[Late Twentieth-century Machines Have Made Thoroughly Ambiguous The Difference Between Natural And Art)ficial, Mind And Body, Self-developing And Externally Designed, And Many Other Distinctions That Used To Apply To Organisms And Machines. Our Machines Are Disturbingly Lively, And We Ourselves Frighteningly Inert.]

Author: Donna J. Haraway Quotes

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Asse Sauga Quotes

"Magic is magic as long as humans can explain it logically!"

Denise Pitre Quotes

"At any time, you can rethink your life and reinvent yourself. ""Choose your words better and say/affirm exclusively what you aspire to create in your life." "Dare to dream and dare to stand out. Get off the beaten path."

Anu Silfverberg Quotes

"Eräs tuttu mies kysyi joskus, luinko sen lopulta loppuun asti. Hän arveli, ettei itse voisi lukea, koska "kokemus olisi niin masentava". Niin, luin kirjan ja menetin viikon yöunet. Mutta olen silti yhä tässä, voin hyvin. Juuri siksi juuri sellaiset kirjat on luettava. Tietäminen on vähintä, mitä voimme tehdä. Olemme sen velkaa."

Rufus Choate Quotes

"Happy is he who has laid up in his youth, and held fast in all fortune, a genuine and passionate love of reading."

Richard E Dodge Quotes

"Silence allows people to put thoughts into words. Some people might need several minutes to put thoughts into words. Silence may indicate the person is reflecting on experiences, and he or she may just need time to process."

Cynthia Occelli Quotes

"For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesnt understand growth, it would look like complete destruction."

Matthew Modine Quotes

"Theres a discipline. When you take someones portrait, you dont have to take 50 photographs, just find that one so that when you release the shutter, thats the image that you took."

Andrew Greeley Quotes

"Yet, if the most frequent sex and apparently the best sex is that between married partners who are faithful to one another, is there not a hint that affection might be an important aspect of sex? Even love?"

Anne Fortier Quotes

"Instead, a strange voice whispered, "How can love be a sin? If God did not want us to love, then why did he create such beauty as yours?" Giulietta gasped in surprise and fear. "Romeo?"

Gwendolyn Brooks Quotes

"She was afraid to suggest to him that to most people, nothing "happens." That most people merely live from day to day until they die. That, after he had been dead a year, doubtless fewer than five people would think of him oftener than once a year. That there might even come a year when no one on earth would think of him at all."

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Quotes About Our Messed Up Society

"At least at times of loss, we are reminded of our priorities, of our many blessings. In times of gain, we can so often lose our way." - Author: Mindy Starns Clark

Quotes About Mothers And Their Sons

"Some mothers seem to have the capacity and energy to make their childrens clothes, bake, give piano lessons, go to Relief Society, teach Sunday School, attend parent-teacher association meetings, and so on. Other mothers look upon such women as models and feel inadequate, depressed, and think they are failures when they make comparisons... Sisters, do not allow yourselves to be made to feel inadequate or frustrated because you cannot do everything others seem to be accomplishing. Rather, each should assess her own situation, her own energy, and her own talents, and then choose the best way to mold her family into a team, a unit that works together and supports each other. Only you and your Father in Heaven know your needs, strengths, and desires. Around this knowledge your personal course must be charted and your choices made." - Author: Marvin J. Ashton

Quotes About Not Believing In Magic

"Transition and change - guaranteed to cause anxiety. That anxiety shows itself in physical and behavioral ways, but also with thoughts (sometimes really crazy ones). This is the (primitive/automatic) brains way of keeping us safe from the danger of change. We end up getting so involved with the feeling and thoughts of anxiety, we get distracted from the "danger". If we trust the anxiety then our primitive brain has succeeded in "protecting" us from the danger. I suggest not believing, trusting, or taking direction from the anxiety and continue your pursuits forward. Then, you will be amazed at your ability to attract and reveal your true capabilities, your light, your magic." - Author: Charles F. Glassman

Quotes About Cheaters Never Win

"People do more for their fellows than return favors and punish cheaters. They often perform generous acts without the slightest hope for payback ranging from leaving a tip in a restaurant they will never visit again to throwing themselves on a live grenade to save their brothers in arms. [Robert] Trivers together with the economists Robert Frank and Jack Hirshleifer has pointed out that pure magnanimity can evolve in an environment of people seeking to discriminate fair weather friends from loyal allies. Signs of heartfelt loyalty and generosity serve as guarantors of one s promises reducing a partner s worry that you will default on them. The best way to convince a skeptic that you are trustworthy and generous is to be trustworthy and generous." - Author: Steven Pinker

Quotes About The Real Life

"I have a kid and a husband and my family, and its important to live the real life. I dont want to offer my whole life to cinema. Its only cinema." - Author: Cecile de France

Quotes About Wrestler

"The Holy Mother has many faces, but you know its her from her blue cloak. She is said to be the spirit in all women." "Look, here she is naked and the baby Jesus has wings, " said Lucien."That is not the Holy Mother, thats Venus and thats not Jesus, that is Cupid, the Roman god of love.""Wouldnt she have the spirit of the Holy Mother as well?""No, she is a pagan myth.""What about Maman? Is the spirit of the Holy Mother in her?""No, Lucien, your mother is also a pagan myth. Come, look at these paintings of wrestlers." - Author: Christopher Moore

Quotes About Staying Sane

"He was a lonely ghost uttering a truth that no one would ever hear. But so long as he uttered it in some obscure way the continuity was not broken. It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage." - Author: George Orwell

Quotes About Believing In Your Friends

"Think of the power we could have if all the energy and effort in the world – or maybe even just your energy and effort? – that goes into drinking were put into resisting, building, creating. Try adding up all the money anarchists in your community have spent on corporate libations, and picture how much musical equipment or bail money or food it could have paid for – instead of funding their war against all of us." - Author: CrimethInc.

Quotes About Being Kind And Helping Others

"We had enough years in front of us to be serious and grown-up and respectable. Why rush it? But on the other hand we always complained when teachers and other adults treated us as kids. In fact there was nothing that annoyed me more. So it was a frustrating situation. What we needed was a two-sided badge that said Mature on one side and Childish on the other. Then at any moment we could turn it to whatever side we felt like being and the adults could treat us accordingly." - Author: John Marsden

Quotes About Hidden Talents

"As we reached the wooded hill that led to the pipe, Cheater said, "Uh-oh.""Whats wrong?" I asked."Is anyone here thinking about kicking the crap out of me?" he asked."Not me," I said."Me either," Lucky said."Maybe tomorrow," Flinch told him. "But not at the moment." hidden talents" - Author: David Lubar