[I've Never Been A Model, I Was An Actress For Like A Minute, But I've Always Been A Writer. That's Where I'm Going To Stay.]

Author: Karrine Steffans Quotes

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Rafael Nadal John Carlin Quotes

"Enduring means accepting. Accepting things as they are and not as you would wish them to be, and then looking ahead, not behind."

Garth Hudson Quotes

"The reason I dislike talking about the creative process is that I do have a creative process that is a winner and its a sure thing."

Jemima Kirke Quotes

"I have a handful of tattoos that I really want to put on people that I cant find anyone to let me give them to."

Edoardo Ponti Quotes

"Any athlete has massive reserves in their body and their emotional landscape."

Pierre Nicole Quotes

"We need a reason to speak but none to keep silent."

Michelle Zink Quotes

"Pero no puedo dejar de pensar, no puedo detener el movimiento del engranaje de todo cuanto he aprendido. Dejo que mi mente se pasee por la oscuridad"

Sapphire Phelan Quotes

"His witch had finally arrived. He knew it within his heart and he danced, giddy as a schoolboy on the first day of summer vacation."

Pim Fortuyn Quotes

"All those who are here can stay. I dont say send them home like he does."

Dakota Dawn Quotes

"We losers dont fear death. For us its the end of a lifelong losing spell."

SupaNova Slom Quotes

"What if there were health food stores on every corner in the hood, instead of liquor stores!?"

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"I am part of the part that once was everything,Part of the darkness which gave birth to light…Mephistopheles, from Faust." - Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Quotes About Satir

"In a more intellectually rigorous age, I wouldnt be talked about as a satirist at all. I would just be a topical comedian." - Author: Rory Bremner

Quotes About Friendship And Family

"Things have gone beyond my wildest expectations and dreams, and I feel like Ive been given so many blessings in my life, between my friendship with the guys in the band, our wonderful audience, being able to play this music, and then my family." - Author: Trey Anastasio

Quotes About Never Stopping

"Everythings a wheel, turning and turning, never stopping. The frogs is part of it, and the bugs, and the fish, and the wood thush, too.And people. But never the same ones. Always coming in new, always growing and changing, and always moving on. Thats the way its suppose to be. Thats the way it is.If we didnt move it out ourself, it would stay here forever, trying to get loose, but stuck. Thats what us Tucks are, Winnie. We aint part of the wheel anymore." - Author: Natalie Babbitt

Quotes About Smiling With Friends

"Apron," Chad said, sounding a little nervous. "Ive been wondering. Do you think you and me would have been friends, if, you know, we were in seventh grade together?" I thought about it for a second. I thought about Rennie and Jenny Pratt making fun of Chad, his swishy way of walking down the halls, and Johnny Berman and Sherman Howl writing faggot on the top of his desk and picking him last for dodge ball. And I thought about how, if I ignored them all and decided to be friends with Chad anyway, he would have been my only one. "Yes," I nodded. "Wed be friends." "Yup," Chad said smiling as far as his cracked lips would let him. "Thats what I think, too." - Author: Jennifer Gooch Hummer

Quotes About Priests Catholic

"In early Judaism, the priesthood was maintained within various families and passed down from father to son, thus necessitating marriage. But this is the old covenant, and even within this model priests were required to abstain from having sex with their wives during the time they served in the Temple. Catholics believe that priests fulfill this Temple relationship ever day - the Mass and the Eucharist mean they are serving in the Temple every day of their ordained lives." - Author: Michael Coren

Quotes About Speaking Kind Words

"I need Thee, O Lord, for a curb on my tongue; when I am tempted to making carping criticisms and cruel judgements, keep me from speaking barbed words that hurt, and in which I find perverted satisfaction. Keep me from unkind words and from unkind silences. Restrain my judgements. Make my criticisms kind, generous, and constructive. Make me sweet inside, that I may be gentle with other people, gentle in the things I say, kind in what I do. Create in me that warmth of mercy that shall enable others to find Thy strength for their weakness, Thy peace for their strife, Thy joy for their sorrow, Thy love for their hatred, Thy compassion for their weakness. In thine own strong name, I pray. Amen." - Author: Peter Marshall

Quotes About Dove Bird

"As were leaving the Kings Arms Hotel after Sunday lunch, I watch a beautiful white dove walking down the wet road. A car approaches and the bird accidentally turns into the wheel rather than away from it. A gentle crunch. The car passes. A shape like a discarded napkin left in the road. Still perfectly white, no red stains, but bearing no relation anymore to the shape of a bird. A trail of white feathers flutter down the road after the car. The suddeness is very upsetting. That gentle crunch." - Author: Antony Sher

Quotes About Gad

"El destino y la responsabilidad de nuestras vidas los llevaremos ligados para siempre a nuestras espaldas; y cuando alguien intente deshacerse de ellos, no hacen más que caer encima con una fuerza más desconocida y más tremenda" - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Quotes About Life Being So Confusing

"Consider your life your personal currency-and invest it wisely." - Author: Debra Ollivier