[Kalina Stood Staring A Moment After He Had Gone, Trying To Piece Together What Had Happened. A Stranger – A Strange Smell, Like The Bark Of Trees, Or The Musk Of The Woods – An Arm Around Her, Something Against Her Lips. She Could Not Remember The Order Of Events – A Kiss, Then A Rustle In The Trees, Then His Arms, Then A Stranger – Or Was It]

Author: Kailin Gow Quotes

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"Im lucky, always hopeful... I love my life."

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"We are born haunted, he said, his voice weak, but still clear. Haunted by our fathers and mothers and daughters, and by people we dont remember. We are haunted by otherness, by the path not taken, by the life unlived. We are haunted by the changing winds and the ebbing tides of history. And even as our own flame burns brightest, we are haunted by the embers of the first dying fire. But mostly, said Lord Jim, we are haunted by ourselves."

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