneen Roth

Quotes About Behavior Psychology

"Many of the benefits of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can be obtained without going into therapy. There are a number of self-help books, CDs and computer programs that have been used to treat depression and some of these have been tested in clinical trials with positive results. I can particularly recommend these two books. One is Control Your Depression, the lead author of which is Peter Lewinsohn, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. ... The other book that I can recommend with confidence is Feeling Good by the psychiatrist David Burns. Control Your Depression emphasizes behavioral techniques like increasing pleasant activities, improving social skills and learning to relax. Feeling Good puts greater emphasis on changing the way people think about themselves. But both books include both cognitive and behavioral techniques." - Author: Irving Kirsch

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"Its all as if words, phrases, images, syntax were small glass beads from a necklace which was wrenched from some neck and spilled on the floor and down the sides of sofa cushions and armchairs and under bookshelves and maybe swallowed by the cat. Ive got to find all the glass pieces before I can even reorder the color sequence, and restring it and tie it tighter than before. Theres always a splendor in beginning all over. Even if it means getting on ones knees to search beneath that bookshelf or prospecting through years of lint and ashes beneath those cushions. Even if it means breaking open that cats shit, which it conveniently has deposited in a plastic box, more orderly than any secretary could ever hope to be.Then Ill appreciate the value of each bead – rather, each word and image – that much more, never wasting another. And I will, I swear to myself, get it all back in time, string it all together, tighter, as I said, than before." - Author: Jim Carroll

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"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." - Author: Anthony G. Oettinger

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"I know its a lot to take in. And I dont expect you to reciprocate. I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me.Youre my world Layla. My universe wouldnt be complete without you in it." - Author: Marie Coulson

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"People are gregarious by necessity. Since the days of the first cave dwellers, humans -- hairless, weak, and helpless save for cunning -- have survived by joining together in groups; knowing, as so many other edible creatures have found, that there is protection in numbers. And that knowledge, bred in the bone, is what lies behind mob rule. Because to step outside the group, let alone to stand against it was for uncounted thousands of years death to the creature who dared it. To stand against a crowd would take something more than ordinary courage; something that went beyond human instinct. And I feared I did not have it, and fearing, was ashamed." - Author: Diana Gabaldon

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"Ornon says, Ornon-who-always-has-something-to-say says, the Thieves of Eddis dont have breaking points. We have flash points instead, like gunpowder. Thats what makes us dangerous." -Eugenides" - Author: Megan Whalen Turner

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"Słuchaj, Hoshinku, wszystkie przedmioty są w ruchu. I Ziemia, i czas, i pojęcia, miłość, życie, wiara, sprawiedliwość i zło, wszystko jest płynne i przejściowe. Nic nie trwa wiecznie w tym samym miejscu w jednym kształcie. Cały wszechświat to ogromna firma przewozowa." - Author: Haruki Murakami

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"A harmonious being cannot believe in God. Saints, criminals, and paupers have launched him, making him available to all unhappy people." - Author: Emil Cioran