[Katherine," He Says When We Finish. We're Breathing Each Other's Air And Lying Side By Side, Our Noses Almost Touching."Mick," I Say."I Love Your Name. It Suits You Perfectly. Katherine. Katherine. Katherine And Mick."And When He Says My Name Like That, Right Next To His, Everything Is Different. I've Never Really Liked Being Called Katherine—all This Time, Despite What I've Said, I've Desperately Missed Being Called Katie. I've Missed Being Katie.But I'm No Longer Katie, I'm Katherine—and Tonight, For The First Time Ever, I Don't Want To Be Anyone Else.]

Author: Rebecca James Quotes

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Angela Morrison Quotes

"Your heart .Thats all I want. Thats the best thing you can give me"You stole that that before we even met"I dont want to be a thief. I want you to give it"His arms tighten around me, and his mouth presses on mine again.Its yours Beth". His words flow into my soul and twist me into knots.You know its yours"

Anson Mount Quotes

"I like being able to be a man."

Jan Philipp Sendker Quotes

"The essence of a thing is invisible to the eye, U May said. Learn to perceive the essence of a thing. Eyes are more likely to hinder you in that regard. They distract us. We love to be dazzled."

Aly Michalka Quotes

"I love HBO and Showtime, especially Showtime. Im a huge Dexter fan, and I love Weeds. That would be cool to do a recurring role on a show like that."

Catfish Hunter Quotes

"The sun dont shine on the same dogs ass all the time."

Robert Anthony Quotes

"When it becomes more difficult to suffer than to change... you will change."

Kerr Smith Quotes

"It hasnt been until the last couple years that Ive started playing close to my age. But its fun playing the younger roles because it takes you back to the teen years."

Ryan C Thomas Quotes

"Hope is a cruel bitch."

MJ Mancini Quotes

"Readers often tell me after theyve read the books, they find it difficult to sum up the plot in a simple way. My response is, "Its a story about the love a father shares for his daughter. All the rest is just filler."- MJ Mancini, on his best-selling trilogy, "Revelation"."

Dick York Quotes

"I went to a Gestalt therapist and said that I want to be able to at least tell my muscles that arent involved that they dont have to go into spasms too."

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Quotes About The Emperors New Clothes

"Like Sylvia Plath, Natalie Jeanne Champagne invites you so close to the pain and agony of her life of mental illness and addiction, which leaves you gasping from shock and laughing moments later: this is both the beauty and unique nature of her storytelling. With brilliance and courage, the authors brave and candid chronicle travels where no other memoir about mental illness and addiction has gone before. The Third Sunrise is an incredible triumph and Natalie Jeanne Champagne is without a doubt the most important new voice in this genre." - Author: Andy Behrman

Quotes About Doel

"De prikkelende beelden waarmee de maatschappij ons voortdurend confronteert hebben geen enkel ander doel dan fantasieën in ons wakker te roepen waardoor ons denken wordt verhinderd, waardoor wij verdoofd door het leven sjokken als slaven van onze hormonen" - Author: Arnon Grunberg

Quotes About Economic Globalization

"The globalization of the capital market is actually part of economic globalization. This will create a change in the entire world economy, not just restricted to some fields in some countries." - Author: Richard Grasso

Quotes About Tudors

"The Tudors hated to be wrong, and therefore never were." - Author: Jeane Westin

Quotes About Difference Between Friendship And Love

"That is how it feels. Like everything between us is twisted together, friendship and love and family, so I cant tell the difference between any of them." - Author: Veronica Roth

Quotes About Wrongdoings

"It is pointless for a woodcutter to shed tears for the trees hed chopped all his life. He cant bring them back but he can plant new ones and in doing so he would have compensated and redeemed himself of his wrongdoings." - Author: Chirag Tulsiani

Quotes About Close Friendships

"There have been some friendships lost over this. Thats the most difficult for me. I find it very uncomfortable to know that I was at one time close friends with someone, and because of jealousies and misunderstandings and so on, these friendships have dissolved." - Author: Donald Johanson

Quotes About Unfulfillment

"Like the bat, the Sufi is asleep to things of the day - the familiar struggle for existence which the ordinary man finds all-important - and vigilant while others are asleep. In other words, he keeps awake the spiritual attention dormant in others. That mankind sleeps in a nightmare of unfulfillment is a commonplace of Sufi literature" - Author: Idries Shah

Quotes About Bratislava

"If Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Cracow, Warsaw, and Berlin belong to Europe, then why not Leningrad, why not Moscow--indeed, why stop before Vladivostok? It is all part of Eurasia, there is no state frontier between...I would like to think of myself as some utopian son of Europe, able to touch the Pacific at San Francisco with one outstretched arm and at Vladivostok with the other, and keeping the peace everywhere within my embrace." - Author: George Konrád

Quotes About Stressed Love

"Loving she realises is a verb. It is an act. It is not enough to say you love someone, and then forget about them, or trust a relationship will stay strong simply because you share a house or children or a life.Loving requires acts of love. It requires thinking of your spouse, doing things for them to make them happy. It requires acting in loving ways, even when you are tired, or bogged down with work, or so stressed you are waking up every night with a jaw sore from grinding your teeth.They forgot to do that, she now knows. They forgot to love each other. They expected love to continue, without putting any work into it, and today she knows this is why her marriage failed." - Author: Jane Green