[It Is Very Desirable To Have A Word To Express The Availability For Work Of The Heat In A Given Magazine; A Term For That Possession, The Waste Of Which Is Called Dissipation. Unfortunately The Excellent Word Entropy, Which Clausius Has Introduced In This Connexion, Is Applied By Him To The Negative Of The Idea We Most Naturally Wish To Express. It Would Only Confuse The Student If We Were To Endeavour To Invent Another Term For Our Purpose. But The Necessity For Some Such Term Will Be Obvious From The Beautiful Examples Which Follow. And We Take The Liberty Of Using The Term Entropy In This Altered Sense ... The Entropy Of The Universe Tends Continually To Zero.]

Author: Peter Guthrie Tait Quotes

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Kristen Schaal Quotes

"I think growing up on a farm in a certain amount of isolation, with not a lot of friends nearby, makes you entertain yourself and kind of grows your imagination - being alone is quite good for all that. You make up stories, talk to the animals, let them be an audience, a bunch of cows."

Carol Hedges Quotes

"There are limits to the dimension of fear. Until one meets the unknown. Then terror has no boundaries, no walls to keep it contained."

Brendan Fehr Quotes

"When you get pure joy out of being rather than doing or seeing, thats when you realize how big and unexplainable some things are and being a dad is one of those very few things."

Gwen John Quotes

"Aloneness is nearer God, nearer reality."

Jerry Doyle Quotes

"We have common enemies today. Its called childhood poverty. Its called cancer. Its called AIDS. Its called Parkinsons. Its called Muscular Dystrophy."

Mike Carey And Peter Gross Quotes

"You read any Greek myths, puppy? The one about the gorgon Medusa, particularly? I used to wonder what could be so terrible that you couldnt survive even looking at it.Until I got a little older and I figured out the obvious answer.Everything."

Arvo Part Quotes

"Silence is the pause in me when I am near to God."

Abe Kobo Quotes

"The dial of the clock wears out unevenly; Most worn Is the area round eight. As it is stared at with abrasive glancesunfailingly twice a day, It is weathered away. On the other side The area at two Is only half as worn, For closed eyes at nightPass without stopping. If there is one who possesses a flat watch evenly worn, It is he who, failing at the start, is running one lap behind. Thus the world is always A lap fast--The world he thinks he sees Has not yet begun. Illusory time, When the hands stand vertically on the dial; Without the bell announcing the raising of the curtain, The play has come to an end."

ALlisyn Terry Quotes

"You dont love me as much as you think you do"

Zachary Schomburg Quotes

"...when he walks, he sounds like a tree still full of dead leaves holding on."

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"The grief didnt fade, but it changed into something I could carry around with me, a noose I wore around my neck. It wasnt until I saw you that the knot loosened." - Author: Sara Bell

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"Wir sind imstande, Überschallflugzeuge und Raketen ins All zu schicken, einen Verbrecher anhand eines Haars oder eines winzigen Hautpartikels zu identifizieren, eine Tomate zu züchten, die im Kühlschrank drei Monate lang völlig faltenfrei bleibt, und Milliarden von Informationen auf einem Mikrochip zu speichern. Wir sind imstande, die Leute auf der Straße sterben zu lassen." - Author: Delphine de Vigan

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"Calder, do you like me?" And then I laughed, breaking the spell. Her eyes flashed open and blood flooded her cheeks. She pushed off, but I reached out and pulled her toward me again. That one second of physical separation was too painful a void." - Author: Anne Greenwood Brown

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"I, Gavin MacKenzie, sexycowboy man of Baker City, Oregon …being of sound mind and hot body … dohereby declare that I love you, AndieMarks, lawyer extraordinaire, and wantto be married to you until Im so old, Ieither die or my pecker falls off.I will have sexwith you whenever you want, and I willalways give you the option to be on topif thats what will make you happy.Blowjobs will always be optional butappreciated.I will change diapers when calledfor, both for our children and for youwhen youre old and decrepit. I willnever spit in public or burp too loudly orsay mean things about your friends.I promise never to raise my handagainst you in anger or tell you thatyoure useless or threaten to hurt peoplewho you love. Ten-four, over and out,happily ever after. Those are my vows." - Author: Elle Casey

Quotes About How Your Life Can Change

"Making this a better world happens one person at a time. You cannot force your beliefs on anyone. Rather, be the example that others can emulate. Live your life so that others may be inspired by your words and deeds. Thats how change happens." - Author: Tom Giaquinto

Quotes About Viv

"Not fair? Oh, Im sorry I get this lovely laptop computing device when all you get is the ability to walk, control your hands, and know youll survive until your eighteenth birthday." Then the kid was going, "Uh, I didnt mean..." But Tad wasnt done yet. While the whole class watched in horror, he put his hands through the metal support braces on the arms of his wheelchair and forced himself to stand up. Then he took a shaky little step to the side, gestured toward the chair, and said, "Why dont you take a turn with the laptop? You can even have my seat." - Author: Jordan Sonnenblick

Quotes About What Matters On The Inside

"Remember, we Christians think man lives for ever. Therefore, what really matters is those little marks or twists on the central, inside part of the soul which are going to turn it, in the long run, into a heavenly or a hellish creature." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Money And Politics

"But only rich people by definition have the extra money to buy things and invest to create economic growth. Do we really want to tax that extra money away - and give it to the government to spend? Does that make any economic sense outside of politics and our emotional desire to make everyone suffer equally through these tough times?" - Author: Terry Savage

Quotes About Being Childless

"Tevis being childless meant you felt a little sorry for her, and a bit jealous. Probably the same way she felt about you." - Author: Monica Ali

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"While the Giver archetype is celebrated in our culture, the Receiver is almost wholly unknown. The result? Busyness is a virtue. ~Amanda Owen" - Author: Amanda Owen