[It's A Political And Manipulative Industry. Actors Vie For The Same Roles, Movies Are Snatched Away. Have I Ever Been Manipulated? Yes. But I Haven't Manipulated Anyone Because If You Think From The Heart, You Cannot Be Calculative. I Have Spent Nights Crying.]

Author: Kareena Kapoor Khan Quotes

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Lynn Austin Quotes

"No terrain is too bleak, no distance too far that it will stop God from rescuing His own."


"Marxism exists in nineteenth-century thought like a fish in water: that is, it is unable to breathe anywhere else."

Jean Paul Sartre Quotes

"I exist. It is soft, so soft, so slow. And light: it seems as though it suspends in the air. It moves."

Charles Ogden Quotes

"Brilliant? Ha! Your about as bright as a black hole! Ellen resorted."

O Shakoor Quotes

"Love cannot come from where love is not. We cannot express love from within us for another if there is no love for ourselves within us."

Hollywood Undead Quotes

"We are young.We are strong.Born in this world as it all falls apart."

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"Computers get better faster than anything else ever."

Claudia Hammond Quotes

"I see the last two millennia as laid out in columns, like a reverse ledger sheet. Its as if Im standing at the top of the twenty-first century looking downwards to 2000. Future centuries float as a gauzy sheet stretching over to the left. I also see people, architecture and events laid out chronologically in the columns. When I think of the year 1805, I see Trafalgar, women in the clothes of that era, famous people who lived then, the building, etc. The sixth to tenth centuries are very green, the Middle Ages are dark with vibrant splashes of red and blue and the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are brown with rich, lush colours in the furniture and clothing."

Kenneth Cain Quotes

"Israelis are a mix of North African, Levantine, and Eastern European, which inflames the politics but does amazing things for the women."

Carl Zeiss Quotes

"It was in the Seventies but I still recall what was a good night for my club. Of course, the stadium has changed now but I have heard that the atmosphere is still the same."

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"Looking towards the future, one of the most important issues the national community must face is the widening gap between the liberated, modern, independent women and our traditional men who are being left behind." - Author: Kamla Persad Bissessar

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"In Hollywood I thought I was large and klutzy, like the characters I played." - Author: Madeline Kahn

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"...as long as her grace remains grace, she remains the only life he has - even while he is whoring around in some Babylonian dive. Whether he behaves or misbehaves, he is dead from start to finish but for her. Unchanging, unswerving, she goes on being his resurrection, the one center at which his sins are always forgiven. All he has to do the seventh time, or the seventy-times-seventh time, is the same thing he did the first time: confess, admit once more the truth of his abiding death, and trust once again the life that never left him for a second." - Author: Robert Farrar Capon

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"Safe?" Her voice was small, timid and delicate. But beautiful. The one word chimed like little bells. Her first word spoken to me." - Author: Patricia Lynne

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"Hälfte des LebensMit gelben Birnen hängetUnd voll mit wilden RosenDas Land in den See,Ihr holden Schwäne,Und trunken von KüssenTunkt ihr das HauptIns heilignüchterne Wasser.Weh mir, wo nehm ich, wennEs Winter ist, die Blumen, und woDen Sonnenschein,Und Schatten der Erde?Die Mauern stehnSprachlos und kalt, im WindeKlirren die Fahnen." - Author: Friedrich Hölderlin

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"Being committed or loyal to someone doesnt mean you wont ever be attracted to someone else. It means you wont physically act upon the attraction." - Author: C.C. Hunter

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"Sloanes laugh was brief and brittle, like ice breaking in an enchanted forest." - Author: Seanan McGuire

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"That got me to L.A. and reintroduced me to my future husband." - Author: Marg Helgenberger

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"As a hip-hop artist who likes fashion, who cant help but notice people like Kanye West, Tiger, Big Sean and definitely T.I.P. These guys really understand how to be progressive and fashion forward." - Author: B.o.B

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"Mereka mengira dengan melampiaskan dendam maka urusannya selesai. Nah, mereka keliru. Dengan cara itu bahkan mereka memulai urusan baru yang panjang dan lebih genting. Di dunia ini, Nak, tak ada sesuatu yang berdiri sendiri. Maksudku, tak suatu upaya apa pun yang bisa bebas dari akibat. Upaya baik berakibat baik, upaya buruk berakibat buruk." - Author: Ahmad Tohari