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Author: Ainun Annisa Quotes

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Kira4Inu Quotes

"Well I beat things around with my stick once in awhile."

Edmond Sanganyado Quotes

"Where Gods grace takes you, grace will increase your capability and your capacity. Grace will empower you."

Jean Plaidy Quotes

"When More had said that a man who cannot restrain his passions is essentially cruel, he spoke the truth."

Tamara Hoffa Quotes

"Damn, she better get her imagination under control or she was going to be in trouble. She stole another glance in his direction, her eyes locked onto the bulge in his lap. Well lookie there. Maybe Im not the only one having carnal thoughts"

Wendy Hiller Quotes

"Luckily, West End audiences seem to rather like very old people."

Joshua Hartzell Quotes

"Loneliness is something that finds us all when we think about it and when were by ourselves when we dont want to be. It creeps up when we desperately feel like we need someone special but cant seem to find anything more than a friend that wishes they could help. Sometimes a friend cannot be found when your willing to settle for one. Sometimes it passes quickly, and sometimes it sticks around to try to drive us to insanity. Its like a creature lying in wait to take us at our weakest moment, but only toying with us when we give up to it. In the end it always passes. There is always something to appreciate and someone to cheer us up. We adapt and overcome. Life is a gift with much more to it than a passing emotion. All around us are beautiful things to console us. Life is much more than one feeling. It is as great as we let it be."

Carmen Jenner Quotes

"Id hate to have my roomies walk in on me while Im bludgeoning the beefsteak."

Kev Heritage Quotes

"BLUE, THE colour of the sky, of the ocean, of certain stars and planets and the hue of the bluest eyes you have ever seen."

Jill Tarter Quotes

"The existence of life beyond Earth is an ancient human concern. Over the years, however, attempts to understand humanitys place in the cosmos through science often got hijacked by wishful thinking or fabricated tales."

Ben Campbell Quotes

"Dont fear the unexpecred or youll be locked in time."

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Quotes About Lotus Temple

"…(my father) would say nothing,And I could not find a silenceAmong the one hundred Chinese silencesThat would fit the one he createdEven though I was the one Who had just made up the businessOf the one hundred Chinese silences-The Silence of the Night Boat. And the Silence of the Lotus, Cousin to the Silence of the Temple BellOnly deeper and softer…" - Author: Billy Collins

Quotes About Strasbourg

"My initial plan was to spend a year in France, go to some kind of school and learn a bit of French. I went a year in an American college in the outskirts of Strasbourg, but got a glimpse of a real art school, LEcole des Arts Decoratifs, and enrolled the following year." - Author: John Howe

Quotes About Being Completely Lost

"I am so used to being able to express myself from being an actor. So when people dont understand me, Im just completely lost." - Author: Liev Schreiber

Quotes About Gabe

"Doch am meisten von allem lernte er, als der Sommer sich neigte, den Müßiggang zu lieben, Müßiggang nicht mehr als Strecken der Freiheit, die heimlich hier und da unfreiwilliger Arbeit abgeknapst wurden, gestohlene Augenblicke der Freude, wenn er mit von den Fingern baumelnder Gabel vor einem Blumenbeet auf der Fersen hockte, nein, Müßiggang als Hingabe seiner selbst an die Zeit, eine Zeit, die langsam wie Öl von Horizont zu Horizont über das Angesicht der Welt floß, die seinen Leib überspülte, in seinen Achselhöhlen und Leisen kreiste, die seine Augenlider bewegte. Er war weder erfreut noch verärgert, wenn es zu arbeiten galt, es war dasselbe." - Author: J.M. Coetzee

Quotes About Stephen Fry

"Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry." - Author: Scroobius Pip

Quotes About Hold Your Head Up High

"But one of the things I learned is that when you fight for something you believe in and you tell the truth and you do your best, you can always hold your head up high and no one can take that away from you." - Author: Vanessa Kerry

Quotes About Dissociated

"Specific parts of you personality may be angry and are usually easily evoked. because these parts are dissociated, anger remains an emotion that is not integrated for you as a whole person. Even though individuals with dissociative disorder are responsible for their behavior, just like everyone else, regardless of which part may be acting, they may feel little control of these raging parts of themselves.Some dissociative parts may avoid or even be phobic of anger. They may influence you as a whole person to avoid conflict with others at any cost or to avoid setting healthy boundaries out of fear of someone elses anger; or they may urge you to withdraw from others almost completely." - Author: Suzette Boon

Quotes About Communication From Movies

"I dont think London has been given enough credit in a lot of the movies that we make here." - Author: Mel Smith

Quotes About Primroses

"Connie went for walks in the park, and in the woods that joined the park, and enjoyed the solitude and the mystery, kicked the brown leaves of autumn, and picked the primroses of spring. But it was all a dream; or rather it was like the simulacrum of reality. The oak leaves were to her like oak-leaves seen ruffling in a mirror, she herself was a figure somebody had read about, picking primroses that were only shadows or memories, or words. No substance to her or anything...no touch, no contact!" - Author: D.H. Lawrence

Quotes About Fafnir

"True Dragons are among the Universes most perfect beings. This is a useful bit of information. Squirrel it away like a nugget of Fafnirs gold; take it out and burnish it now and then as we proceed." - Author: Shawn MacKenzie