[It's The Imagination That Is Involved In Sci-fi, And Fantasy Is What Draws Me To It. Stories, Everything.]

Author: Mark Sheppard Quotes

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Harry A Blackmun Quotes

"The states are not free, under the guise of protecting maternal health or potential life, to intimidate women into continuing pregnancies."

Rick Bass Quotes

"To not pursue the thing one wants would be a waste of ones life."

Annabel Pitcher Quotes

"She said Halloween is a British tradition and it has nothing to do with being a Christian. I almost said Why do you celebrate it then cos I always forgot she was born in England."

Patti Hansen Quotes

"I never wore flats: The higher the shoe, the better."

Allen West Quotes

"For far too long weve allowed the other side to paint us as racist, as sexist, inhumane war mongers - well, today as a conservative black Republican and former solider, Im here to set that record straight."

Melissa Febos Quotes

"There is a moment in your 20s when you know what it means to love rightly, but not how to do it, and then you begin to learn."

Elizabeth Cook Lynn Quotes

"The journey through another world, beyond bad dreamsbeyond the memories of a murdered generation,cartographed in captivity by bare survivorsmakes sacristans of us all.The old ones go our bail, we oblate preachers of our tribes.Be careful, they say, dont hock the beads of kinship agonies; the moire-effect of unfamiliar hymnsupon our own, a change in pitch or shrillness of the voicetransforms the ways of song to words of poetry or proseand makes distinctionsno one recognizes.Surrounded and absorbed, we tread like Etruscanson the edge of useless law; we prayto the giver of prayer, we give the cane whistlein ceremony, we swing the heavy silver chainof incense burners. Migration makes new citizens of Rome."

EJ Caulder Quotes

"What is my favorite part of book one? It would have to be the last chapter because thats when the consequences catch up to Eric and it became clear that what he considered fun and games for nearly a year almost got Tina killed."

Stefan Bachmann Quotes

"Arthur Jelliby was a very nice young man, which was perhaps the reason why he had never made much of a politician."

Derrolyn Anderson Quotes

"Youre just lucky you got your bag back," said Cruz gravely.Megan snorted," Cruz is more impressed with Gucci than he is with a supernatural being! ""Honey," Cruz snapped, "Gucci is supernatural!"

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"This outfit called Los Angeles Theatre Works does readings of plays." - Author: Jeffrey Jones

Quotes About Smokey Robinson

"Smokey Robinson writes the heartfelt songs, whereas it was my job to write the songs about weakness and failure in love." - Author: Elvis Costello

Quotes About Rhinestones

"Bling is over. Red carpet covered with rhinestones is out. I call it the new modesty." - Author: Karl Lagerfeld

Quotes About Ordinary Lives

"After attainment of Supreme knowledge a man lives but he does not lead an ordinary mans life. He lives, he eats, he sleeps and by Gods commandment he becomes a " - Author: Jibankrishna

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"Mother Atkinson thought that every one should have a trade, or something to make a living out of , for rich people may grow poor, you know, and poor people have to work.... so when I saw how happy and independent those young ladies were, I wanted to have a trade, and then it wouldnt matter about money, though I like to have it well enough." - Author: Louisa May Alcott

Quotes About Carnivore

"I´ve read that it´s the smell some carnivores use to find their prey. Imagine the trembling victim trying to hide, but knowing that the smell of its own fear will kill it." - Author: Jo Nesbø

Quotes About Winter Ending

"Our family has survived a long time. Weve weathered battles and transformations, enchantments and floods and fires. Weve endured being sent away, and weve coped with evildoers in our midst. If I were telling a story of Sevenwaters – and it would be a grand epic told over all the nights of a long winter – I would surely end it with a triumph. A happy ending, all well, puzzles solved, enemies defeated, the future stretching ahead bright and true. With new challenges and new adventures, certainly, because thats the way things always are. But overall it would be a very satisfying story, one to give the listener heart." - Author: Juliet Marillier

Quotes About Being Played By A Guy

"We stay in the game so that we can provide for our family. Thats the smart thing to do. The problem arises when the game is being played with rules the rest of the world doesnt understand. The mortgage business, for example. Everybody in the business knew the rules. Everyone was playing by them. Problem was, the little guy on Main Street didnt, so the little guy got burned." - Author: Cristina Alger

Quotes About Treatment Of Animals

"Im very involved with PETA - People for Ethical Treatment of Animals - and Greenpeace and a lot of womens shelter and clothing giveaways." - Author: Pink

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"Gerçekte, uykudan uyanıp da kendi kendisiyle karşılaşmayan insan yoktur." - Author: Jorge Luis Borges