[Just Once, I Wanted To Lose Something Without The Whole World Watching.]

Author: Elizabeth Scott Quotes

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Gustav Kafka Quotes

"Its entirely conceivable that lifes splendor surrounds us all, and always in its complete fullness, accessible but veiled, beneath the surface, invisible, far away. But there it lies—not hostile, not reluctant, not deaf. If we call it by the right word, by the right name, then it comes. This is the essence of magic, which doesnt create but calls."

Chuck Palanhiuk Quotes

"Were living in a teetering tower of babble. A shaky reality of words. A DNA soup for disaster. The natural world destroyed, were left with this cluttered world of language."

S Kelley Harrell Quotes

"A good editor doesnt rewrite words, she rewires synapses."

Kim Panti Quotes

"A mistake of one man is not the mistake of mankind."

Carmen Miranda Quotes

"Look at me and tell me if I dont have Brazil in every curve of my body."

Lu Tung Quotes

"I am in no way interested in immortality, but only in the taste of tea."

Cory Lidle Quotes

"I may not be in the weight room as much as some guys, but I get my work done."

Ryan Knighton Quotes

"I dream in tunnel vision, I think. I remember in tunnel vision, I think. The question remains, when my tunnel vision goes, as it will very soon, what will I remember seeing? How will I remember?All I can do is write it down and keep writing. How else can I hold this picture, this life, or this face together? The view from here is of a boy with a softball, ready to let it go. His is an ironic gift from the past, as if the young me is aiming at the old, saying, "Here, buddy, let me help you with that." I wanted to let the ball fly at my lens, whatever was left of it."

Suzannah Dunn Quotes

"...some days [Thomas] and I had almost no time at all, but still we did it. Knowingly, unapologetically, quick in the pursuit of something that seemed quite separate from ourselves. I had to have him inside me every day; a missed day was a missing day, the world crumpled. My blood was different in my veins now, luxuriously silty, peppered and precious. My body was a different body and knew what it needed. There was a sense of fit between us: not merely physical, although there definitely was that. I didnt know how I lived the minutes when he wasnt inside me, when there was no glittery rub of him inside me. I crammed him into me, hauled him in. My urgency shocked and delighted me."

Vladimir Bartol Quotes

"S láskou je to jako s pečínkou: čím starší jsou zuby, tím mladší musí být jehně."

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Quotes About Strengthening Your Faith In God

"She accused me of wearing pants from the salvation army.""Rose, your pants ARE from the salvation army.""Thats SO not the point!" - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Fools And Liars

". . . men in England are ruled, at this minute by the clock, by brutes who refuse them bread, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern, and therefore wish to enslave." - Author: G.K. Chesterton

Quotes About Yehudi

"As a cameraman, I was paid to stand within a few feet of Yehudi Menuhin performing. I saw Rudolph Nureyev dancing. I couldnt believe I was being paid for that." - Author: Michael Bond

Quotes About Alice Jasper

"My old mind hadnt been capable of holding this much love. My old heart had not been strong enough to bear it. Maybe this was the part of me that Id brought forward to be intensified in my new life. Like Carlisles compassion and Esmes devotion. I would probably never be able to do anything interesting or special like Edward, Alice, and Jasper could do. Maybe I would just love Edward more than anyone in the history of the world had ever loved anyone else. I could live with that." - Author: Stephenie Meyer

Quotes About Personal Interests

"To those who have neither public nor private affections, the excitements of life are much curtailed, and in any case dwindle in value as the time approaches when all selfish interests must be terminated by death: while those who leave after them objects of personal affection, and especially those who have also cultivated a fellow-feeling with the collective interests of mankind, retain as lively an interest in life on the eve of death as in the vigour of youth and health." - Author: John Stuart Mill

Quotes About Intentions

"Its possible, and I stress possible, that such a moment may never come: you may not fall in love, you may not be able to or you may not wish to give your whole life to anyone, and, like me, you may turn forty-five one day and realize that youre no longer young and you have never found a choir of cupids with lyres or a bed of white roses leading to the altar. The only revenge left for you then will be to steal from life the pleasure of firm and passionate flesh - a pleasure that evaporates faster than good intentions and is the nearest thing to heaven you will find in this stinking world where everything decays, beginning with beauty and ending with memory." - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Quotes About Wedding Planners

"I went looking for dresses and realized there was a niche I could fill in the wedding dress market." - Author: Monique Lhuillier

Quotes About Resembles

"So, what is this?" I ask.Quinn narrows her eyes at the morsel of food that vaguely resembles a cross between a chicken nugget and brains. Only slimier." - Author: Steph Campbell

Quotes About Knowlegde

"I tried. As the darkness closed over me, I fought to remember the name of my husband.I fought to remember the name of someone I had loved.I fought to remember--What?I was alone, and I had no hands to clench around my memories. I had no memories, no name, only the knowlegde (deeper and colder than any darkness) that I had lost what I loved more than life.And then I forgot I had lost it.Time unwound. Prices were unpaid.The world changed." - Author: Rosamund Hodge

Quotes About People Letting You Down

"Everybody gives you belief for the asking, she said to David, and so few people give you anything more to believe in than your own belief - just not letting you down, thats all. Its so hard to find a person who accepts responsibilities beyond what you ask. So easy to be loved - so hard to love. David answered" - Author: Zelda Fitzgerald