[Kyo Sohma: One Of These Days I'll Make You Say You're Sorry Yuki Sohma: Looking Bored I'm Sorry. Kyo Sohma: Dammit That's Not What I Meant Don't You Have Any Shame Yuki Sohma: Still Looking Annoyed Yes I'm Ashamed To Be Seen With You Shouting In Public. Kyo Sohma: Oh That's It We're Taking This Outside Yuki Sohma: Still Looking Annoyed We ARE Outside You Stupid Cat.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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"In life, you dont have a level of confrontation and the nonsense you run into when youre a CEO. CEOs arent born."

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"When positioning a brand, aggressively avoid becoming a "me too" by assertively being a "who else?"

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"Im in the reporting part of journalism."

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"Im a big sports fan. College football is my favorite."

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"It is doubtless one of Aristotles great services that he conceived so clearly the truth that literature is a thing that grows and has a history."

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"The past is not another country; it is another life. The texture of daily living is different now than in the past, more different the further back we look, until we find people whose experiences created a psychology we might find baffling or rude. Many details that once made up the daily round are lost to us because people considered them too trivial to write down. Knowing the past means knowing what people carried in their pockets, what they did with their sewage, where their dogs slept. Those details may seem unimportant, but what they convey is not."

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"The age we live in is a busy age; in which knowledge is rapidly advancing towards perfection."

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"Then Cynthia looked at him and smiled, and he knew he couldnt possibly resist her, no matter what she had done. It felt as though the two of them had just stripped naked and dived off a high cliff over a beautiful river. The water below looked cool and inviting. But what if it was only six inches deep?"

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