[It Would Be Unwise To Say The Least, Irresponsible Of Us At The TSA, At The Homeland Security Department Not To Evolve Our Technology To Match The Changing Threat Environment That We Inhabit.]

Author: Janet Napolitano Quotes

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"Anybody can win - unless there happens to be a second entry."

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"Food is food no matter what size, shape, or color."

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"I havent been wrong since 1961, when I thought I made a mistake."

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"She was a great lady. We raised three boys, were together as long as she lived, and now shes passed on."

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"Maybe hes not coming, I whispered to Damar. Hes crazy after all. Maybe something shiny caught his attention and he forgot about me."

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"Economy and environment are the same thing. That is the rule of nature."

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"Ah, cruel fate, how swiftly joy and sorrow alternate!"

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"Were sitting in the dark willing to sell our souls for another peppermint with enough uranium to give a terrorist a wet dream. - Diana"

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"Genius is that which forces the inertia of humanity to learn."

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