[It Is Time For A Return To Childhood, To Simplicity, To Running And Climbing And Laughing In The Sunshine, To Experiencing Happiness Instead Of Being Trained For A Lifetime Of Pursuing Happiness. It Is Time To Let Children Be Children Again.]

Author: L.R. Knost Quotes

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"Life and all that is in it is a gift from the infinite mind / God;And the only way that life can go wrong is by the limited finite mind / Man."

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"You and I may look at a banana and see a banana. If forced to come up with something more inventive to do with it, perhaps wed mash it up, or maybe wed dip it in chocolate, and say What a good boy am I."

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"Lucky to have been where I have been"

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"I decided to accept as true my own thinking."

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"You know, when I first went into the movies Lionel Barrymore played my grandfather. Later he played my father and finally he played my husband. If he had lived Im sure I would have played his mother. Thats the way it is in Hollywood. The men get younger and the women get older."

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"In our quest to reach the stars we must first learn how to balance on our toes."

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"The owners and top managers of most news media organizations tend to be conservative and Republican. This is hardly surprising. The shareholders and executives of multi-billion-dollar corporations are not very interested in undermining the free enterprise system, for example, income from offended advertisers. These owners and managers ultimately decide which reporters, newscasters, and editors to hire or fire, promote or discourage. Journalists who want to get a head, therefore, may have to come to terms with the policies of the people who own and run media businesses."

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"I manage to live pretty normally."

Josh Alan Friedman Quotes

"Its almost like thats the definition of being American: You love becoming Irish for a day, or becoming Italian… Or becoming a Negro for four years."

Tianna Holley Quotes

"Some people werent made for love."

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