[It's Not Our Job To Toughen Our Children Up To Face A Cruel And Heartless World. It's Our Job To Raise Children Who Will Make The World A Little Less Cruel And Heartless.]

Author: L.R. Knost Quotes

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Stephanie Kuehnert Quotes

"I automatically assume people wont like me, so I dont talk to them unless they approach me first. I cant become a part of a crowd because I cant get past that feeling that I dont belong."

Anna Letitia Barbauld Quotes

"Young gentlemen, who are to display their knowledge to the world, should have every motive of emulation, should be formed into regular classes, should read and dispute together, should have all the honors, and, if one may say so, the pomp of learning set before them, to call up their ardor. It is their business, and they should apply to it as such."

Clea Duvall Quotes

"Teachers didnt like me very much. They thought I was just this punk kid and they always wanted to kick me out."

Marilyn Fullen Collins Quotes

"It just be life, thats all. Aint nothin happened to you, aint happened to most women whether they care to admit it or not. You strong, Babygirl. You a woman. You gotta be."

Terri F Williams Quotes

"I know when my life is over my writings will live on, perhaps in a story or maybe a sweet love song. You see, I do not write for glory or to get anything for free. I just sit down and I write, because it makes so much sense to me."

Gennaro Moccia Quotes

"Consistent happiness is an art - An art that involves taking and maintaining control of which thoughts you give attention to and which thoughts you disregard"

Alisa Hope Wagner Quotes

"God created us in His image, and He gave us an imagination with His imprint to create things for His glory!"

Rick Bragg Quotes

"Most national correspondents will tell you they rely on stringers and researchers and interns and clerks and news assistants."

Jose Serrano Quotes

"Sadly, this is the same old Republican story of Robin Hood in reverse - tax cuts for the rich while programs for average and low income Americans suffer."

Michael Hardt Quotes

"Revolution does have to be violent precisely because the Pharaoh wont let you go. If the Pharaoh would let you go, the revolution wont have to be violent."

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"No, he said softly. "They love each other. They know what the other likes, they know what the other needs to feed whatever is hungry in their soul and they give it to them. At least Penny does but Evan does too with only a minimal of bitching."I put my hands on his chest and asked :"Whats your drug of choice ?""Ive no idea", he answered. "Its not up to me to figure it out. But whoever I decide to share my life with needs to be a woman who ties herself in knots to give it to me. But only because I know Im a man wholl figure hers out and give it to her in return." - Author: Kristen Ashley

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"Classicism is health, romanticisim is sickness." - Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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"They say two wrongs do not make a right But when someone gets it wrong and you dont correct him, its also not rightKeep your game tightAnd dont just fight any fight, always fight a good fight" - Author: Rhymesonny

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"I dont think I really have any wisdom. Stay out of trouble. Good luck. Stay away from women because they will burn you, haha." - Author: Jason Aldean

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"Important as economic unification is for the recovery of Germany and of Europe, the German people must recognize that the basic cause of their suffering and distress is the war which the Nazi dictatorship brought upon the world." - Author: James F. Byrnes

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"You must have had such a great childhood with a man like that for your father. (Delphine)Yeah. All puppy dogs and rainbows and those weird furry people with padded coat hangers on their heads that look like space aliens on acid. (Jericho)You mean the Teletubbies? (Berith)The fact that you know what theyre called, Berith, truly scares me. (Jericho)As a demon of torture, it behooves me to know all things that are deeply annoying. Youd be amazed how many people in the modern age no longer fear zombies as much as Teletubbies. (Berith)Not really. Id rather battle a brain-eating zombie any day than hear them sing. (Jericho)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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"Then suddenly he beheld his sister Éowyn as she lay, and he knew her. He stood a moment as a man who is pierced in the midst of a cry by an arrow through the heart; and then his face went deathly white; and a cold fury rose in him, so that all speech failed him for a while. A fey mood took him. Éowyn, Éowyn! he cried at last: Éowyn, how come you here? What madness or devilry is this? Death, death, death! Death take us all! Then without taking counsel or waiting for the approach of the men of the City, he spurred headlong back to the front of the great host, and blew a horn, and cried aloud for the onset. Over the field rang his clear voice calling: Death! Ride, ride to ruin and the worlds ending! And with that the host began to move. But the Rohirrim sang no more. Death they cried with one voice loud and terrible, and gathering speed like a great tide their battle swept about their fallen king and passed, roaring away southwards." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

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"Eu acredito que ela tem o tipo de magia que provoca revoluções e promove grandes descobertas. Não há nada que eu goste mais do que observar Gabriela no meio de um grupo de pessoas. Você sabe o que ela me lembra? Uma rosa perfumada num bouquet de flores artificiais." - Author: Jorge Amado

Quotes About Chima

"Karou saw them with her human eyes, this army she had rendered more monstrous than ever nature had, and she knew what the world would see in them if they flew to fight the Dominion: demons, nightmares, evil. The sight of the seraphim would be heralded as a miracle. But chimaera? The apocalypse." - Author: Laini Taylor