[L.A. Is Such A Big City, And There's So Much Going On. I Mean, You Know You're In L.A. When You Can Just Hear Sirens All The Time.]

Author: Cassie Steele Quotes

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Maika Monroe Quotes

"I started kite boarding when I was 13. My dad was a kite boarder, and I begged him to teach me until he finally agreed. He made me wait because it can be dangerous."

Craig DiLouie Quotes

"I want you out in the hallway, against the far wall in single file, ready to move, in fifteen. Drop your fartsack, Ratliff."

Mohammed Naseehu Ali Quotes

"...if I were to ever have enough material or the philosophical mind to write a book about what a good life ought to be, my thesis would be simply this: A good life is one that has managed to turn anxiety into hope, and fear into success. And that is what I call total virtue."

Dylan Ozmore Quotes

"Instead of pondering the meaning of life, create it. Bring forth a purpose that has grown from the depths of your soul. Water it everyday."

Forrest Bondurant Quotes

"Uh, listen here mister. We got no way understandin this world. We got about as much sense of it as bird flyin in the sky. Theres a lot that bird dont know, though it dont change the fact the world is happenin to him all the same. What Im tryin to say is, is that the course of your life it is changing, you dont even see it..."

Lalu Prasad Yadav Quotes

"I work so much. If I dont get all the comforts, I will turn mad."

Charlotte Whitton Quotes

"Big words seldom accompany good deeds."

Donovan M Neal Quotes

"Objectivity begins with the realization that one is subjective."

Jon Bing Quotes

"To ask why we need libraries at all, when there is so much information available elsewhere, is about as sensible as asking if roadmaps are necessary now that there are so very many roads."[American Libraries Magazine, May 28, 2009]"

Jeremy Hardy Quotes

"I think ageing suits me because I was born old, like Spencer Tracy or Dolly the Sheep."

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Quotes About Unexplained Events

"In a small town, unexplained tragedy can only go so long before it grows teeth, sprouts sharp claws, and turns, snarling, on its own self. Before fragments of gossip become rumors, and the rumors become suspicions. Before neighbors start eyeing each other with the mistrustful narrowness of oft-kicked dogs. Inside the safe shelter of their homes, husbands and wives draw the blinds tight and turn to each other, worrying at small bits of information and wondering who, who among their shrinking circle of trusted friends, might still know something he isnt telling." - Author: Kat Rosenfield

Quotes About Innovations

"...in Aristotle...leisure is a far more noble, spiritual goal than work...leisure is pursued solely for its own sake...: the pleasures of music and poetry, ... conversation with friends, and ...gratuitous, playful speculation. In Latin, the ultimate good is otium — the opposite is negotium, or gainful work.We have sought too much counsel in the proto-Calvinist work ethic preached by St Paul...during the cessation of work we nurture family, educate, nourish friendships....in loafing, most of our innovations come...the routine of daily work has too often served as...sleep...a refuge from two crucial states — awakedness to the needs of others, and to the transcendent, which only comes...loitering, dallying, tarrying, goofing off." - Author: Francine du Plessix Gray

Quotes About Goosed

"As a collective exhale hit the airwaves, Qhuinn found himself looking over at Blay. Aw, hell, talk about a suck zone—this was why he avoided the guy like the plague. Just one glance and he was locked on, all kinds of reactions rolling through him, until the room spun a little—For no good reason, Blays eyes flipped up and met his.It was like getting goosed in the ass with a live wire, his body spasming to the point where he had to hide the reaction by coughing while he glanced away.About as smooth as a crater. Yup. Fantastic." - Author: J.R. Ward

Quotes About Uccidere

"Quando devi uccidere un uomo non costa nulla essere gentile." - Author: Winston Churchill

Quotes About Drances

"To understand a child we have to watch him at play, study him in his different moods; we cannot project upon him our own prejudices, hopes and fears, or mould him to fit the pattern of our desires. If we are constantly judging the child according to our personal likes and dislikes, we are bound to create barriers and hindrances in our relationship with him and in his relationships with the world. Unfortunately, most of us desire to shape the child in a way that is gratifying to our own vanities and idiosyncrasies; we find varying degrees of comfort and satisfaction in exclusive ownership and domination." - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti

Quotes About Our Founding Fathers

"We have a tremendous lack of knowledge of how far we have gotten away from the Constitution of the United States. Democrats and Republicans alike have taken us away from the original intent. You see, I believe in this document as our founding fathers intended it." - Author: Paul Broun

Quotes About Participation In Life

"Democracy requires active participation, and sooner or later someone ‘offers to take all the difficult decision-making away from you and your hectic life. But the darknet throws those decisions back onto you. It hard-codes democracy into the DNA of civilization. You upvote and downvote many times a day on things that directly affect your life and the lives of people around you—not just once every few years on things you havent got a chance in hell of affecting." - Author: Daniel Suarez

Quotes About The Truth Revealing Itself

"For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?" - Author: George Orwell

Quotes About Mistakes Twice

"Im glad Ive been wrong enough to keep in practice. . . You cant avoid it, youve got to learn to handle it. If you only come face to face with your own mistakes once or twice in your life its bound to be extra painful. I face mine every day--that way they aint usually much worse than a dry shave." - Author: Larry McMurtry

Quotes About Funny Nappies

"Finally, after a glance at Notre Dame and a brisk trot through the Louvre, we sat down at a cafe on the Place de lOpera and watched the people. They were amazing -- never had we seen such costumes, such make-up, such wigs; and, strangest of all, the wearers didnt seem in the least conscious of how funny they looked. Many of them even stared at us and smiled, as though we had been the oddities, and not they. Mr. Holmes no doubt found it amusing to see the pageant of prostitution, poverty and fashion reflected in our callow faces and wide-open eyes." - Author: Christopher Isherwood