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Author: Graham Roumieu Quotes

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Thomas Dekker Quotes

"What a heaven is love! O what a hell!"

Gerard Donovan Quotes

"I saw the patterns of history and thought that a human might be eighty per cent chemicals, eighteen per cent his past, and two per cent feeling, creatures of habit. Which makes psychiatrists really pharmacists who have to listen longer."

Heavy D Quotes

"His name is Michael Jackson, not Super Michael Jackson. He makes mistakes just like all of us."

Ethel Rosenberg Quotes

"Well, it so happens that I have had a spinal curvature since I was about thirteen and every once in a while that has given me some trouble, and at that time it began to kick up again. and occasionally I have to get into bed and nurse a severe backache."

Frank Sheed Quotes

"Bernard Shaw phrased the experience very admirably: "When we learn something, it feels at first as if we have lost something." It is so, for instance, with a new stroke at tennis. Our old stroke had been a pretty incompetent affair, of the sort to make a professional laugh. But it had been ours, we were used to it, all our muscles were in the habit of it. The new stroke is doubtless better, but we are not in the way of it, we cannot do anything with it, and all the joy goes out of tennis—but only until we have mastered the new way. Then, quite suddenly, we find that the whole game is a new experience."

Catherine Spann Quotes

"Cut my life into pizzas. this is my plastic fork. oven baking, no breathing, dont give a fuck if its carbs that im eating -Catherine Spann"

R A Butler Quotes

"In politics you must always keep running with the pack. The moment that you falter and they sense that you are injured, the rest will turn on you like wolves."

Tsitsi Dangarembga Quotes

"if someone smiles at you it does not mean theyre happy. It just means "I think that if I smile I might get out of this alive!" [http://brickmag.com/interview-tsitsi-...]"

Garrett Graff Quotes

"I think, though, that people will read into a reporters story a bias that they want to see in a reporter."

Lawrence Krauser Quotes

"The past is fractal premonition, infinite to the eye but nothing to be built on . . ."

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Quotes About Gwenhwyfar

"He said, and his voice was strained as if he had had a mortal wound, Gwenhwyfar- He so seldom spoke her formal name, it was always my lady or my queen, or when he spoke to her in play it was always Gwen. When he spoke it now, it seemed to her she had never heard a sweeter sound. Gwenhwyfar. Why do you weep?Now she must lie, and lie well, because, she could not in honor tell him the truth. She said, Because- and stopped, and then, in a choking voice, she said, because I do not know how I shall live if you go away." - Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley

Quotes About Salander

"Dont ever fight with Lisbeth Salander. Her attitude towards the rest of the world is that if someone threatens her with a gun, shell get a bigger gun." - Author: Stieg Larsson

Quotes About Teenage Years

"In idyllic small towns I sometimes see teenagers looking out of place in their garb of desperation, the leftover tatters and stains and slashes of the fashion of my youth. For this phase of their life, the underworld is their true home, and in the grit and underbelly of a city they could find something that approximates it. Even the internal clock of adolescents changes, making them nocturnal creatures for at least a few years. All through childhood you grow toward life and then in adolescence, at the height of life, you begin to grow toward death. This fatality is felt as an enlargement to be welcomed and embraced, for the young in this culture enter adulthood as a prison, and death reassures them that there are exits. "I have been half in love with easeful death," said Keats who died at twenty-six and so were we, though the death we were in love with was only an idea then." - Author: Rebecca Solnit

Quotes About Parents Splitting Up

"She lay on the bed to read a novel; she wanted to forget that bitter conversation and be carried along by the plot, but it was impossible, because the book was about parents who abandoned their children or children who abandoned their parents. Ultimately, thats what all books are about, she thought." - Author: Alejandro Zambra

Quotes About Fallen Flowers

"We say that flowers return every spring, but that is a lie. It is true that the world is renewed. It is also true that that renewal comes at a price, for even if the flower grows from an ancient vine, the flowers of spring are themselves new to the world, untried and untested. The flower that wilted last year is gone. Petals once fallen are fallen forever. Flowers do not return in the spring, rather they are replaced. It is in this difference between returned and replaced that the price of renewal is paid. And as it is for spring flowers, so it is for us." - Author: Daniel Abraham

Quotes About Believing In You

"If believing in yourself and going after what you want in life and realising your worth is ruthless and selfish, then Im definitely ruthless and selfish." - Author: Nicole Scherzinger

Quotes About Information Technology

"Looking down the road, space exploration and the benefits it yields - in medicine and information technology - should not be overlooked." - Author: Bob Barr

Quotes About Considers

"He considers it for a moment and spits out the seeds, which sprout, quickly, into tiny junkblossoms sizzling with recursive algorithms. The algorithms wriggle through thorny vines, veins of clotted pink juice." - Author: Catherynne M. Valente

Quotes About Ambray

"Between wiener juice and lung blood, Id say that chambray shirt was a goner." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Quotes About Nat

"We cannot shun our values as an immigrant nation. This is a wrong path. And while possibly it is a short-term political victory based on division and based on creating a wedge issue that splits people in this country, it is a long-term defeat for this Nation." - Author: Raul Grijalva