[Just As The Russians And The Soviets Didn't Manage To Wipe Out Languages In Lithuania, Neither Have They Managed To Wipe Out Religion To The Extent That We Had Feared.]

Author: Jeane Kirkpatrick Quotes

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Derek Walcott Quotes

"Memory that yearns to join the centre, a limb remembering the body from which it has been severed, like those bamboo thighs of the god."

Thomas J Sargent Quotes

"Lucas attended a conference on rational expectations at the University of Minnesota in the spring of 1973. The day after the conference, I received a call from Pittsburgh."

Alan Hirshfeld Quotes

"If there was one overriding element to Faradays character, it was humility. His conviction of deficiency, as he called it, stemmed in part from his deep religiosity and affected practically every facet of his life. Thus Faraday approached both his science and his everyday conduct unhampered by ego, envy, or negative emotion. In his work, he assumed the inevitability of error and failure; whenever possible, he harnessed these as guides toward further investigation. Faraday adhered to no particular school of scientific thought. Nor did he flinch when a favored hypothesis fell to the rigors of experiment."

Sara Gilbert Quotes

"A good place to start initially would be school plays."

Namsoon Kang Quotes

"I want to affirm that thinking and living, knowing and doing, theory and practice intersect."

Beth Fantaskey Quotes

"Ones perception of time was relative to ones desire for its passage."

Avril Carruthers Quotes

"Energetic cords are unconscious - often sentimental or compulsive - emotional ties to past and present relationships, pre-conditioned by our wounds. They are made of toxic emotions such fear, guilt, blame, hatred, obligation, grasping need or pain."

Donaldas Kajokas Quotes

"Ko nesi atradęs savyje, to niekados nesitikėk gauti ir iš išorės."

Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann Quotes

"True friends give a sense of security; accompanied by true friends, you need no longer play a role in your life."

Brooke DOrsay Quotes

"Even if I have only 15 minutes, I knock out some toning moves or get in a burst of cardio."

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Quotes About Contradictions In Life

"The directors task is to recreate life, its movement, its contradictions, its dynamic and conflicts. It is his duty to reveal every iota of the truth he has seen, even if not everyone finds that truth acceptable. Of course an artist can lose his way, but even his mistakes are interesting provided they are sincere. For they represent the reality of his inner life, of the peregrinations and struggle into which the external world has thrown him." - Author: Andrei Tarkovsky

Quotes About Reaganism

"Well, They Live was a primal scream against Reaganism of the 80s. And the 80s never went away. Theyre still with us. Thats what makes They Live look so fresh - its a document of greed and insanity. Its about life in the United States then and now. If anything, things have gotten worse." - Author: John Carpenter

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"A lions work hours are only when hes hungry; once hes satisfied, the predator and prey live peacefully together." - Author: Chuck Jones

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"Il zapacise pur si simplu multimea aceea nespus de pestrita, de parca diavolul faramase lumea bucati si le adunase apoi la loc, fara niciun sens, fara niciun rost." - Author: Nikolai Gogol

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"You prefer not to see the gears of the clock, as to better tell time." - Author: Erin Morgenstern

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"As estrelas são muito mais brilhantes do que gemas incontáveis. A lua é muito mais branca do que prata entesourada. O lume é mais luzente na lareira ao crepúsculo do que ouro tirado de minas." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Burning Fire

"I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of the summer. My bank of wild grass is majestic and full of music. It is a fire that solitude presses against my lips." - Author: Violette Leduc

Quotes About Ocean Beauty

"No salvation comes from exhumed gods; we must penetrate deeper into substance. If I take a fossil, say, a trilobite, in my hand (marvelously preserved specimens are found in the quarries at the foot of the Casbah), I am transfixed by the impact of mathematical harmony. Purpose and beauty, as fresh as on the first day, are still seamlessly united in a medal engraved by a masters hand. The bios must have discovered the secret of tripartition in this primordial crab. Tripartition then frequently recurs, even without any natural kinship; figures, in transversal symmetry, dwell in the triptych.How many millions of years ago might this creature have animated an ocean that no longer exists? I hold its impression, a seal of imperishable beauty, in my hand. Some day, this seal, too, will decay or else burn out in cosmic conflagrations of the future. The matrix that formed it remains concealed in and operative from the law, untouched by death or fire." - Author: Ernst Jünger

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"To give you an idea about how old Im getting, we had some family living in Texas for a while, and we went to the Texas museum at the University of Texas in Austin, and they had this whole Texas Instruments section, and my Speak & Spell was an exhibit in the museum." - Author: Christopher Gorham

Quotes About Bible Translations

"The Bible has been through at least half a dozen translations by the time you read it. Plus, when the word of God is infected by the hand of man, that is, written down, it is tainted." - Author: Craig Ferguson