[Know Ye Not That There Is Here In This World A Secret Confraternity, Which One Might Call The Company Of Melancholiacs? That People There Are Who By Natural Constitution Have Been Given A Different Nature And Disposition Than The Others; That Have A Larger Heart And A Swifter Blood, That Wish And Demand More, Have Stronger Desires And A Yearning Which Is Wilder And More Ardent Than That Of The Common Herd. They Are Fleet As Children Over Whose Birth Good Fairies Have Presided; Their Eyes Are Opened Wider; Their Senses Are More Subtile In All Their Perceptions. The Gladness And Joy Of Life, They Drink With The Roots Of Their Heart, The While The Others Merely Grasp Them With Coarse Hands.]

Author: Jens Peter Jacobsen Quotes

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"Sometimes, your pet picks you."

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