[It Seems Incontrovertible To Me That There Is A Global Warming Effect And That It Is Going To Be Serious, Probably Not In The Amount Of, Say, Six Degrees Warming, But It's Likely That We'll Get Two To Three Degrees Warming And That Will Be Serious Enough.]

Author: Bjorn Lomborg Quotes

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Dieckmann Hans Quotes

"Freud kdysi řekl, že lidstvo zažilo tři velké urážky: nejdříve uslyšelo, že země není středem vesmíru, pak se dovědělo, že člověk pochází z opice, a nakonec mu psychoanalytici řekli, že člověk není pánem ve vlastním domě."

Matthew Lewis Quotes

"I wasnt bullied or anything at school, but I was quite shy and didnt speak up too much in class."

Stewart Lee Quotes

"Within a few years these "jokes" as we comedians call them, will have been entirely purged from my work in favour, exclusively, of grinding repetition, embarrassing silence and passive-aggressive monotony."

John Knox Quotes

"Although I never lack the presence and plain image of my own wretchedinfirmity, yet seeing sin so manifestly abounds in all estates, I amcompelled to thunder out the threatenings of God against the obstinaterebels."

Phyliss Todd Quotes

"Expect Gods miracle power everyday!"

Jeff Chain Quotes

"It aint about keeping real, its about keeping it right."

Margaret Oliphant Quotes

"To have a man who can flirt is next thing to indispensable to a leader of society."

Colin Woodard Quotes

"I am an aristocrat," Virginian John Randolph would explain decades after the American Revolution. "I love liberty; I hate equality."

Antoine Thomson DAbbadie Quotes

"Mathematics, as much as music or any other art, is one of the means by which we rise to a complete self-consciousness. The significance of mathematics resides precisely in the fact that it is an art; by informing us of the nature of our own minds it informs us of much that depends on our minds."

Rebecca Stead Quotes

"Its simple to love someone. But its hard to know when to say it out loud."

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"The voyage from San Francisco to Hawaii had been the most terrifying experience Greer and Cameron had ever gone through, even more terrible than the time they shot a deputy sheriff in Idaho ten times and he wouldnt die and Greer finallyhad to say to the deputy sheriff,"Please die because we dont want toshoot you again". And the deputy sheriff had said, "Ok, Ill die, but dont shoot me again"."We wont shoot you again", Cameron had said."Ok, Im dead", and he was." - Author: Richard Brautigan

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"Think about this: in all the stories Ive ever heard, genies always want to get out of the bottle. And they do get out, sooner or later." - Author: K. Ford K.

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"If the gods have determined about me and about the things which must happen to me, they have determined well, for it is not easy even to imagine a deity without forethought; and as to doing me harm, why should they have any desire towards that? For what advantage would result to them from this or to the whole, which is the special object of their providence? But if they have not determined about me individually, they have certainly determined about the whole at least, and the things which happen by way of sequence in this general arrangement I ought to accept with pleasure and to be content with them." - Author: Marcus Aurelius

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"But the only time shed mentioned Daemon, his name had sounded like a promise, like a caress. Blinking back tears and leashing his guilt, Lucivar finished the whiskey and turned to go back inside." - Author: Anne Bishop

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"Our most intimate contact with civilizations long since dust has been through the art which has survived them." - Author: Carlisle Floyd

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"Youre still... Declan?"----Voice hoarse, he said, "Aye, its me. I will never be your perfect Viking, Regin! Ive made unforgivable mistakes. Ive no family or friends, and my men hold no love for me. Im scarred inside and out. And Im bloody askin for you anyway!" - Author: Kresley Cole

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"Lucy preferred gin and tonics during the summer and switched over to whiskey sours in the winter. At dinner, a sit-down affair with the family, Lucy drank whatever the Temerlins drank, including expensive French wines. "She never gets obnoxious, even when smashed to the brink of unconsciousness," wrote Maurice, revealing more about the chimps alcoholism than perhaps he intended. At one point, he tried to wean Lucy off the good stuff and onto Boones Farm apple wine. Assuming she would delight in the fruity swill, he purchased a case and filled her glass one night at dinner. Lucy took a sip of the apple wine, noticed her parents were drinking something else, and put her glass down. She then graabbed Maurices glass of Chablis and polished it off. She finished Janes next. Not another sip of Boones farm ever touched her lips." - Author: Elizabeth Hess

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"But if you didnt have more urgent things to do after supper [in boot camp], you could write a letter, loaf, gossip, discuss the myriad mental shortcomings of sergeants and, dearest of all, talk about the female of the species (we became convinced that there was no such creatures, just mythology created by inflamed imaginations - one boy in our company claimed to have seen a girl, over at regimental headquarters; he was unanimously judged a liar and a braggart)." - Author: Robert A. Heinlein

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"Skeletal remains taken from various regions of the world dating to the transition from foraging to farming all tell the same story: increased famine, vitamin deficiency, stunted growth, radical reduction in life span, increased violence…little" - Author: Christopher Ryan

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"I usually give guys like tha twenty or fifty euros; whatevers in me wallet, ya know? But youve opened my eyes and so from now on, I think Im gonna just take them out for a meal instead," I said"Really? Well how about if I dress up like a homeless person, will you take me out for a meal?" said Ashling and my heart started to beat a little bit faster because I knew that she wouldnt even be joking about that unless she wanted a second date with me." - Author: Ronan OBrien