[Kas Ir Stiprs, Salauž Stienus. Kam Nav Speka, Tas Ironize Par Stieniem. Kas Ir Stiprs, Tas Iznicina Buri. Kam Nav Speka, Tas Rada Bura Filozofiju. Jo Tikai Ta Var Buri Dzivot.]

Author: Alberts Bels Quotes

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Bill Guggenheim Quotes

"The body is only a garment. How many times you have changed your clothing in this life, yet because of this you would not say that you have changed."

Johnny Giles Quotes

"Now let me say that Matt Busby was a great manager and Manchester United wouldnt be where they are without him. He was a god at the club, but he wasnt a god to me. Football is like that sometimes."

Mohammad Fauzil Adhim Quotes

"Sesungguhnya, penulis yang bersemangat jauh lebih menjanjikan daripada penulis yang berbakat."

Eddie Cahill Quotes

"I love flexing theater muscles. Television has merits as well, but theres no substitute for live theater."

Jean Baptiste Perrin Quotes

"Lastly, and doubtless always, but particularly at the end of the last century, certain scholars considered that since the appearances on our scale were finally the only important ones for us, there was no point in seeking what might exist in an inaccessible domain. I find it very difficult to understand this point of view since what is inaccessible today may become accessible tomorrow (as has happened by the invention of the microscope), and also because coherent assumptions on what is still invisible may increase our understanding of the visible."

Jean Pierre Jeunet Quotes

"I like looking back at peoples faces in the dark. I like noticing details that no one else sees. But I hate it in the old American movies when drivers dont watch the road."

Paul Grist Quotes

"Youre such an optimist Kane -- thats your problem. You only end up disappointed."

Tenessee Williams Quotes

"Security is a kind of death."

Lya Luft Quotes

"Se achar que não valho nada, serei nada. Deixarei que os outros falem, decidam, vivam por mim. Porém, se acreditar que apesar dos naturais limites e do medo todo eu mereço uma dose de coisas positivas, vou lutar por isso. Vou até permitir que os outros me amem."

Takashi Hiraide Quotes

"Having played to her hearts content, Chibi would come inside and rest for a while. When she began to sleep on the sofa--like a talisman curled gently in the shape of a comma and dug up from a prehistoric archaeological site--a deep sense of happiness arrived, as if the house itself had dreamed this scene."

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Quotes About Working Properly

"Man is a machine which reacts blindly to external forces and, this being so, he has no will, and very little control of himself, if any at all. What we have to study, therefore, is not psychology-for that applies only to a developed man-but mechanics. Man is not only a machine but a machine which works very much below the standard it would be capable of maintaining if it were working properly." - Author: P.D. Ouspensky

Quotes About Bizarro

"So youre like a ... an amateur sleuth?""God no. Im more like the hapless guys in those film-noir flicks we used to watch. I keep getting tangled up in bizarro events.""Oh yes?" His eyes lit with enthusiasm. I was speaking his language now. "Guy Pearce in L.A. Confidential or William Hurt in Body Heat?""I was thinking more like Woody Allen in Play It Again, Sam." - Author: Josh Lanyon

Quotes About Recompense

"As an unperfect actor upon the stageWho with much fear is put besides his partOr some fierce thing, replete with too much rageWhose strengths abundance weakens his own heartSo I, for fear of trust, forget to sayThe perfect ceremony of loves riteAnd in mine own loves strength seem to decayOercharged with burthen of my own loves mighto, let my books be then the eloquenceAnd dumb presagers of my speaking breastWho plead for love, and look for recompenseMore than that tongue that more hath expressd.O, learn to read what silent love hath writTo hear with eyes belongs to loves fine wit." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Mass Hysteria

"We are all susceptible to the pull of viral ideas. Like mass hysteria. Or a tune that gets into your head that you keep humming all day until you spread it to someone else. Jokes. Urban legends. Crackpot religions. Marxism. No matter how smart we get, there is always this deep irrational part that makes us potential hosts for self-replicating information." - Author: Neal Stephenson

Quotes About Getting Something You Want

"I pulled the MG in beside him at the curb and he got in."This thing aint big enough for either one of us," he said. "When you getting something that fits?""It goes with my preppy look," I said. "You get one of these, they let you drive around the north shore, watch polo, anything you want."I let the clutch in and turned right on Dartmouth."How you get laid in one of these?" Hawk said."You just dont understand preppy," I said. "I know its not your fault. Youre only a couple generations out of the jungle. I realize that. But if youre preppy you dont get laid in a car.""Where do you get laid if you preppy?"I sniffed. "One doesnt," I said."Preppies gonna be outnumbered in a while," Hawk said." - Author: Robert B. Parker

Quotes About Being Brave With Cancer

"Death can be a very liberating thing, especially when you are still among the living. Knowing that you will die frees you from the crushing burden that is Life, and yes, we all know that we are going to die, but we dont all accept that fact; we dont all live with that comforting knowledge. Instead, we strive in vain to be that one person who never dies, clawing away for that position that will ensure our immortality. The journey of Life is to meet Death on our own terms, and once that can be accepted, the world is wide open. - The Reflecting Pond; Insights of Alsop Tambor" - Author: S. Cameron Roach

Quotes About Believing In Someone Else

"Hurt feelings or discomfort of any kind cannot be caused by another person. No one outside me can hurt me. Thats not a possibility. Its only when I believe a stressful thought that I get hurt. And Im the one whos hurting me by believing what I think. This is very good news, because it means that I dont have to get someone else to stop hurting me. Im the one who can stop hurting me. Its within my power.What we are doing with inquiry is meeting our thoughts with some simple understanding, finally. Pain, anger, and frustration will let us know when its time to inquire. We either believe what we think or we question it: theres no other choice. Questioning our thoughts is the kinder way. Inquiry always leaves us as more loving human beings." - Author: Byron Katie

Quotes About Grayscale

"boundbydad: thrust your fierce quavering manpole at me, studgrayscale: your dastardly appendage engorges me with hellfireboundbydad: my search party is creeping into your no mans landgrayscale: baste me like a thanksgiving turkey!!!" - Author: David Levithan

Quotes About Gray Area

"Mr. Gray," I mutter. Hes smiling again like the Big Bad Wolf who wants to eat me. And boy, do I want him to eat m–"I just happened to be in the area," he says, cutting off my internal monologue. "I needed to pick up a few supplies, and here you are. What a pleasant surprise." His voice is cool and husky like a Wendys Frosty shake, with just a little bit of grit (also like a Frosty)." - Author: Andrew Shaffer

Quotes About Gordura

"Siempre he querido ser gordo. Se trata de un anhelo frívolo, lo sé, pero admiro a los hombres que administran sus carnes con satisfacción y adquieren una contundencia que no admite discrepancias. Un gordo culto convence más fácilmente que uno enjuto. La gordura parece una asimilación del saber; en cambio, los flacos absorbemos cosas sin evidencia. En un hombre público, la gordura produce un respeto que se perfecciona con una calva." - Author: Juan Villoro