[Katherine," He Says When We Finish. We're Breathing Each Other's Air And Lying Side By Side, Our Noses Almost Touching."Mick," I Say."I Love Your Name. It Suits You Perfectly. Katherine. Katherine. Katherine And Mick."And When He Says My Name Like That, Right Next To His, Everything Is Different. I've Never Really Liked Being Called Katherine—all This Time, Despite What I've Said, I've Desperately Missed Being Called Katie. I've Missed Being Katie.But I'm No Longer Katie, I'm Katherine—and Tonight, For The First Time Ever, I Don't Want To Be Anyone Else.]

Author: Rebecca James Quotes

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Anthony J DAngelo Quotes

"Set high standards and few limitations for yourself."

Douglas W Smith Quotes

"Getting a handle on why wolves do what they do has never been an easy proposition. Not only are there tremendous differences in both individual and pack personalities, but each displays a surprising range of behaviors depending on whats going on around them at any given time. No sooner will a young researcher thing, Thats it, Ive finally got a handle on how wolves respond in a particular situation, than theyll do something to prove him at least partially wrong. Those of us whove been in this business for very long have come to accept a professional life full of wrong turns and surprises. Clearly, this is an animal less likely to offer scientists irrefutable facts than to lure us on a long and crooked journey of constant learning."

Mario Praz Quotes

"The exotic and the erotic ideals go hand in hand, and this fact also contributes another proof of a more or less obvious truth - that is, that a love of the exotic is usually an imaginative projection of a sexual desire."

John Philpot Curran Quotes

"I have never yet heard of a murderer who was not afraid of a ghost."

John Ortberg Jr Quotes

"A pastor struggled for years with sexual addiction, eventually becoming so despondent that hospitalized himself. He joined an inpatient group and was mostly silent as others shared.When he decided not to come one day, the leader found he had fallen back into his addiction the previous night. Against every fiber of his instinct, he came back to the group. He shared how much he despised himself and his hypocritical behavior. When he saw that others wept for him, the weight of the secret that piled on the shame was broken. As Ortberg puts it, the man was able to taste the grace he taught about."

Gemma Arterton Quotes

"I was born with lots of deformities."

Monica Seles Quotes

"Im about the present."

Jack Laursen Quotes

"You can not be fearless without first admitting you have been afraid."

Leander Paes Quotes

"I know, in India, specially in Bollywood and the sports fraternity, there is a lot of negative media attention on prominent public figures."

Stephen A Diamond Quotes

"Therefore, it is we who are responsible for much of the evil in the world; and we are each morally required to accept rather than project that ponderous responsibility-lest we prefer instead to wallow in a perennial state of powerless, frustrated, furious, victimhood. For what one possesses the power to bring about, one has also the power to limit, mitigate, counteract, or transmute."

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Quotes About Always Missing You

"I love you. That wont change because you tell me you dont love me. My love is not dependent on yours. Its just there, and I wont do anything to cut it out of my heart. Its what Ive waited for all my life, and if you walk out that door, Ill go to my grave loving you, missing you, praying that youll come back to me. I will never love another woman the way I love you. I will always be there for you. If you leave, know that my door is open. I will always be waiting for you to walk back through it." - Author: Sophie Oak

Quotes About Grumpy People

"And people are intrigued if I really am as grumpy in real life. People feel a bit let down if Im laughing or smiling." - Author: Jack Dee

Quotes About Number 9

"A daffodil bulb will divide and redivide endlessly. Thats why, like the peony, it is one of the few flowers you can find around abandoned farmhouses, still blooming and increasing in numbers fifty years after the farmer and his wife have moved to heaven, or the other place, Boca Raton. If you dig up a clump when no one is nearby and there is no danger of being shot, youll find that there are scores of little bulbs in each clump, the progeny of a dozen or so planted by the farmers wife in 1942. If you take these home, separate them, and plant them in your own yard, within a couple of years, youll have a hundred daffodils for the mere price of a trespassing fine or imprisonment or both. I had this adventure once, and I consider it one of the great cheap thrills of my gardening career. I am not advocating trespassing, especially on my property, but there is no law against having a shovel in the trunk of your car." - Author: Cassandra Danz

Quotes About Friendship Problems

"I have great hope and faith, but its a humanistic faith based in facts; you have to believe that facts exist. We can all arrive at the same facts if we engage in the process of experimentation, observation, and verification, which can solve more of the worlds major problems than a debate over whether God does or doesnt exist." - Author: Greg Graffin

Quotes About Physical Beauty

"The way in which mathematicians and physicists and historians talk is quite different, and what a physicist means by physical intuition and what a mathematician means by beauty or elegance are things worth thinking about." - Author: Clifford Geertz

Quotes About Reality Images

"Theres no reality except the one contained within us. Thats why so many people live an unreal life. They take images outside them for reality and never allow the world within them to assert itself." - Author: Hermann Hesse

Quotes About Losing Someone You Live

"Then one morning shed begun to feel her sorrow easing, like something jagged that had cut into her so long it had finally dulled its edges, worn itself down. That same day Rachel couldnt remember which side her father had parted his hair on, and shed realized again what shed learned at five when her mother left – that what made losing someone you loved bearable was not remembering but forgetting. Forgetting the small things first, the smell of the soap her mother had bathed with, the color of the dress shed worn to church, then after a while the sound of her mothers voice, the color of her hair. It amazed Rachel how much you could forget, and everything you forgot made that person less alive inside you until you could finally endure it. After more time passed you could let yourself remember, even want to remember. But even then what you felt those first days could return and remind you the grief that was still there, like old barbed wire embedded in a trees heartwood. (51)" - Author: Ron Rash

Quotes About Power Leading To Corruption

"The permanent power brokers of this city are the columnists." - Author: Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Quotes About Ultimate Love

"Mostly she just missed Vaughn. Missed all those quiet, unspectacular moments that, when added up, showed how entwined their lives had become. And right now, she missed being able to phone him, because it would be so easy to tap in the eleven digits that would put his voice on the line. ‘Grace, about bloody time, hed say, and make it sound like an endearment.But she couldnt call Vaughn, because shed left him. Which was a novelty, until Grace remembered that hed have left her eventually if she hadnt done it first. She was never the one. She was never even the one before the one. She was the girl who seemed like a good idea at the time, but ultimately was just a phase that people went through.That was the way it had always been. Friends and lovers came and went because there was something about her which repelled them, and she didnt have a clue what it was. It was a mystery that she couldnt solve on her own, and there wasnt a single person in the world who could help . . ." - Author: Sarra Manning

Quotes About Lending Books

"I hate lending, or borrowing—if you want me to read a book, tell me about it, or buy me a copy outright. Your loaned edition sits in my house like a real grievance. And in lieu of lending books, I buy extra copies of those I want to give away, which gives me the added pleasure of buying books I love again and again." --Jonathan Lethem" - Author: Leah Price