[I've Even Come To A Conclusion That Would Get Me Blackballed From Ever Setting Foot In Liberal Education Circles Again. That Is This: Colonialism Wasn't 100 Percent Evil. More Like 96 Percent Evil. Sometimes The Colonizing Culture Actually Made Moral Improvements In The Native Culture. I Came To This Conclusion While Reading About The Abolition Of The Indian Custom Of Widow Burning. In Pre-British India, A Man's Widow Was Burned Alongside His Corpse. The British Colonialists Put A Stop To That. So Yes, They Criminally Oppressed An Entire People. But Like A Robber Who Fills Up The Ice Trays While He Steals The TV, They Did A Smidgeon Of Good.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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"All the bands get along really well. Thats one of the biggest things on a tour. Its great to get all these cool bands together, but if they dont get along it sucks."

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"Paris is a danger for people like me. We spend our rent money in Paris on clothes."

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"I thought you had forgotten me.""I have spent my life remembering you."

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"Youre going to spend more time with yourself than with anyone else in your life. You want to spend that whole time fighting who you are?"

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"i write, because not breathing is not an option."

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"more money than the crooks at Enron and less taste than a drunk after a bottle of tequila"

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"To Succeed You Must Read"

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"Gold has intrinsic value. The problem with the dollar is it has no intrinsic value. And if the Federal Reserve is going to spend trillions of them to buy up all these bad mortgages and all other kinds of bad debt, the dollar is going to lose all of its value. Gold will store its value, and youll always be able to buy more food with your gold."

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"No moment is ever isolatedWith history elsewhere, drilling its stitches."

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"Sometimes life turns out hard, Isabel. Sometimes it just bites right through you. And sometimes, just when you think its done its worst, it comes back and takes another chunk."

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"If the young man ate candy, the wrangler says, thats probably whats kept him alive so long. Glucose is a natural antidote to cyanide poisoning. Based on anecdotal evidence, glucose binds withthe cyanide to produce less toxic compounds." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

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"One night I begged Robin, a scientist by training, to watch Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman with me on PBS. He lasted about one act, then turned to me in horror: This is how you spend your days? Thinking about things like this? I was ashamed. I could have been learning about string theory or how flowers pollinate themselves. I think his remark was the beginning of my crisis of faith. Like so many of my generation in graduate school, I had turned to literature as a kind of substitute for formal religion, which no longer fed my soul, or for therapy, which I could not afford.... I became interested in exploring the theory of nonfiction and in writing memoir, a genre that gives us access to that lost Middlemarch of reflection and social commentary." - Author: Mary Rose OReilley

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