[I've Had A Love Of Animals From Birth. I Love Getting To Know Other Species. We Should All Be Aware That There Is Not One Thing We Can Give A Wild Animal In Captivity That They Need.]

Author: Tippi Hedren Quotes

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Bret Michaels Quotes

"My life is part humor, part roses, part thorns."

Tom McCall Quotes

"This activist loves Oregon more than he loves life."

Stuart J Scesney Quotes


Jed Rubenfeld Quotes

"A womans love for a man is half animal passion and half hate. The more a woman loves a man, the more she hates him."

Mike Kunda Quotes

"Sometimes life just walks up to you, excuses itself and punches you in the face."

Terry Tarnoff Quotes

"Hare Rama... I felt a jolt of energy coursing up my spine. Im in Kathmandu, I kept telling myself - as the sounds began to permeate every pore of my body. Its a full moon - Im on a glorious valley at the top of the world, Im actually here - surrounded by the most extraordinary group of people, yes, Im actually here, and the chanting is building and building until it becomes one great shout of ecstasy, and suddenly Im chanting too - Ive moved into the circle, Im pounding on a drum, and Im looking into the eyes of people around me - and Im feeling part of something big and glorious and magnificently insane"

Helene Hanff Quotes

"I liked reading about the nun who ate so dainty with her fingers she never dripped any grease on herself. Ive never been able to make that claim and I use a fork."

James W Sire Quotes

"But nothing external to God can possibly constrain him. If he chooses to restore a broken universe, it is because he "wants" to, because, for example, he loves it and wants the best for it. But he is free to do as he wills, and his character (Who He Is) controls his will."

Matthew Battles Quotes

"The middle ages did not care much for alphabetical order, because they were committed to rational order. To the medieval mind, the universe [is] a harmonious whole whose parts are related to one another. It was the responsibility of the author or scholar to discern these rational relationships -- of hierarchy, or of chronology, or of similarities and differences, and so forth."

Maria Amparo Ruiz De Burton Quotes

"Let us cry for the spilt milk, by all means, if by doing so we learn how to avoid spilling any more. Let us cry for the spilt milk, and remember how, and where, and why, we spilt it. Much wisdom is learnt through tears, but none by forgetting our lessons."

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Quotes About Youth In Romeo And Juliet

"He just looked at his brother and very slowly shook his head, as if to reprove him. Ash was all he said.The elder Turner reached out and ruffled his younger brothers hair. Mr. Mark Turner did not glower under that touch like a youth pretending to be an adult; neither did he preen like a child being recognized by his elder. He could not have been more than four-and-twenty, the same age as Margarets second-eldest brother. Yet he stood and regarded his brother, unflinching under his touch, his eyes steady and ageless." - Author: Courtney Milan

Quotes About Trying To Get Along

"You can die trying to get along with a disagreeable man," she said, and I put a star beside it when I wrote it down and then taped it to the rear-view mirror for the rest of the drive. She hadnt said "abusive," I noticed; she had said that just disagreeable could kill you." - Author: Debby Bull

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"No reporter is flying around in borrowed twin-engine airplanes." - Author: Dee Dee Myers

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"It took only three years for Jonathan Papelbon to surpass Bill Campbell, Lee Smith, Tom Gordon, Sparky Lyle, Derek Lowe, Jeff Reardon, Ellis Kinder, and Dick Radatz as he climbed the franchise leader board into second place all-time for saves. Papelbon closed out 2008 with 113 career saves—and on July 1, 2009, with his 20th save of the season he surpassed Bob Stanley to become the all-time franchise leader in saves." - Author: Tucker Elliot

Quotes About Commercialisation

"The insistence that the commercialisation of the body is a fit subject for political discussion and intervention is well overdue." - Author: Susie Orbach

Quotes About Agent

"Public officers are the servants and agents of the people, to execute the laws which the people have made." - Author: Grover Cleveland

Quotes About Atlanta Braves

"I was trying to land an 18-year-old strapping first baseman from Blanco, Texas, population 200. His name was Willie Upshaw. It turned out there were only three scouts who knew about Willie - Dave Yocum and I working for the Yankees, and Al LaMacchia from the Atlanta Braves." - Author: Pat Gillick

Quotes About Lessons From Death

"Death is ordinary. Behold it, subtract its patterns and lessons from those of the death that weapons bring, and maybe the residue will show what violence is." - Author: William T. Vollmann

Quotes About Strong Friendship

"We make choices everyday, some of them good, some of them bad. And if we are strong enough - we live with the consequences. To be truthful I am not entirely sure what people mean when they talk of happiness. There are moments of joy and laughter, the comfort of friendship, but enduring happiness? If it exists I have not discovered it." - Author: David Gemmell

Quotes About Biology Exam

"In examining disease, we gain wisdom about anatomy and physiology and biology. In examining the person with disease, we gain wisdom about life." - Author: Oliver Sacks