[It Took Me 42 Years To Write This Song, And 5 Minutes To Sing It."[On The Heart Of The Matter, During The Eagles' Hell Freezes Over Tour.]]

Author: Don Henley Quotes

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John Olver Quotes

"So a truthful assessment of how America is doing in the war on terror as a result of President Bushs war on Iraq is that we have been set back by decades."

Robin Lee Hatcher Quotes

"What we say, my child, has an impact on those around us. Words can spread darkness and hate or shed light and love. Dont misuse them, Daphne."

Gyan Nagpal Quotes

"Innovative solutions to new challenges seldom come from familiar places"

Merrin McGregor Quotes

"I hope this book will inspire the kitchen con-artist in you, increase fruit and veggie consumption in your family, and motivate you to become an Accidental Cook. Pass it on!"

Colin Greenwood Quotes

"People need to focus on bigger issues instead of whether George Bush is an idiot or not."

Frank Richard Stockton Quotes

"May you live to see the green grass growing over your grave."

Bill Paxton Quotes

"I hate tests. Its a really lousy way to judge a persons ability."

Lizbeth Mori Quotes

"If you were food, you would be corn. I dont know why, i just sense corn in you."

Barbara Cartland Quotes

"To sleep around is absolutely wrong for a woman; its degrading and it completely ruins her personality. Sooner or later it will destroy all that is feminine and beautiful and idealistic in her."

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Quotes About Tweets

"Losing the Internet has forced them to interact verbally instead of microblogging their lives, but a lot of them still talk in Tweets:"Ugh! Im standing in line at the post office.""Im not eating the crusts on my sandwich because apparently Im five." - Author: Wayne Gladstone

Quotes About Lyndon B Johnson

"Ask him about the cemeteries, Dean!"In 1966 upon being told that President Charles DeGaulle had taken France out of NATO and that all U.S. troops must be evacuated off of French soil President Lyndon Johnson mentioned to Secretary of State Dean Rusk that he should ask DeGaulle about the Americans buried in France. Dean implied in his answer that that DeGaulle should not really be asked that in the meeting at which point President Johnson then told Secretary of State Dean Rusk:"Ask him about the cemeteries Dean!"That made it into a Presidential Order so he had to ask President DeGaulle.So at end of the meeting Dean did ask DeGaulle if his order to remove all U.S. troops from French soil also included the 60,000+ soldiers buried in France from World War I and World War II.DeGaulle, embarrassed, got up and left and never answered." - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson

Quotes About Sons Without Fathers

"Were the sons appalled by violence, with no capacity for inflicting physical pain, useless at beating and clubbing, unfit to pulverize even the most deserving enemy, though not necessarily without turbulence, temper, even ferocity. We have teeth as the cannibals do, but they are there, imbedded in our jaws, the better to help us articulate. When we lay waste, when we efface, it isnt with raging fists or ruthless schemes or insane sprawling violence but with our words, our brains, with mentality, with all the stuff that produced the poignant abyss between our fathers and us and that they themselves broke their backs to give us." - Author: Philip Roth

Quotes About Tides Of Change

"Tides are like politics. They come and go with a great deal of fuss and noise, but inevitably they leave the beach just as they found it. On those few occasions when major change does occur, it is rarely a good news." - Author: Jack McDevitt

Quotes About Hobbies

"Amar é, sempre, ser vulnerável. Para que nunca se sofra com isso, aconselha-se não se amar algo, ou mesmo, alguém. Se sugere proteger a si mesmo nos próprios hobbies, mimos e zelos, evitar qualquer envolvimento com as pessoas, guardar o coração na segurança do caixão do próprio ego. Dessa forma, nessa tumba segura e tenaz, sem movimento ou ar, o seu coração provavelmente mudará para melhor. Sim, sim, ele não se partirá, antes se tornará indestrutível, impenetrável, invencível ou inalienável!: ele nunca precisará de algum perdão.Mas essa comprável alternativa sistemática de proteção de tragédias, é preciso que se diga, é condenatória. Isso, porque o único lugar que existe além do céu, onde se pode estar perfeitamente a salvo de todos os acidentes e perturbações do amor, é o inferno" - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Jessica Ennis

"American Horror goes for a very specific kind of Seventies suburban downer ambience - Flowers in the Attic paperbacks, Black Sabbath album covers and late-night flicks like Lets Scare Jessica to Death. It even has Go Ask Alice-era urban legends." - Author: Rob Sheffield

Quotes About Stability And Freedom

"We establish some stability and focus in our mind and see which elements in it lead to greater peace, which to greater suffering. All of it—both the peace and the suffering—happens lawfully. Freedom lies in the wisdom to choose." - Author: Joseph Goldstein

Quotes About Family Together Again

"It didnt make much sense to me then, what Gnut was going through, but after Pila and me had our little twins, and we put a family together, I got an understanding of how terrible love can be. You wish you hated those people, your wife and children, because you know the things the world will do to them, because you have done some of those things yourself. Its crazy-making, yet you cling to them with everything and close your eyes against the rest of it. But still you wake up late at night and lie there listening for the creak and splash of oars, the clank of steel, the sounds of men rowing toward your home." - Author: Wells Tower

Quotes About Loved One In Heaven

"And now I feel like crying, because I really do not understand, and I dont think I will when Im older either. It was only when I loved Franz I understood the world, and felt happy. When you love, youre praying. Everything was quite clear. I wanted to be good. I think you begin things the right way when you want to be good. And I think Im doing everything wrong now because all I want is for people to be good to me. I want to be loved, everybody wants to be loved; for a thousand people who want to be loved there may perhaps be just one who wants to love. Our Father which art in heaven...my heart is all a lump of grief." - Author: Irmgard Keun

Quotes About Velvet Underground

"Though gay lifestyles have certainly moved into the open, theres little evidence that society has become more open in its basic attitudes or that entertainers should feel cozy in emerging from the velvet underground." - Author: Peter Bart