[It's Nice To Think That Picking Uncertain Paths May Not Necessarily Alter Their Destination Too Drastically, Simply The Journey Undertaken To Reach It.]

Author: Emma Cameron Quotes

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Lee Tamahori Quotes

"Sex should not be in the movies and should be in the home, and violence should be in the movies and not in the home."

Eddie Cahill Quotes

"I love flexing theater muscles. Television has merits as well, but theres no substitute for live theater."

Zahi Hawass Quotes

"Many parts of the granite statues were found, the most important of which had features close to Ramses II. The statue needs some restoration and weighs between four and five tons."

Robert S Arrighi Quotes

"[John] Kobak explained, The way you learn anything is that something fails, and you figure out how not to have it fail again."

Paul Pitchford Quotes

"Summer is a period of luxurious growth. To be in harmony with the atmosphere of summer, awaken early in the morning and reach to the sun for nourishment to flourish as the gardens do. Work, play, travel, be joyful, and grow into selfless service. The bounty of the outside world enters and enlivens us."

Liberty Hyde Bailey Quotes

"No beast has ever conquered the earth; and the natural world has never been conquered by muscular force."

Cielo Latini Quotes

"Entiendo que lo único peor que sentir dolor es no sentir absolutamente nada."

John Cheever Quotes

"He was not a practical joke nor was he a fool but he was determinedly original and had a vague and modest idea of himself as a legendary figure."

Jonathan Mayberry Quotes

"Thats called terror. Its confusion and a little paranoia and a nice big dose of panic."

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"Want a balloon?" - Author: Stephen King

Quotes About Rosary

"A very special case. A few years more, and that pretty creature who you love too much, I think, will, without ever loving them, have known as many men as there are beads on her aunts rosary. No happy medium! Either a nun or a monster! Gods bosom or sensual passions! It would, perhaps, be better to put her in a convent, since we put hysterical women in the Saltpetriere! She does not know vice, she invents it!"That was ten years ago before the day our story begins and... Raoule was not a nun." - Author: Rachilde

Quotes About Being Average Looking

"If youre not a king you can wear a hat to be distinguished. And if youre not a king and you dont wear a hat you end up being a nobody." - Author: Juan Pablo Villalobos

Quotes About Vienna Austria

"But since those days in Vienna I had been aware that Austria was lost, not yet suspecting, to be sure, how much I had lost thereby." - Author: Stefan Zweig

Quotes About Equanimity

"By practicing meditation we establish love, compassion, sympathetic joy & equanimity as our home." - Author: Sharon Salzberg

Quotes About Smart Guys

"Hell if I know. Thats for smart people like you to figure out. Im just trying to get college guys to speed up their blow jobs." - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Being Amazed By God

"To commit suicide is easy. To live without a god is more difficult. The drunkenness of triumph is greater than the drunkenness of sacrifice." - Author: Anaïs Nin

Quotes About Being Underwhelmed

"In the loss of skill, we lose stewardship; in losing stewardship we lose fellowship; we become outcasts from the great neighborhood of Creation. It is possible - as our experience in this good land shows - to exile ourselves from Creation, and to ally ourselves with the principle of destruction - which is, ultimately, the principle of nonentity. It is to be willing in general for being to not-be. And once we have allied ourselves with that principle, we are foolish to think that we can control the results. (pg. 303, The Gift of Good Land)" - Author: Wendell Berry

Quotes About Skies And Love

"A radical love story is the only device that makes the time-chariot of a village, a city, a country, gallop faster. Such a love story pulls the wheels of that chariot from a murky, regressive past towards a spotlessly clean road under autumn-blue skies. And for that chariot to move forward, to bring change in the village, you dont have to be conscious of being a radical. You just have to fall in love." - Author: Aruni Kashyap

Quotes About Abides

"Little is much, If love abides" - Author: Janette Oke