[It Was A Well-known Fact That Keeping Track Of Time Was Not Parry Pretty's Forte...If Time Were Parry's Pet, It Would Have Died Tied To A Tree Somewhere Out Back Long Ago.]

Author: S.J. Musgraves Quotes

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Miranda Kenneally Quotes

"Taking drugs is stupid. Why mess up your brain like that?"

Allan J Hamilton Quotes

"I was drawn to horses as if they were magnets. It was in my blood. I must have inherited from my grandfather a genetic proclivity toward the equine species. Perhaps theres a quirk in the DNA that makes horse people different from everyone else, that instantly divides humanity into those who love horses and the others, who simply dont know."

Sarah Royal Quotes

"As soon as we got back I ran upstairs and told everyone the story, thus telling everyone the alarm code, thus breaking one of the Ten Commandments when I lied and said Id keep the code a secret. As Ive known for a long, long time now, hell is going to be totally fucking worth it."


"What was I, then? I hadntbecome a European either, not in France and certainly not inEngland. So what were you, Ricardito? Maybe what Mrs. Richardsoncalled me in her fits of temper: a little pissant, nothing but aninterpreter, somebody, as my colleague Salomon Toledano liked todefine us, who is only when he isnt, a hominid who exists when hestops being what he is so that what other people think and say canpass through him more easily."

Fafore Quotes

"When I die, I would love to die smiling. If however I forget this, I hope I have someone there to make me smile."

Eldridge Cleaver Quotes

"What America demands in her black champions is a brilliant, powerful body and a dull, bestial mind."

Robert Neelly Bellah Quotes

"However painful the process of leaving home, for parents and for children, the really frightening thing for both would be the prospect of the child never leaving home."

Kathrine Switzer Quotes

"If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon."

Greg LeMond Quotes

"More people should apologize, and more people should accept apologies when sincerely made."

Faydra D Fields Quotes

"Spending time being can be just as, if not more, fulfilling as spending time doing."

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"They both loved her, of course. Theyd probably still love her even if they knew shed seduced him.Yes, because he was so much the wounded party in this case. Taken advantage of by a skilled and dangerous seductress whom he was obviously no match for.Pull yourself together, Ryeton. You sound like a frigging little girl!Maxwell arrived right on time, and cheerfully announced by Westford. Greys entire face-from his scar to the forced smile he wore-began to ache at the sight of the younger man. Maxwell had to be nine and twenty at best. He was tall and dapper, and just charming enough so as not to seem threatening. It was a part Grey played very well at the same age, only hed been a wolf masquerading as a harmless spaniel. He wasnt so sure the same couldnt be said for Maxwell.He had no choice but to shake the mans hand and make small talk before watching him take Roses arm and lead her away, both of them smiling like idiots." - Author: Kathryn Smith

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"As I descended the stairs, the years between us seemed accumulated everywhere, filling the house, and it seemed strange to me, how love and habit blurred so thoroughly to make a life." - Author: Sue Monk Kidd

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"Listen to the voice of others and your voice will more likely get listened to" - Author: Constance Chuks Friday

Quotes About Crossing The Line

"Time had ceased to feel linear. She looked up through the crisscrossing branches, thick with buds, into the night sky. The stars tugged at her gaze, trying to pull her up among them, or she was pulling them down to her. She was on the verge of some great discovery, she realized, but she had no idea what it was, what it related to, whether it even had anything to do with her at all. Was she a participant, or an observer? Did the world center around her, or could it carry on quite easily without her input? Looking up at those stars, feeling the embrace of their light as it enfolded her, she felt both small and large, as though everything mattered and nothing did. When someone crouched down beside her it took years for her to turn her head to see who it was. All she could make out was a dark shape, a vague outline of head and shoulders silhouetted against the stars, the rest of the body lost in the shadows of the rose bushes." - Author: Charles de Lint

Quotes About Spreading Peace

"Throughout that period, Japan had made honest efforts to keep the destruction of war from spreading and, based on the belief that all nations of the world should find their places, had followed a policy designed to restore an expeditious peace between Japan and China." - Author: Hideki Tojo

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"Isnt it weird how we make big decisions in life based on the strangest, most random things?" - Author: Mhairi McFarlane

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"No, what Great Aunt Winifred was suffering from was the persecution every happily single woman suffers: the predictable social condemnation of her independence and childlessness. Dorothy reminded herself of what shed learned during a university course on feminist history (with a strong Marxist slant): spinsters are a threat to patriarchy." - Author: Tobsha Learner

Quotes About Political Stability

"Bahrain lies at the epicenter of Gulf security and any violent upheaval in Bahrain would have enormous geopolitical consequences. Global economic stability depends on the uninterrupted export of crude oil from the Gulf to markets around the world - a job that historically has been assigned to the U.S. Fifth Fleet." - Author: Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

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"It has to be because unemployment problems in northwest Indiana are similar to those in southeast Chicago." - Author: Richard M. Daley

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"I wish we were dead together to-day, Lost sight of, hidden away out of sight, Clasped and clothed in the cloven clay,Out of the worlds way, out of the light, Out of the ages of worldly weather, Forgotten of all men altogether,As the worlds first dead, taken wholly away,Made one with death, filled full of the night." - Author: Algernon Charles Swinburne