[I've No Surety That It Is. I Know Only Parts Of What I Feel; I May Be Misnaming The Whole. You Dwell In My Mind Like A Household Spirit. All That I Think Is Followed With, ‘I Shall Tell That Thought To Eddi.' Whatever I See Or Hear Is Colored By What I Imagine You Will Say Of It. What Is Amusing Is Twice So, If You Have Laughed At It. There Is A Way You Have Of Turning Your Head, Quickly With A Little Tilt, That Seems More Wonderful To Me Than The Practiced Movements Of Dancers. All This, Taken Together, I've Come To Think Of As Love, But It May Not Be.It Is Not A Comfortable Feeling. But I Find That, Even So, I Would Wish The Same Feeling On You. The Possibility That I Suffer It Alone–that Frightens Me More Than All The Host Of The Unseelie Court.]

Author: Emma Bull Quotes

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"I have a Twitter and have followers from all over the world. Its pretty overwhelming."

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"I am pro-freedom."

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"Why would you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?"

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"Bahagia itu sederhana, mampu mengambil hikmah dari cobaan orang lain, tidak harus menunggu cobaan menimpa kita"

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"People are like waves of the ocean, some cover you with tides of refreshment, whilst others drown you in floods of turmoil"

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"When Im writing, I like to seal everything off and face the wall, not to look outside the window. The only way out is through the sentences."

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