[It Is Usually Expensive And Lonely To Be Principled.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Ocean Quotes

"Start with your heart, and only good can follow!"

Rick Wagoner Quotes

"Generally, cars were not built to sit on dealer lots. It encourages the wrong kind of behavior in the whole system."

Jose Ruben Romero Quotes

"Todos, en busca de ese sol de Pátzcuaro que, como los maridos impotentes, calienta, pero no satisface a nadie"

John Conyers Quotes

"If we want to build the Iraqis confidence about our intentions in their country, if we want to stop adding fuel to the fire of insurgency and terrorism, we must clarify our intent."

Guru Amar Das Quotes

"He Himself makes the mortals anxious, and He Himself takes the anxiety away."

Rosalinda Rosales Morgan Quotes

"Aim High and Hit the Mark"

David Stuart Davies Quotes

"I grinned. "Im anybodys for a cuppa and a biscuit."

Jill Dando Quotes

"I have been determined for the past couple of years to move away from all those Holiday programmes."

Rosie Thomas Quotes

"The dead were just the dead, neither awful nor remarkable. History separated out these individuals and preserved their names where others were obilterated for ever."

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Quotes About Mantis

"Aber auch Glück ist anstrengend. Ich finde nichts frustrierender, als neben einer auserwählten Person zu liegen und das Bedürfnis zu haben, ihr so nah wie möglich zu sein. Man kann sich umarmen und verknoten, bis man schwarz wird, man hat immer das Gefühl, noch näher sein zu wollen. Das sogenannte "In-den-Partner-reinkriechen-Wollen". Man wird nie nahe genug sein. Oder Sehnsucht. Wie oft das Einander-Vermissen schon romantisiert, Chris-de-Burgh-isiert wurde. Sehnsucht ist fürchterlich. Wenn man vermisst, kann man sich nicht mal im Kino ablenken, weil im Film am Ende doch immer alle einander haben." - Author: Sarah Kuttner

Quotes About Fire And Brimstone

"...I take the view that God, in his infinite wisdom, didnt bother to spring for two joints - heaven and hell. Theyre the same place, but heaven is when you get everything you want and you meet Mommy and Daddy and your best friends and you all have a hug and a kiss and play your harps. Hell is the same place - no fire and brimstone - but they just all pass by and dont see you. Theres nothing, no recognition. Youre waving, "Its me, your father," but youre invisible. Youre on a cloud, youve got your harp, but you cant play with nobody because they dont see you. Thats hell." - Author: Keith Richards

Quotes About Wise

"I had to hand it to him, leaving the empty glove lying on the bed was an apt metaphor for love. Two things I can say about my grandpa are that he is wise, and his left hand is probably cold." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Dirty Houses

"Year after year of dirty snow and bitter winds… houses and whole districts of people who arent really unhappy, but worse, who are neither happy nor unhappy; people who are ugly because theyre neither ugly nor beautiful; creatures that are dismally neutral, who long without longings as though theyre unconscious, unconsciously suffering from being alive." - Author: Eugène Ionesco

Quotes About Role Of Media

"The foreign correspondent is frequently the only means of getting an important story told, or of drawing the worlds attention to disasters in the making or being covered up. Such an important role is risky in more ways than one. It can expose the correspondent to actual physical danger; but there is also the moral danger of indulging in sensationalism and dehumanizing the sufferer. This danger immediately raises the question of the character and attitude of the correspondent, because the same qualities of mind which in the past separated a Conrad from a Livingstone, or a Gainsborough from the anonymous painter of Francis Williams, are still present and active in the world today. Perhaps this difference can best be put in one phrase: the presence or absence of respect for the human person." - Author: Chinua Achebe

Quotes About Interpersonal Communication

"I think theres a worry that an excessive use or an almost exclusive use of text and emails means that as a society were losing some of the ability to build interpersonal communication thats necessary for living together and building a community." - Author: Vincent Nichols

Quotes About Christian Scripture

"Evangelical Christians need to notice..., that the Reformation said Scripture Alone and not the Revelation of God in Christ Alone. If you do not have the view of the Scriptures that the Reformers had, you really have no content in the word Christ - and this is the modern drift in theology. Modern theology uses the word without content because Christ is cut away from the Scriptures. The Reformation followed the teaching of Christ Himself in linking the revelation Christ gave of God to the revelation of the written Scriptures." - Author: Francis August Schaeffer

Quotes About Becky

"Becky was a weed.  Nobody ever wanted them taking over the bigger, prettier plants.  People went to all extremes to make them go away.  They sprayed poison, pulled until the roots gave way. They felt only like their garden was complete when every tendril was extirpated.  This was how she felt from birth." - Author: Ruth McLeod Kearns

Quotes About Fair Weather Friends

"Thrice happy she that is so well assured Unto herself and settled so in heart That neither will for better be allured Ne fears to worse with any chance to start, But like a steddy ship doth strongly part The raging waves and keeps her course aright; Ne aught for tempest doth from it depart, Ne aught for fairer weathers false delight. Such self-assurance need not fear the spight Of grudging foes; ne favour seek of friends; But in the stay of her own stedfast might Neither to one herself nor other bends. Most happy she that most assured doth rest, But he most happy who such one loves best." - Author: Edmund Spenser

Quotes About Expanding Horizons

"APA is another evolution in my career; they have unique vision and share my goals for the future. I look forward to expanding our horizons together." - Author: Paul Oakenfold