[Lawyers Spend A Great Deal Of Their Time Shoveling Smoke.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Edward E Rosenbaum Quotes

"Doctors are great--as long as you dont need them."

Martin Starr Quotes

"I love to work with people and do what I love."

Lorrie Fair Quotes

"This season is my most special and most cherished. All my focus is on getting that championship back here."

SJD Peterson Quotes

"Arrogant, rude bastard had insulted me, creeped me out, pissed me off, and made me restless all weekend. Now he was fucking with my orgasms. ~Danny Marshal~"

Eileen Brennan Quotes

"Everyone hits bottom their own way."

Patricia Gaffney Quotes

"Skepticism is luxury."

Hermann Broch Quotes

"Were one merely to seek information, one should inquire of the man who hates, but if one wishes to know what truly is, one better ask the one who loves."

Eugene Taylor Quotes

"Where are we as a modern civilization if our educational institutions conspire to train only a fraction of our capacities? and if this is all they can really do, then why not acknowledge that fact openly and give legitimacy to the other alternative forms of education that do cultivate those neglected dimensions of personality, instead of pretending that anything lying outside the standards set by the Wester analytic tradition is either inferior, anti-intellectual, or diabolic? (p. 293-294)"

Florence Welch Quotes

"I like to wear clothes that I will wear when I am an old lady."

Trinity Quotes

"Tapi,bagi saya,cowok-cowok korea yang unyu-unyu itu bukan tipe saya karena terlihat seperti kurang testosteron. Masih cakepan juga Ariel-nya Peterpan.Ya, kan? Ya,kan? Hehe!"

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Quotes About Swag Love

"She had the swagger of a girl. She blushed like a boy. She had a girls toughness. She has a boys gentleness. She was as meaty as a girl. She was as graceful as a boy. She was as brave and handsome and rough as a girl. She was as pretty and delicate and dainty as a boy. She turned boys heads like a girl. She turned girls heads like a boy. She made love like a boy. She made love like a girl. She was so boyish it was girlish, so girlish it was boyish, she made me want to rove the world writing our names on every tree. I had simply never found someone so right. Sometimes this shocked me so much that I was unable to speak." - Author: Ali Smith

Quotes About Attlee

"This historic general election, which showed that the British are well able to distinguish between patriotism and Toryism, brought Clement Attlee to the prime ministership. In the succeeding five years, Labor inaugurated the National Health Service, the first and boldest experiment in socialized medicine. It took into public ownership all the vital (and bankrupted) utilities of the coal, gas, electricity and railway industries. It even nibbled at the fiefdoms and baronies of private steel, air transport and trucking. It negotiated the long overdue independence of India. It did all this, in a country bled white by the World War and subject to all manner of unpopular rationing and controls, without losing a single midterm by-election (a standard not equaled by any government of any party since). And it was returned to office at the end of a crowded term." - Author: Christopher Hitchens

Quotes About Future Endeavours

"Celebrating your achievements and applauding your triumphs is a sure way to refuel your enthusiasm and keep yourself motivated for your future endeavours." - Author: Roopleen

Quotes About Horror Books

"I was that weird kid that checked out all of the non-fiction paranormal studies books from the library. Ive always been fascinated by the supernatural, particularly movies and TV shows that manage to blend humor with the horror - Supernatural, Buffy, Angel." - Author: Molly Harper

Quotes About Besos

"A ti que aun no sabeslos besos que te caben en la boca,a ti que has comprendidoque a veces el olvido se equivoca." - Author: Joaquín Sabina

Quotes About Steve Mcqueen

"Con Air was kind of a turning point for me, in my mind. I never shot anybody in that movie - I never did anything bad - because there were so many bad guys in that movie. I said, The hell with this, Im just gonna be a lovable guy. Im like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape." - Author: M. C. Gainey

Quotes About Mata

"che inquietudine se sento, che sconforto se penso, che inutilità se desidero!(...) Nuvole... Mi interrogo e non mi riconosco. Non ho fatto neinte di utile né farò qualcosa di giustificabile (...) Oggettivamente e soggettivamente, sono stufo di me. Sono stufo di tutto, e del tutto di tutto... (...) Nuvole... Sono come me, un passaggio cancellato fra il cielo e la terra. (...) Nuvole... Continuano a passare, continuano sempre a passare, passeranno sempre di continuo, in un avvolgimento discontinuo di matasse opache, in un diffuso prolungamento di falso cielo disfatto." - Author: Fernando Pessoa

Quotes About Obscenity

"History proves there is no better advertisement for a book than to condemn it for obscenity." - Author: Holbrook Jackson

Quotes About Save The World

"When your turn comes to jump into the Nothing, you too will be a nameless servant of power, with no will of your own. Who knows what use they will make of you? Maybe youll help them persuade people to buy things they dont need, or hate things they know nothing about, or hold beliefs that make them easy to handle, or doubt the truths that might save them. Yes, you little Fantastican, big things will be done in the human world with your help, wars started, empires founded..." " The human world is full of weak-minded people, who think theyre as clever as can be and are convinced that its terribly important to persuade even the children that Fantastica doesnt exist. Maybe they will be able to make good use of you." - Author: Michael Ende

Quotes About Mcmurphy Nurse Ratched

"The instruction here is not for every kind of writer - not for the writer of nurse books or thrillers or porno or the cheaper sort of sci-fi - though it is true that what holds for the most serious kind of fiction will generally hold for junk fiction as well. (Not everyone is capable of writing junk fiction: It requires an authentic junk mind. Most creative-writing teachers have had the experience of occasionally helping to produce, by accident, a pornographer. The most elegant techniques in the world, filtered through a junk mind, become elegant junk techniques.)" - Author: John Gardner