[It's A Political And Manipulative Industry. Actors Vie For The Same Roles, Movies Are Snatched Away. Have I Ever Been Manipulated? Yes. But I Haven't Manipulated Anyone Because If You Think From The Heart, You Cannot Be Calculative. I Have Spent Nights Crying.]

Author: Kareena Kapoor Khan Quotes

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"Im really 95 percent Mr. Rogers, and only 5 percent Oscar the Grouch."

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"Dont tell thin women to eat a cheeseburger. Dont tell fat women to put down the fork. Dont tell underweight men to bulk up. Dont tell women with facial hair to wax, dont tell uncircumcised men theyre gross, dont tell muscular women to go easy on the dead-lift, dont tell dark-skinned women to bleach their vagina, dont tell black women to relax their hair, dont tell flat-chested women to get breast implants, dont tell "apple-shaped" women whats "flattering," dont tell mothers to hide their stretch marks, and dont tell people whose toes you dont approve of not to wear flip-flops. And so on, etc, etc, in every iteration until the mountains crumble to the sea. Basically, just go ahead and CEASE telling other human beings what they "should" and "shouldnt" do with their bodies unless a) you are their doctor, or b) SOMEBODY GODDAMN ASKED YOU."

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"Anything can be a weapon in imaginative hands."

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"I definitely went through a period when I was a teenager when every girl was The One and every break-up was the Worst Thing That Had Ever Happened."

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"You should not imagine that your reason can evolve to the extent of understanding God. Rather, if God is to shine divinely within you, your natural light cannot assist this process but must become a pure nothingness, going out of itself. Only then can God enter with his light, bringing back with him all that you have renounced and a thousand times more, including a new form which contains all things in itself."

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"The Democrats have come right out and said it: the power of the central government shall have no limits at all."

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"In the tapestry of childhood, what stands out is not the splashy, blow-out trips to Disneyland but the common threads that run throughout and repeat: the family dinners, nature walks, reading together at bedtime, Saturday morning pancakes."

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"In order for answers to become clear, the questions have to be clear."

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"However ordinary each of us may seem, we are all in some way special, and can do things that are extraordinary, perhaps until then…even thought impossible."

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"Two thirds of a century ago, we were given a national policy. It was made to fit the conditions of the day."

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