[Kyo: Of Course, I'll Beat YOU, Too!Yuki: Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Saying That?Kyo: Beating You Is My Vocation! It's My Goal In Life!Yuki: It's So Unfair That I Keep Having To Take Abuse Just Because You Can't Meet Your Goals.Kyo: THAT CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE OF YOURS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!Yuki: And That Revolting Thought Process Of Yours Pisses Me Off.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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"Only once we reach a point where we can recognize that men get hurt from acting "manly" and women are hurt from men being "manly," can we stop the cycle of feeding into regressive and restrictive gender expectations"

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"Facebook is massive in scale and scope. Twitter is a public communication forum, but if Im following you, youre not necessarily following me. LinkedIn is, simply, a professional network."

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"Australians were unique due to our corals, our apples, our gum trees and our kangaroos."

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"And now, no matter what I thought I had done or why I did it, it has become completely untrue because of what I have done since."

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"The result was, when Congress convened in January 1971, everyone was now an environmentalist. They had seen a new force, college students, who favored the environment."

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"You wont catch me giving clear lectures."

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"I have already given two cousins to the war and I stand ready to sacrifice my wifes brother."

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