[It Was Then Jessica Realized He Wasn't Using His Left Hand At All, And That He Held The Arm Oddly, As Though Something Were Wrong With It. There Shouldn't Be Except For A Minor Bullet Wound. She'd Aimed Carefully, And She Was An Excellent Markswoman. Not To Mention He Was A Very Large Target.He Looked Her Way Then, And Caught Her Staring. "Admiring Your Handiwork, Are You? I Daresay You'd Like A Better Look. Regrettably, There's Nothing To See. There's Nothing Wrong With It, According To The Quacks. Except That It Doesn't Work. Still, I Count Myself Fortunate, Miss Trent, That You Didn't Aim A Ways Lower. I'm Merely Disarmed, Not Dismanned. But I Have No Doubt That Herriard Here Will See To The Emasculation.]

Author: Loretta Chase Quotes

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B Truly Quotes

"Ive been thrown into a turbulent triangle, but even though I have deep feelings for Shiray doesnt mean my feelings will disappear for Melanie immediately. Fate has really dealt me a cruel hand of cards."

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"those who truly know, knows those who dont, will learn if they ask"

John Broadbent Quotes

"He would have been half-hanged, taken down alive, castrated, his genitals stuffed in his mouth, his stomach slit open, and his intestines taken out and burnt, and his carcase chopped into four quarters."

Meindert DeJong Quotes

"Until the longing came again, like the longing that you hear in the whistle of a train that is going far away. But the longing isnt really in the whistle, the longing is in you—for the wonder and the loveliness that is in the world, and everywhere."

Morgan Hawke Quotes

"I am not a f**king pleasure girl, damn you! Im an officer!"

Thom Hunter Quotes

"Feeling guilty does not set us free. Being equipped sets us free."

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"Sculpture is what you bump into when you back up to see a painting."

Justin Sane Quotes

"We are simply human beings. So it is important for us to treat each other in that capacity."

Adrian Tan Quotes

"Theres a common misconception that work is necessary. You will meet people working at miserable jobs. They tell you they are "making a living". No, theyre not. Theyre dying, frittering away their fast-extinguishing lives doing things which are, at best, meaningless and, at worst, harmful."

Catherine Piot Quotes

"Put your Body First!"

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"It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity." - Author: Dave Barry

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"No military timetable should compel war when a successful outcome, namely a disarmed Iraq may be feasible without war, for example by allowing more time to the UN inspectors." - Author: Douglas Hurd

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"I think youd be pretty in any color."-Posy to Octavia" - Author: Suzanne Collins

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"Mans merit lieth in service and virtue and not in the pageantry of wealth and riches." - Author: Baháulláh

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"In The Republic, Plato imagines human beings chained for the duration of their lives in an underground cave, knowing nothing but darkness. Their gaze is confined to the cave wall, upon which shadows of the world are thrown. They believe these flickering shadows are reality. If, Plato writes, one of these prisoners is freed and brought into the sunlight, he sill suffer great pain. Blinded by the glare, he is unable to seeing anything and longs for the familiar darkness. But eventually his eyes adjust to the light. The illusion of the tiny shadows is obliterated. He confronts the immensity, chaos, and confusion of reality. The world is no longer drawn in simple silhouettes. But he is despised when he returns to the cave. He is unable to see in the dark as he used to. Those who never left the cave ridicule him and swear never to go into the light lest they be blinded as well." - Author: Chris Hedges

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"Growing up in the streets of Bed-Stuy, it was hard, yo." - Author: The Notorious B.I.G.

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"The era of gentleman racing drivers is ended." - Author: Enzo Ferrari

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"The police, he imagined, were now walking around the parked car. He imagined their bandit chaser was parked beside the car and now they were walking around it and looking at it and not saying anything. Now they were inside it. They would see the interior of the automobile. They were tremendous, these police, because the next thing they would do was to look at each other. They would look around at the night air. They would just stand there. The police, he told himself, were marvelous when it came to just standing there. Sometimes they elaborated on it a little and pushed their caps back and forth on their heads. Nobody could push a cap back and forth on his head like a policeman." - Author: David Goodis

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"Groaning, he gripped his fists in the wild stuff. "Contessa.God, Contessa."She straightened, changing the angle, changing the pleasure. She shook her hair back and undulated. She was a contessa.A princess.No,a queen." - Author: Christie Ridgway

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"When they had arranged their blankets the boy lowered the lamp and stepped into the yard and pulled the door shut behind, leaving them in profound and absolute darkness. No one moved. In that cold stable the shutting of the door may have evoked in some hearts other hostels and not of their choosing. The mare sniffed uneasily and the young colt stepped about. Then one by one they began to divest themselves of their outer clothes, the hide slickers and raw wool serapes and vests, and one by one they propagated about themselves a great crackling of sparks and each man was seen to wear a shroud of palest fire. Their arms aloft pulling at their clothes were luminous and each obscure soul was enveloped in audible shapes of light as if it had always been so. The mare at the far end of the stable snorted and shied at this luminosity in beings so endarkened and the little horse turned and hid his face in the web of his dams flank." - Author: Cormac McCarthy