[I've Spent My Life Pursing Excellence As An Artist, Which Is What I Always Wanted To Do Anyhow.]

Author: Claire Bloom Quotes

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Andrea Corr Quotes

"People are so busy anyway they dont see you or recognise you in the street."

Ayn Ranc Quotes

"The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it."

Pat Bowlen Quotes

"I dont run the triathlons anymore like I used to. I do leg work on the machines and do the bike. Im not as strong as I used to be, but Im still good."

Lucia Baquedano Quotes

"¿Qué importa quién haga las cosas, con tal de que se hagan?"

Stanley Chi Quotes

"Ang lalakeng nakikinig sa magulang, masunurin. Ang babaeng nakikinig sa magulang, baka maging old maid"

Dwayne Oneal Quotes

"Music is like a journey that never ends"

Dorothea Benton Frank Quotes

"Okay. I could her deb wailing-in my head. This is the Lowcountry, Steve. Thats how life goes around here."

Henry Bolingbroke Quotes

"Pride defeats its own end, by bringing the man who seeks esteem and reverence into contempt."

Palahniuk Quotes

"Pounding that kid, I really wanted to put a bullet between the eyes of every endangered panda that wouldnt screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground."

Harry Beckwith Quotes

"Acquaintances give us moments; friends give us hours; good friends give us days."

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Quotes About Serfdom

"The greatest guilt of today is that of people who accept collectivism by moral default; the people who seek protection from the necessity of taking a stand, by refusing to admit to themselves the nature of that which they are accepting; the people who support plans specifically designed to achieve serfdom, but hide behind the empty assertion that they are lovers of freedom, with no concrete meaning attached to the word; the people who believe that the content of ideas need not be examined, that principles need not be defined, and that facts can be eliminated by keeping ones eyes shut. They expect, when they find themselves in a world of bloody ruins and concentration camps, to escape moral responsibility by wailing: "But I didnt mean this!" - Author: Ayn Rand

Quotes About Celia Bowen

"He spends the majority of the evening in the company of Celia Bowen, whose elaborate gown changes color, shifting through a rainbow of hues to compliment whoever she is closest to." - Author: Erin Morgenstern

Quotes About Wife And Mother

"When a husband loses his wife, they call him a widower. When a wife loses her husband, they call her a widow. And when somebodys parents die, they call them an orphan. But there is no name for a parent, a grieving mother, or a devastated father who have lost their child. Because the pain behind the loss is so immeasurable and unbearable, that it cannot be described in a single word. It just cannot be described." - Author: Bhavya Kaushik

Quotes About Invisible

"How can you see and sue something invisible?" - Author: Toba Beta

Quotes About Luncheons

"I have to know youll be happy; have what you want,what you can live with. I want forever from you.""All right." Shelby lifted her hands to his wrists, holding them a moment before she backed away. "I considered the possibilties," she began. "I thought through all the ifs and the maybes.I didnt like all of them, but the one I hated the most was life without you. Youre not going to play Parcheesi without me, MacGregor."His brow lifted. "Im not?""No." She brushed at her bangs with another unsteady laugh. "Marry me, Alan. I wont agree with all your policies, but Ill try to be tactful in print-some of the time. I wont head any committees, and Ill only go to luncheons if theres no way out, but my own careers an understandable excuse for that. I wont give conventional parties, but Ill give interesting ones If youre willing to take the risk of setting me loose on world politics, who am I to argue?"He hadnt thought he could love her any more than he already did. Hed been wrong." - Author: Nora Roberts

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"As the martial artist and actor Bruce Lee said, "I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times." - Author: Daniel Coyle

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"Tabiattan hiçbir zaman bir tiyatro intibaı almamıştı. Anlatalım:Bir piyes seyrederken o piyesin içine giren, dekorla, yalancı rüzgârla, kımıldayan mor ışıkla bizi korkutan rejisördür. Bir suni hava içinde muhayyilemiz binalarını kurar, gecelerini bina eder, korkusunu rüzgârla ve mor bir ay ışığı ile getirir, içimize bırakır.Fakat hiçbir zaman, dışarıda tabiatın içinde aynı rüzgârı, o tiyatrodaki suni rüzgârı, o koltukta duyduğumuz korkuyu ve iç ezilmesini duymayız. Belki aynı vakalar, aynı hadiseler dışarıda da geçer. Hatta başımızdan geçer. Fakat tiyatrodaki gibi kompoze bir halde değil." - Author: Sait Faik Abasıyanık

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"Our route had now obviously been completely blotted out and here I reckoned less of our chances of survival. Were like a voyage ship veered off course by a ruthless storm now left with no radar or compass. Ours is a sorry tale of an unpredictable adventure. One moment it seem like were going home to mamas warm embrace and tears of joy, the next moment we feel helplessly immersed in the blackness of hopelessness." - Dami K." - Author: Ray Anyasi

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"I could lose myself forever in that dark hair and those sweet love handles" - Author: Vera Brosgol

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"No, whats a man like down there?""Oh." Sidheag wrinkled her nose. "Unimpressive. They have - "she gestured towards her own nether regions with one hand - "a sort of dangly sausage - lacks tailoring.""Really?""Yes, like it wasnt fitted into its casing properly. And hairy." - Author: Gail Carriger