[I've Gotten To Work With Amazing People. I Would Say Usually We Get To A Point Before We Get Into The Studio Where There Isn't That Sense Of Anxiety Or Nervousness Of Who They Are Because I Don't Think It Would Be As Productive In The Studio If That Was The Case. But Maybe Meeting Someone Like Neil Young For The First Time Made Me Anxious.]

Author: Rick Rubin Quotes

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Jane Sunday Quotes

"Norm was lean, his short, straight black hair parted on the side, his mustache trimmed like hed never heard of Adolf Hitler."

Greg Anderson Quotes

"Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention."

John Davidson Quotes

"Singing well has always been important to me, but the most important factor is the connection to the audience."

Luisa Weiss Quotes

"I couldnt will my beloved Berlin streets across the world or make the people I loved appear when I needed them, but by summoning the flavors of Berlin and the foods of my loved ones, my kitchen became my sanctuary, the stove my anchor.Distance means nothing when your kitchen smells like home."

David Zaslav Quotes

"To this day, Im a slave to CNBC."

Zygmunt Bauman Quotes

"Human attention tends to be focused on the satisfactions relationships are hoped to bring, precisely because somehow they have not been truly satisfactory. And if they do satisfy, the price of this satisfaction has often been found to be unacceptable."

Brendan Coyle Quotes

"Id seen a play of Richard III in Coventry when I was 15, which sowed the seeds that you could act for a living."

Passionate Dreamer Quotes

"Love, simple word with brimming of blood."

Matthew Fontaine Maury Quotes

"The rules of scientific investigation always require us, when we enter the domains of conjecture, to adopt that hypothesis by which the greatest number of known facts and phenomena may be reconciled."

John Duigan Quotes

"To think you cannot fight fate is only an act of surrender."

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"Reading is an act of resistance in a landscape of distraction.... We regain the world by withdrawing from it just a little by stepping back from the noise." - Author: David L. Ulin

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"A country that demands moral perfection in its foreign policy will achieve neither perfection nor security" - Author: Henry Kissinger

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"The outside of the building was covered with faded poster advertising what was sold, and by the eerie light of the half-moon, the Baudelaires could see that fresh limes, plastic knives, canned meat, white envelopes, mango-flavored candy, red wine, leather wallets, fashion magazines, goldfish bowls, sleeping bags, roasted figs, cardboard boxes, controversial vitamins, and many other things were available inside the store. Nowhere on the building, however, was there a poster advertising help, which is really what the Baudelaires needed." - Author: Lemony Snicket

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"the truth of who we are is innate goodness, and the whole journey is really about removing any obstacle or false belief that keeps us from knowing that" - Author: Alanis Morissette

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"fr. 2All We as Leaves He (following Homer) compares mans life with the leaves.All we as leaves in the shock of it: spring-one dull gold bounce and youre there. You see the sun? - I built that.As a lad. The Fates lashing their tails in a corner. But (let me think) wasnt it a hotel in Chicago where I had the first of those - my body walking out of the room bent on some deadly errandand me up on the ceiling just sort of fading out- brainsex paintings I used to call them?In the days when I (so to speak) painted. Rememberthat oddly wonderful chocolate we got in East (as it was then) Berlin?" - Author: Anne Carson

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"The children, each of those kids is in touch with nature and traditional aboriginal culture so a very important part of getting performances from them was just letting them be and trying to capture the unique spirituality that was in each of them." - Author: Phillip Noyce

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"If there is no hell, a good many preachers are obtaining money under false pretenses." - Author: Billy Sunday

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"How vulgar, this hankering after immortality, how vain, how false. Composers are merely scribblers of cave paintings. One writes music because winter is eternal and because, if one didnt, the wolves and blizzards would be at ones throat all the sooner." - Author: David Mitchell

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"How many boys like him were out there in the ether, holding on to their big brothers and sisters who were still alive? How many husbands were floating between life and death, clinging to their wives in this world? And how may millions and millions of people were there in the world like Charlie who wouldnt let go of their loved ones when theyre gone?" - Author: Ben Sherwood

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"It is when we act freely, for the sake of the action itself rather than for ulterior motives, that we learn to become more than what we were. When we choose a goal and invest ourselves in it to the limits of concentration, whatever we do will be enjoyable. And once we have tasted this joy, we will redouble our efforts to taste it again. This is the way the self grows." - Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi