[I've Never Got A Part In The Same Way Twice. I've Never Prepared The Same Way. I've Never Experienced The Filming The Process The Same Way.]

Author: Rupert Friend Quotes

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Pedro Calderon De La Barca Quotes

"Tis not where we lie, but whence we fell; the loss of heavens the greatest pain in hell."

Marsden Wagner Quotes

"Beyond the immediate risks to her health and the health of her baby, when a woman chooses c-section, she decreases the chance that she will be able to get pregnant again and increases the chance that if she does get pregnant, the pregnancy will occur outside the uterus, a situation that never results in a live baby and is life-threatening to the woman. Furthermore, the risk of having an unexplained stillbirth doubles when a woman has had a previous c-section."

Stellan Thorne Quotes

"Your heart is known in Heaven," the angel said. "And all that you are."

Marco Kosonen Quotes

"Oli vielä paikkoja ja asioita jotka halusin nähdä ja kokea, eikä minulla ollut mitään syytä antaa periksi ja jättää niitä elämättä, kun kerran kondistakin vielä riitti. Olin vain istunut alas liian pitkäksi aikaa, harhautunut miettimään epäoleellisuuksia ja kadottanut siten punaisen langan. Niin yksinkertaista se joskus on."

Rachel True Quotes

"Which is not to discount everything Ive done in my past; everything I have learned tremendously from."

Michael Jordan Quotes

"If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome."

Marilyn Vos Savant Quotes

"What is the essence of America? Finding and maintaining that perfect, delicate balance between freedom to and freedom from."

Ary Hidayat Quotes

"Tidak semua hal dapat diungkapkan dengan kata-kata, tidak semua kata-kata mencerminkan yang sebenarnya."

Jonny Depp Quotes

"You can close your eyes to the things you dont want to see, but you cant close your heart to the things you dont want to feel."

Elfriede Jelinek Quotes

"Ti ljupko oblikovani primjerci ljudske vrste u ovom prigradskom kmu rade svoj posao ne pokazujući nikakve znakove boli, čak ni bilo kakve naznake da bi mogli osjetiti bol. Kao da su od gume. Bol je samo posljedica volje za užitkom, za razaranjem, uništavanjem i napokon, u svojem najsavršenijem obliku, neka vrsta užitka. Erika bi rado prekoračila granicu vlastitog uništenja. U nespretnim ševama prigradskih kina ima puno više nade da će glumci osjetiti bol, da će njihova lica ukrasiti izraz boli. Ti jadni, otrcani naturščici s puno se više ljubavi unose u svoj posao jer su puno zahvalniji da mogu nastupiti u pra¬vom filmu. Puni su nedostataka, na koži im se vide mrlje, prištevi, ožiljci, bore, kraste, celulit i naslage sala. Kosa im je loše obojena. Znojni su. Prljavih nogu. U estetski zahtjevnim filmovima u tapeciranim kinima u središtu grada može se vidjeti samo površina muškaraca i žena. I jedni i drugi kao da su presvučeni najlonskom opnom otpornom na prljavštinu."

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"A Rough GuideBe polite at the reception desk.Not all the knives are in the museum.The waitresses know that a nice boyis formed in the same way as a deckchair.Pay for the beer and send flowers.Introduce yourself as Richard.Do not refer to what somebody didat a particular time in the past.Remember, every Friday we used to gofor a walk. I walked. You walked.Everything in the past is irregular.This steak is very good. Sit down.There is no wine, but there is ice cream.Eat slowly. I have many matches." - Author: Mark Haddon

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"All roll and butter and a small coffee seemed the only things on the list that hadnt been specially prepared by the nastier-minded members of the Borgia family for people they had a particular grudge against, so I chose them. ~ Bertram "Bertie" Wooster - The Inimitable Jeeves" - Author: P.G. Wodehouse

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"I have to admit," I said when he finished a lengthy discussion on the types of drivers, "Ive been golfing and its about the most boring thing Ive ever done. Old men drive around in golf carts pretending theyre sporty and getting grouchy if theres any noise. Its like the nursing-home Olympics."Nicks mouth dropped open. "It takes great athletic ability to know how to aim and drive the ball that far." "I get more exercise shopping at the mall," I joked. "I dont come home and tell everyone I won at shopping." Although those red shoes I got on sale the other day felt like a win." - Author: Cindi Madsen

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"Trees and bones are constantly reforming themselves along lines of stress. This algorithm has been put into a software program thats now being used to make bridges lightweight, to make building beams lightweight." - Author: Janine Benyus

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"Anorexia and bulimia seem to be getting much more common in boys, men, and women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds; they are also becoming more common in racial groups previously thought to be impervious to the problem." - Author: Marya Hornbacher

Quotes About Jealousy And Hatred

"…his intention was pure. He didnt know why, but he liked a girl and he felt compelled to do something about it. Thats how it all starts. And as that drive grows, its the gateway to real emotion. Emotion that moves mountains and starts wars and makes mix tapes and buys airbrushed lovers T-shirts at the beach and writes horrible songs with simple guitar chords. But its the gateway to love and passion and rage and fear and jealousy and envy and self-hatred." - Author: Hilary Winston

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"A Robin Redbreast in a CagePuts all Heaven in a Rage.A dove house filld with doves and pigeonsShudders Hell thro all its regions.A Dog starvd at his Masters GatePredicts the ruin of the State.A Horse misusd upon the RoadCalls to Heaven for Human blood.Each outcry of the hunted HareA fiber from the Brain does tear." - Author: William Blake

Quotes About Dumb Choices

"You can kill the spell of identification just as easily as youcan create it—if you lose the readers sympathy for the character.You can lose reader sympathy by having your character commitacts of cruelty to another character with whom the readers identifymore strongly or for whom they have strong sympathy. Youcan lose reader sympathy by having the character make dumbchoices—acting at less than maximum capacity. The idiot inthe horror story who responds to creepy noises by going intothe attic armed only with a candle is an example. You can losereader sympathy when a character seems too ordinary, is stereotyped,or doesnt struggle hard enough. The reader wants tocheer a fighter, not witness a milquetoast wallowing in, say, selfpity." - Author: James N. Frey

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"Were not obsessed by anything, you see," insisted Ford."...""And thats the deciding factor. We cant win against obsession. They care, we dont. They win.""I care about lots of things," said Slartibartfast, his voice trembling partly with annoyance, but partly also with uncertainty."Such as?""Well," said the old man, "life, the Universe. Everything, really. Fjords.""Would you die for them?""Fjords?" blinked Slartibartfast in surprise. "No.""Well then.""Wouldnt see the point, to be honest." - Author: Douglas Adams

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"I could almost see fairies skipping on top of the snake-tongue flames" - Author: Christopher Hawke