[It's Ms. Armano.""Oh, Ms, Huh. One Of Those Women's Libbers?" He Chuckled, Glancing Up At Her. "I Prefer Independent Woman Who Can Make It On Her Own. Lucky For You I'd Say If I Decide To Accept Your Offer.]

Author: Mary J. McCoy Dressel Quotes

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Burton Cummings Quotes

"As a member of Guess Who, I think No Time was the best thing we ever did. It was a pivotal song in our career."

Virginia Johnson Quotes

"Sure! Why should any experts be the arbiters... Thats like telling someone they cant be a vegetarian."

Didier Drogba Quotes

"I feel at home when I go to London."

Joyce Hutchinson Quotes

"I learned that dying is just a part of our journey of life. We are all on this journey and dying is a part of it for each of us. That does not mean that hope is hone. Hope just changes to a very realistic, practical hope... Sometimes hope becomes more beautiful than ever in our lives because it is about hope for the present moment and hope that is natural, such as, I hope the sun shines today."

Cameron Dean Quotes

"Why do men have nipples? Because God is a woman and she really wants us to enjoy ourselves, thats why."

Tozer AW Quotes

"What made Jesus death uncommon, unusual? It was the dying of the just for the unjust. It was His sacrificial dying, His vicarious dying. He paid a debt He did not owe in behalf of the others too deeply in debt ever to pay."

John Paul Jones Quotes

"If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery."

Helena Rubinstein Quotes

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones"

AG Starling Quotes

"Well, with that filly in my line of vision blushing like a virgin, something in me was bound to stand at attention. And my walking legs were occupied."

Jesse Harris Quotes

"I love Neil Young. His songs were the first songs I learned to play, and I recommend anyone who is starting guitar to learn Neil Young songs first."

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Quotes About Xix

"Mais même au XIX siècle elles étaient souvent obligées de se cacher; elles navaient pas même une chambre à elles, cest-à-dire quelles ne jouissaient pas de cette indépendance matérielle qui est une des conditions nécessaires de la liberté intérieure." - Author: Simone de Beauvoir

Quotes About Skins Friendship

"Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship - never." - Author: Charles Caleb Colton

Quotes About Skills For Life

"[Leslie Bennett] You have a teenager who desperately wants to separate...If you dont have a career, these New Domesticity types are likely to find themselves standing in the kitchen with all these domestic skills and no outlet for them, no way to earn a living.... [A]t that point your kids are not thanking you for having made the hand-pureed baby food and for giving them homemade cookies. They dont feel youve done them a big favor; they say, "Why didnt she ever grow up and take responsibility for her own life?" - Author: Emily Matchar

Quotes About Behavioral Finance

"Ive learned theres a big difference between a long-focused value investor and a good short-seller. That difference is psychological and I think it falls into the realm of behavioral finance." - Author: James Chanos

Quotes About Frozen Melting

"struck by the pain of the ice and the rage of the water below that was forced to make room for the huge piece of frozen time, the glacier, trapped in a solid state for centuries, melting into the ocean and becoming one with its future. She feels small and insignificant in the face of such a display of nature." - Author: Garth Stein

Quotes About Liberty Benjamin Franklin

"How I longed to see these things; how I longed to see the Liberty Bell and walk on the streets where Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine and Benjamin Franklin had walked." - Author: Burl Ives

Quotes About Debilidad

"Triunfa el que elabora una táctica para conseguirlo, aprovecha su oportunidad, acepta sus debilidades y reconoce sus fortalezas." - Author: Sun Tzu

Quotes About Living Life Differently

"Intuition is an essential part of the whole experience of living. Although it will not help predict the future or how people will behave, using intuition as a guide makes life more rewarding. It helps you follow what seems to be the right path, even when social convention or common sense appears to tell differently" - Author: Sylvia Clare

Quotes About Proving Them Wrong

"...[T]he only means I have to stop ignorant snobs from behaving towards genre fiction with snobbish ignorance is to not reinforce their ignorance and snobbery by lying and saying that when I write SF it isnt SF, but to tell them more or less patiently for forty or fifty years that they are wrong to exclude SF and fantasy from literature, and proving my arguments by writing well." - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Quotes About Social Misfits

"There is a deeper, more profound reason for this craving for acceptance and glory. Put simply, its because all writers are fat and/or ugly. And generally socially inept. Me being the notable exception, of course. Writers want to be special, because theyre so not. Theyre losers, overgrown kids whove never escaped from being misfits and who have run away into their own imaginations in an attempt to find self-esteem. Why do you think they all star in their own books? Self included." - Author: Chancery Stone