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Author: Laili Muttamimah Quotes

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Jane Devin Quotes

"Underneath my imagination there didnt seem to be anything solid except for the space where I shoved my pain and sadness. Besides that, there were only twisted steel threads of axiety, woven through my body and brain, wired into me like a constant warning. Watch out, stay still, move away, stay silent, fight back, run and hide. Even when I was dreaming, but more so when I was awake, there was the constant fear of being caught off-guard, or by the wrong person at the wrong time."

Zelda Fitzgerald Quotes

"We walked at night towards a cafe blooming with Japanese lanterns and I followed your white shoes gleaming like radium in the damp darkness. Rising off the water, lights flickered an invitation far enough away to be interpreted as we liked; to shimmer glamourously behind the silhouette of retrospective good times when we still believed in summer hotels and the philosophies of popular songs."

John Gutfreund Quotes

"I thought that ending Glass-Steagall was a mistake."

Mark Mills Quotes

"He dusted off the shoulder tab and stared at it, so light in his hand, so inconsequential. It was hard to believe that a shred of cloth could have so much destructive power locked away in it."

Ben Edlund Quotes

"Not baked goods! BAKED BADS!!!!" --The Tick"

Donald G Mitchell Quotes

"Youth is in a grand flush, like the hot days of ending summer; and pleasant dreams thrall your spirit, like the smoky atmosphere that bathes the landscape of an August day."

Sandra Chami Kassis Quotes

"The death of loved ones often awakens the death inside of us."

Kayla Williams Quotes

"What would my first sergeant do if he came across me and another girl getting it on? Hed want pictures. Hed want to join in. Hed want me and this other girl to double-team him right then and there. On the other hand, since most heterosexual men are homophobic and sexist, most straight guys figure gay men will treat them the way they themselves treat women- that is, like sex objects. And this freaks them the fuck out."

Mark Grist Quotes

"See, some guys prefer assesSome prefer titsAnd Im not saying that I dont like those bitsBut whats more importantWhat supersedesIs a girl a with passion, wit and dreamsSo I want a girl who reads."

Alexandre Dumas Quotes

"To learn is not to know; there are the learners and the learned. Memory makes the one, philosophy the others."

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Quotes About Huxley Love

"[Huxleys Perennial Philosophy is concerned with] the need to love the earth and respect nature instead of following the example of those who chopped down vast forests to provide the newsprint demanded by that universal literacy which was to make the world safe for intelligence and democracy, and got wholesale erosion, pulp magazines, and organs of Fascist, Communist, capitalist, and nationalist propaganda. He attacked technological imperialism and the mechanisation [sic] which was increasing the power of a minority to exercise a co-ersive control over the lives of their fellows and the popular philosophy of life... now moulded by advertising copy whose one idea is to persuade everybody to be as extroverted and uninhibitedly greedy as possible, since of course it is only the possessive, the restless, the distracted, who spend money on the things that advertisers want to sell." - Author: Nicholas Murray

Quotes About Rushed Love

"Rest," Logan said. "Both of you." His caressing gaze moved over his wife and infant daughter."Ill watch over you.""Love me?" Madeline asked with a faint smile, and yawned again."It used to be love." He brushed his lips over her closed eyelids. "Now theres no word for it.""You once told me that you thought love was a weakness.""I was wrong," he whispered, kissing the corners of her mouth. "Ive discovered its my onlystrength."Madeline fell asleep with a smile still on her lips, her hand curled around his." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About Bayesian Statistics

"Take an instance: the removal of the motto [In God We Trust] fetched out a clamor from the pulpit; little groups and small conventions of clergymen gathered themselves together all over the country, and one of these little groups, consisting of twenty-two ministers, put up a prodigious assertion unbacked by any quoted statistics and passed it unanimously in the form of a resolution: the assertion, to wit, that this is a Christian country. Why, Carnegie, so is hell. Those clergymen know that, inasmuch as "Strait is the way and narrow is the gate, and few — few — are they that enter in thereat" has had the natural effect of making hell the only really prominent Christian community in any of the worlds; but we dont brag of this and certainly it is not proper to brag and boast that America is a Christian country when we all know that certainly five-sixths of our population could not enter in at the narrow gate." - Author: Mark Twain

Quotes About Groups And Teams

"the lost womenI need to know their namesthose women I would have walked with,jauntily the way men go in groupsswinging their arms, and the onesthose sweating women whom I would have joinedAfter a hard game to chew the fatwhat would we have called each other laughingjoking into our beer? where are my gangs,my teams, my mislaid sisters?all the women who could have known me,where in the world are their names?" - Author: Lucille Clifton

Quotes About Smoothly

"The whole tendency of modern life is towards scientific planning and organisation, central control, standardisation, and specialisation. If this tendency was left to work itself out to its extreme conclusion, one might expect to see the state transformed into an immense social machine, all the individual components of which are strictly limited to the performance of a definite and specialised function, where there could be no freedom because the machine could only work smoothly as long as every wheel and cog performed its task with unvarying regularity. Now the nearer modern society comes to the state of total organisation, the more difficult it is to find any place for spiritual freedom and personal responsibility. Education itself becomes an essential part of the machine, for the mind has to be as completely measured and controlled by the techniques of the scientific expert as the task which it is being trained to perform." - Author: Christopher Henry Dawson

Quotes About Good Luck And Hard Work

"I probably get a deeper satisfaction of having taken a very good photograph than of having written something very good, a very good story. Maybe its because the element of magic is so present in a good photograph - luck and magic, but also hard work and being ready and all that." - Author: Teju Cole

Quotes About The Gay Agenda

"Hey, is this what they call the gay agenda?" Spirit Wire called. "Gay boys indoctrinating two innocent, uber straight girls with dirty same-sex kissing?""What, are you feeling a little gay yet? No? Okay, let me kiss him some more and see what happens," Calais yelled back. I thought I heard Miss Pyro snort and giggle." - Author: Hayden Thorne

Quotes About Spurgeon Sin

"Today isnt a "waiting period" before real life begins. Right now has Christs name written all over it. Living passionately for God starts at this moment. Joy and satisfaction can be found in God today. I love what C.H. Spurgeon wrote, determining to make the monst of his time, "the truest lengthening of life is to live while we live, wasting no time but using every hour for the highest ends. So be it this day." And so be it tomorrow, the next day, and the next." - Author: Hannah Farver

Quotes About Medicine Drugs

"Philosophy, like medicine, has plenty of drugs, few good remedies, and hardly any specific cures." - Author: Nicolas Chamfort

Quotes About Shooting Someone

"All he knew was that you couldnt hope to try for the big stuff, like world peace and happiness, but you might just about be able to achieve some tiny deed thatd make the world, in a small way, a better place. Like shooting someone." - Author: Terry Pratchett