[Kyo Sohma: One Of These Days I'll Make You Say You're Sorry Yuki Sohma: Looking Bored I'm Sorry. Kyo Sohma: Dammit That's Not What I Meant Don't You Have Any Shame Yuki Sohma: Still Looking Annoyed Yes I'm Ashamed To Be Seen With You Shouting In Public. Kyo Sohma: Oh That's It We're Taking This Outside Yuki Sohma: Still Looking Annoyed We ARE Outside You Stupid Cat.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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"As a Republican, I voted with President Clinton consistently in our efforts to bail out our European friends in Kosovo to stop genocide. I am proud of those votes. I am proud of President Clinton for that."

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"Theres always light at the end of the tunnel... just pray its not a train."

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"American League teams dont bunt very often. National League teams bunt a lot."

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"I still dont think Im a good actor. The only reason Im doing it is because Ive got a lot of support behind me."

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"I became an actor by doing school plays and youth theaters, and then National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. And then I did study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. For me that was a good way to enter the field, to work in the theater."

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"Spending longer thinking about the problem before you dive in is likely to lead to higher levels of creativity in the final product."

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"Where there is little thinking, there is big shaping of the people! ~"

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"It feels quite cool, in a mad way, to be someone who skulks about in the shadows."

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"Everybody, even me, sometimes had to compromise on something, doing things we know to be wrong, and this happens doing whatever job in the world. But a singer must have the courage of saying no."

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"While all deception requires secrecy, all secrecy is not meant to deceive."

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"I liked his attention. But I also felt like there was something sick and wrong about it. Like it might make me sick later. I thought of my grandmother, my fathers mother. How when I used to visit her in Georgia she would always let me eat all the cookies and frozen egg rolls I wanted. "Go ahead, sweetheart, theres more," she would say. And it seemed okay because she was a grown-up, and I wanted all the Chips Ahoy! cookies in the bag. But I always ended up feeling extremely sick afterward. I looked at book, his eyes swollen with emotion." - Author: Augusten Burroughs

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"Life was a short window and there was no sense in doing the wrong thing over and over even if it was so difficult to stop." - Author: Anna Godbersen

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"There is a way by which persons can keep their consciences clear before God and man, and that is to preserve within them the Spirit of God, which is the spirit of revelation to every man and woman. It will reveal to them, even in the simplest of matters, what they shall do, by making suggestions to them. We should try to learn the nature of this spirit, that we may understand its suggestions, and then we will always be able to do right. This is the grand privilege of every Latter-day Saint. We know that it is our right to have the manifestations of the Spirit every day of our lives." - Author: Lorenzo Snow