[It's Been Over 15 Years Since I Toured... Over 12 Years Since I Did Any Recording Under My Own Name. I Never Really Intended To Take That Long Of A Hiatus.]

Author: Thomas Dolby Quotes

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Tiffeny Milbrett Quotes

"I couldnt change who I am; I couldnt change the kind of player I am."

Dick Donovan Quotes

"A man need not be ashamed of moist eyes when he gazes on the face of some loved one who is far away. Its human. It shows a kindly heart, an impressionable mind!("The Doomed Man")"

Taeko Watanabe Quotes

"Sei: The Kudzu snacks were so good I had two and a half bowls but seeing you eat 16 and a half bowls was disgusting. I sriously considered killing you.Okita: Youre horrible! Besides then Id bleed Kudzu snacks!Sei: NOO! STOP!!! I CAN SEE IT!! ILL HAVE NIGHTMARES!!"

Jane Lindskold Quotes

"What if the only non-humans the two-legs know," she mused, "are the Cousin-kind? How stupid they would believe all others who walk the earth to be!"

Graham OConnell Quotes

"Learning is a journey: from facts to knowledge, on to understanding and eventually wisdom."

Bryan Stevenson Quotes

"My parents lived in a poor rural community on the Eastern Shore, and schools were still segregated. And I remember when lawyers came into our community to open up the public schools to black kids."

Stephen Mitchell Quotes

"Whatever thought grips the mind at the time of death is the one which will propel it and decide for it the nature of its future birth. Thus if one wants to attain god after death, one has to think of him steadfastly... This is not as simple as it sounds, for at the time of death the mind automatically flies to the thought of an object (i.e. money, love) which has possessed it during its sojourn in the world. Thus one must think of god constantly."

Ronaldo David Jr Quotes

"In Despite Of Sadness Dont Let It Conquer Ur Heart But Let Forgiveness and Acceptance Do And Happiness Will Reign Over You"

Dean Cavanagh Quotes

"Im a recovering abstainer"

Riyadh Razzaq Quotes

"You cant live like as youre the wisest one.Youve to think like a fresher, a new learner to see the beautiful spectrum of life which were never revealed to you."

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"The walls, where there was room, were well decorated with calendars and posters showing bright, improbable girls with pumped-up breasts and no hips - blondes, brunettes and redheads, but always with this bust development, so that a visitor of another species might judge from the preoccupation of artist and audience that the seat of procreation lay in the mammaries. Alice Chicoy...who worked among the shining girls, was wide-hipped and sag-chested and she walked well back on her heels...She was not in the least jealous of the calendar girls and the Coca-Cola girls. She had never seen anyone like them, and she didnt think anyone ever had." - Author: John Steinbeck

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"I have made a mistake. They condemn me to death and I ask for a boy to coach me for it. A red-headed boy, who gobbles his buttered bread and toddles to his horse with the seat of his pants wet, this is the young man they hope will get me on my knees, full of prayer. This is the young man I hope will be able to help me, although with what and how I cannot think." - Author: Hannah Kent

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"When Im single, Im this fabulous, independent, confident woman, and then I get involved with one disastrous man after another and I turn into this needy, insecure, fearful girl who becomes frightened of her own shadow." - Author: Jane Green

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