[I've Found Even After Nearly 30 Years Of Doing This, There Are All Kinds Of New Surprises That Rear Their Heads At Various Times And I Truly Believe That 51% Of The Images, Success Takes Place In The Darkroom.]

Author: John Sexton Quotes

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Huntress Quotes

"Happiness starts in your heart, not when someone is around."

Linda Perlstein Quotes

"Twelve-year-olds are eager to turn everything into arguments but dont have the cognitive skills to win them."


"He who can, can...He who cannot, cannot...But, He who can and will not, Fails."

Norman Hartley Quotes

"When multi-national corporations are given the same powers as feudal states or nations: expect wars."

Sinclair Lewis Quotes

"She was close in her husbands arms; she clung to him; whatever of strangeness and slowness and insularity she might find in him, none of that mattered so long as she could slip her hands beneath his coat, run her fingers over the warm smoothness of the satin back of his waistcoat, seem almost to creep into his body, find in him strength, find in the courage and kindness of her man a shelter from the perplexing world."

Wallace Stevens Quotes

"From oriole to crow, note the declineIn music. Crow is realist. But, then,Oriole, also, may be realist."

Carolyn McCarthy Quotes

"With my history, unfortunately, with my family suffering through gun violence, its something that I feel passionately about, that even though the odds are certainly always uphill, that doesnt mean that I will stop fighting to try to change that."

Gabriel King Quotes

"Only me, eh? Is that how you see yourself? Only you is worth a good deal more than you think."

Timothy Garton Ash Quotes

"The key to the survival of liberty in the modern world is the embrace of multiple identities."

Jacob Young Quotes

"Its so many years of reading story. You leave work and it goes away till you see it air on television."

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Quotes About Freaked

"You okay?" Archer asked as he opened the door."Yeah," I said, but I was freaked out. "Its just...Can I ask you something really weird?""Those are my favorite kinds of questions." - Author: Rachel Hawkins

Quotes About Funny Engines

"Hurried and worried until were buried, and theres no curtain call, Lifes a very funny proposition after all." - Author: George M. Cohan

Quotes About Puran

"biarlah orang lain gugur secara heroik, kalau itu cocok buat mereka. aku hanya mau membereskan pertempuran dengan kemenangan heroik." - Author: Miyamoto Musashi

Quotes About Awsome

"I had one too," Daniel said. He was quiet for a minute. "Do you think after Trenton, we could get married and settle down in an apartment in New York City or somewhere? I could be an industrial designer, and you could fight crime like a part-time ninja assassin." I almost laughed, but then I stopped myself, because I knew it would come out as a sob. I was quiet for a while as I composed myself. "Yeah," I said. "Yeah, that would be awsome." - Author: Bree Despain

Quotes About Love Canal

"Love, love, love, says Percy.And hurry as fast as you canalong the shining beach, or the rubble, or the dust.Then, go to sleep.Give up your body heat, your beating heart.Then, trust." - Author: Mary Oliver

Quotes About Not Giving Up

"My life will be what I make it," he told her. "That is true for all of us all the time. We cannot know what the future will bring or how the events of the future will make us feel. We cannot even plan and feel any certainty that our most carefully contrived plans will be put into effect. Could I have predicted what happened to me in the Peninsula? Could you have predicted what happened to you in Cornwall? But those things happened to us nevertheless. And they changed our plans and our dreams so radically that we both might have been excused for giving up, for never planning or dreaming again, for never living again. That too is a choice we all have to make." - Author: Mary Balogh

Quotes About Slobs

"For example, when Seymour told one of the twins or Zooey or Franny or even Mme. Boo Boo (who was only two years younger than myself, and often entirely the Lady), to take off his or her galoshes on coming into the apartment, each and all of them knew he mostly meant that the floor would get tracked up if they didnt and that Bessie would have to get out the mop. When I told them to take off their galoshes, they knew I mostly meant that people who didnt were slobs. It was bound to make no small difference in the way they kidded or ragged us separately." - Author: J.D. Salinger

Quotes About Biologos

"BioLogos claims there is no conflict between the theory of evolution and creationism. Huh? Here is where the creationists seem to have the intellectual advantage: they at least see the conflict. Actually, it is not that BioLogos isnt aware of the conflict, but rather, it has come up with the answer to the long-standing conflict between Darwinism and creationism: simply pretend there is no conflict." - Author: G.M. Jackson

Quotes About Cussing

"I have spent time discussing the American political system and current events in Taiwan with the junior diplomats, and they have repeatedly expressed their countrys desire to avoid confrontation with China." - Author: Michael K. Simpson

Quotes About Suitability

"And you threaten to abandon us to Voldemort if we do not comply with your wishes."Harrys voice was razor-sharp. "I regret to inform you that you are not the center of the universe. Im not threatening to walk out on magical Britain. Im threatening to walk out on you. I am not a meek little Frodo. This is my quest and if you want in you will play by my rules."Dumbledores face was still cold. "I am beginning to doubt your suitability as the hero, Mr. Potter."Harrys return gaze was equally icy. "I am beginning to doubt your suitability as my Gandalf, Mr. Dumbledore. Boromir was at least a plausible mistake. What is this Nazgul doing in my Fellowship?" - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky