[It Is Very Desirable To Have A Word To Express The Availability For Work Of The Heat In A Given Magazine; A Term For That Possession, The Waste Of Which Is Called Dissipation. Unfortunately The Excellent Word Entropy, Which Clausius Has Introduced In This Connexion, Is Applied By Him To The Negative Of The Idea We Most Naturally Wish To Express. It Would Only Confuse The Student If We Were To Endeavour To Invent Another Term For Our Purpose. But The Necessity For Some Such Term Will Be Obvious From The Beautiful Examples Which Follow. And We Take The Liberty Of Using The Term Entropy In This Altered Sense ... The Entropy Of The Universe Tends Continually To Zero.]

Author: Peter Guthrie Tait Quotes

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Ted Tinling Quotes

"The day you give priority to bogus ethics over human reactions, you become a loser. Human reactions are priceless. Rules should never, ever stifle emotions. Tennis is a very human game facing a great danger that it will be strangulated in a cats cradle of unnecessary or inhumane rules."

Erik Brynjolfsson Quotes

"Computers get better faster than anything else ever."

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Quotes

"Sometimes there are customers who get in difficulty because of situations that are out of their control. These are customers with genuine needs, and the role of the bank is to accommodate these customers, and there is a real need to reschedule the loans of these customers."

Janet Gallagher Nestor Quotes

"Positive thoughts help us construct a positive life, one thought at a time."

E Millicent Sowerby Quotes

"Rare-book people have this in common with poets: they too are born, not made."

John Powell Quotes

"Honest, open communication is the only street that leads us into the real world... We then begin to grow as never before. And once we are on this road, happiness cannot be far away."

Jean Giraud Quotes

"The comics were not only stories to enjoy; for me they were drawings that possessed me."

Gail Borden Quotes

"I tried and failed. I tried again and again and succeeded.[Epitaph from Gail Bordens gravestone.]"

Yoana Dianika Quotes

"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right."

Candice S Miller Quotes

"Our Great Lakes, harbors, ports, and rivers provide not only vital resources for us to live, but an entire maritime way of life for so many people. The least we can do is protect it, and the way of life it provides for so many."

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Quotes About Othello Sexism

"Coleridges description of Iagos actions as "motiveless malignancy" applies in some degree to all the Shakespearian villains. The adjective motiveless means, firstly, that the tangible gains, if any, are clearly not the principal motive, and, secondly, that the motive is not the desire for personal revenge upon another for a personal injury. Iago himself proffers two reasons for wishing to injure Othello and Cassio. He tells Roderigo that, in appointing Cassio to be his lieutenant, Othello has treated him unjustly, in which conversation he talks like the conventional Elizabethan malcontent. In his soliloquies with himself, he refers to his suspicion that both Othello and Cassio have made him a cuckold, and here he talks like the conventional jealous husband who desires revenge. But there are, I believe, insuperable objections to taking these reasons, as some critics have done, at their face value." - Author: W.H. Auden

Quotes About Breach Of Contract

"If you neglected to warn Djetth beforehand that you were going to shoot him down, Your Highness, he may consider you in breach of contract...-- Rhett" - Author: Rowena Cherry

Quotes About Spiritual

"Since the 1980s, therapists have reported encountering clients or patients who had experienced extreme abuses featuring physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive aspects, along with a premeditated structure of torture-enforced lessons. The phenomena was first labeled "ritual abuse," and, later, as our understanding developed, "mind control." - Author: Alison Miller

Quotes About Not Winning The Crown

"A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in." - Author: Frederick the Great

Quotes About Reality And Fiction

"How often do you ignore a dream, dismiss it as fantasy and then see echoes of the dream around you the following day? What if a dream were the forewarning of what will become your reality; if you are being told within the world of a dream what may occur in the near or distant future, but your mind mangles the truth and information so much that you discard it as fiction?" - Author: Samantha Robertson

Quotes About Deductive

"Theologians, and religionists in general, start with a fantasy premise and then proceed to apply rigorous formal logic to tease out its implications. Stark himself points out that "theology consists of formal reasoning about God." This is admirably exact. Theologians, beginning with a wished-for creation of their own minds, analyze that creations characteristics by rigorous application of the principles of formal—that is, deductive—logic." - Author: Andrew Bernstein

Quotes About Halloween On Facebook

"What was it about Halloween that gave every girl license to dress as slutty as possible?" - Author: Kim Askew

Quotes About Alexandria

"I havent come to you only to take , I havent come to you empty handed : I bring you poetry as great as yours but in anther tongue , I bring you black eyes and golden skin and curly hair , I bring you Islam and Luxor and Alexandria and Lutes and tambourines and date-palms and silk rugs and sunshine and incense and voluptuous ways" - Author: Ahdaf Soueif

Quotes About Router

"The first commercial routers came out about 1986, and services came in 1987." - Author: Vint Cerf

Quotes About Sumo Wrestling

"Spaces devoted to Hannibal Lecters earliest years differ from the other archives in being incomplete. Some are static scenes, fragmentary, like painted attic shards held together by blank plaster. Other rooms hold sound and motion, great snakes wrestling and heaving in the dark and lit in flashes. Pleas and screaming fill some places on the grounds where Hannibal himself cannot go. But the corridors do not echo screaming, and there is music if you like." - Author: Thomas Harris