[It Is The Man On The Ground With His Rifle Who Ultimately Wins The War.]

Author: Bruce H. Norton Quotes

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Afonso Cruz Quotes

"O tempo, nas relações, não anda necessariamente de trás para a frente, do passado para o futuro. É fácil verificar que uma mulher nova pode ser muito mais velhas do que um velho, e que um homem de idade impressionante pode ser uma criança. Nas relações, o tempo comporta-se de maneira diferente. O único relógio que mede o passar destes tempos são os sentimentos."

Jigme Lingpa Quotes

"The forms of the central and surrounding deities... should not be protruding like a clay statue or cast image, yet neither should they be flat like a painting. In contrast, they should be apparent, yet not truly existent, like a rainbow in the sky or the reflection of the moon in a lake. They should appear as though conjured up by a magician. Clear appearance involves fixing the mind one-pointedly on these forms with a sense of vividness, nakedness, lucidity, and clarity."

Dwight Howard Quotes

"In Orlando, I handled a lot of stuff the wrong way."

Carly Pope Quotes

"Ive kept my phone on silent for a year and a half. For me, its too much noise. Its not my jam. I like to keep things a lot more easygoing. The worlds not going to stop if you dont pick up your phone."

Debra E Johnson Quotes

"The brillant person who does not take heed is the same as the ignorant who does not know."

Dorothy Gilman Quotes

"People need dreams, theres as much nourishment in em as food."

Lynn Vincent Quotes

"Once, [Rabbi Chanoch] Teller was traveling with 16 of his [18] offspring ... while changing planes in Frankfurt, Teller noticed a German woman gaping. Are all of these your children? the woman asked. From one wife? Yes, God has blessed me with all these children, the rabbi replied. Havent you heard about the population problem?the woman sniffed. How many more children do you want to have? Rabbi Teller paused and looked the woman in the eye: About 6 million, he said."

Celia Conrad Quotes

"I spent most summers in Italy as a child either in Tuscany or at the Amalfi coast."

Madeleine Kuderick Quotes

"I made the first cut razor thin. A gentle kiss on virgin skin."

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Quotes

"Love comes like lightning, and disappears the same way. If you are lucky, it strikes you right. If not, youll spend your life yearning for a man you cant have."

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Quotes About Walden Pond

"My purpose in going to Walden Pondwas not to live cheaply nor to live dearly therebut to transact some private business,with the fewest obstacles…Its a good place for business...it offers advantageswhich it may not be good policy to divulge." - Author: Henry David Thoreau

Quotes About Antsy

"antsy, adj. I swore I would never take you to the opera again." - Author: David Levithan

Quotes About Dinner

"After dinner she asked me if I was in love with another woman, and I answered honestly and said, "I think Ill help myself to seconds."" - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Biggest

"There are no private lives. This a most important aspect of modern life. One of the biggest transformations we have seen in our society is the diminution of the sphere of the private. We must reasonably now all regard the fact that there are no secrets and nothing is private. Everything is public." - Author: Philip K. Dick

Quotes About Maltrato

"Mama nunca entenderia que la falta de afecto equivale a un maltrato." - Author: Chevy Stevens

Quotes About Binds

"Just after my mother died, I grabbed hold of my Divergence like it was a hand outstretched to save me. I needed that word to tell me who I was when everything else was coming apart around me. But now Im wondering if I need it anymore, if we ever really need these words, "Dauntless," "Erudite," "Divergent," "Allegiant," or if we can just be friends or lovers or siblings, defined instead by the choices we make and the love and loyalty that binds us." - Author: Veronica Roth

Quotes About Klutz

"In Hollywood I thought I was large and klutzy, like the characters I played." - Author: Madeline Kahn

Quotes About Not Know What You Have

"I know what I have given you... I do not know what you have received." - Author: Antonio Porchia

Quotes About Christmas Gifts

"The city centre was still crawling with Christmas shoppers looking to add to their already burgeoning piles of gifts. To Scott they were like ants at a picnic, teeming from store to store, trailing oversized carrier bags and infants behind them as they went. Scott felt alien in this environment; pulling up his hood he hurried through the crowds, dodging pushchairs, lit cigarettes and charity collection tins." - Author: R.D. Ronald

Quotes About Punishing Evil

"Anyone who speaks of punishing their political enemies in on the wrong side. It is clearly evil and we have a responsibility to say so." - Author: Glenn Beck