[It Takes One To Tell, And Two To Missunderstand.]

Author: H.C. Paye Quotes

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Alan Colmes Quotes

"Genius, scholar, and war hero though he is, you have to admit - or maybe you should think about admitting - that George Bush might have rushed things a little in invading Iraq."

Liam Rector Quotes

"When you want to talk about honor, they want to talk about money. When you want to talk about money, they want to talk about gentility. They either get the notion of honor or they dont. And if they dont, you probably shouldnt be fucking with them."

Hg47 Quotes

"Prayers should be for preventing war, not fighting it."

Michael Beschloss Quotes

"As parties began to develop around the turn of the 19th century, you had party nominees for President nominated in caucuses made up of party members in Congress."

Wilfrid Laurier Quotes

"He is ready, if the occasion presents itself, to throw the whole English population in the St. Lawrence."

Donna Chapman Gilbert Quotes

"There were thieves and hypocrites among us, to be sure, and true saints sprinkled here and there, but most were simply good, honest people who worshiped their Creator the best they knew how. We were a family."

Maria Menounos Quotes

"Back in the day after I won my first pageant there was an agency that was getting me work on the side."

Erica Cerra Quotes

"When I grew up, my dad always used to watch Star Trek and any and every sci-fi show you could imagine. I used to watch it with him, and I loved it."

Joseph DLacey Quotes

"I never told you this enough- its a failing between all men, I think, but too often of fathers to their sons- I love you. When you came into the world, you brought me a new purpose and a new drive. Suddenly , I was not just a parent, I was a guardian too."

Nancy Butcher Quotes

"O, beauty arent you enough?"

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Quotes About Kaden

"My feelings for Kaden, although confusing and admittedly self destructive, ran deeper than physical appearances. All the pain he caused me, all the terror I lived with, was nothing compared to the anxiety of not knowing what would happen if I were to find myself without him." - Author: Lydia Kelly

Quotes About Escaping The Past

"Interpretation must itself beevaluated, within a historical view of human consciousness. In some cultural contexts,interpretation is a liberating act. It is a means of revising, of transvaluing, of escapingthe dead past. In other cultural contexts, it is reactionary, impertinent, cowardly,stifling." - Author: Susan Sontag

Quotes About Short Academics

"I broke with the academic style because I decided that life is very short, very mysterious, and I didnt have the time to waste with academics. I would only say things in the most honesty manner. If people like it, fine. If not, I cant help that. Today I couldnt write academically even if I wanted to! (Rubem Alves, p. 188)" - Author: Mev Puleo

Quotes About The Richness Of Life

"For where else can I go to sample daily the richness of life in all its profound chaos?" - Author: Theresa Brown

Quotes About Sleep And Rain

"Not to be too dramatic about it, that night I slept the sleep of the damned. I dreamt of turrets and craggy ledges where the windswept rain blew in from the ocean with the odor of violets. A pale woman in Elizabethan dress stood beside my bed and whispered in my ear that the bells would ring. An old salt in an oilcloth jacket sat atop a piling, mending nets with an awl, while far out at sea a tine aeroplane winged its way towards the setting sun." - Author: Alan Bradley

Quotes About Everett

"Hearing this, the woman skooched her legs around each other, jingled her bells, leaned toward Everett till their shoulders touched, and laughed and squirmed the sorts of laughs and squirms that Jehovah may have witnessed on the day He created misogyny. The Cosmos kept its balance, though, because Everett was meanwhile leering the sort of testicular leer that Kali may well have had in mind when She inspired Man to create asbestos, carcinogenic beer, and the trenches in World War I." - Author: David James Duncan

Quotes About Seasonal Change

"Most of my books are set in the American Midwest, where I have always lived. Midwesterners are lovely, down-to-earth people. The luxury of choosing this region as a setting is the endless supply of seasonal change images that accompany it; in addition to, the wide variety of settings, urban and rural, to choose from." - Author: Leigh Michaels

Quotes About Saab

"Kõik, mida rahaga saab joonde ajada, on odavalt saadud." - Author: Erich Maria Remarque

Quotes About Buster Keaton

"I grew up on Harold Lloyd, Charles Chaplin, and Buster Keaton, and those were the ones who inspired me." - Author: Navid Negahban

Quotes About Our Ecosystem

"Mycologists are few and far between. We are under-funded, poorly represented in the context of other sciences - ironic, as the very foundation of our ecosystems are directly dependent upon fungi, which ultimately create the foundation of soils." - Author: Paul Stamets