[Let Us Pick Up Our Books And Our Pens, They Are The Most Powerful Weapons." Malala Yousafzai, The Schoolgirl Who Was Shot In The Head By The Taliban For Wanting An Education And Survived, In Her Keynote Speech To The United Nations, 12th July 2013.]

Author: Malala Yousafzai Quotes

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"We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars."

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"After film school, I embarked on trying to promote independent films. But after a while, I realized I was breaking my back doing six-day-a-week shoots, 14-hour days, and no guarantee of distribution."

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"My real musical discovery started when I was 10 with Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5, and acts that I connected with because they were young when they were doing it, like me. Then I kind of came into my own a couple of years later; I found new artists that shaped my musical landscape. For instance, Kings of Leon played a big part in that."

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"No one aspires to be the working man. Everyone aspires to be The Man."

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"A learned man who doesnt restrain his passions is like a blind man holding a torch, he guides others but not himself."

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"I fear the carnival of crime is beginning on our border."

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"Comedy has to be so much cleaner than drama. You cant layer it in the way you can a dramatic performance. Which is why its more difficult than drama - you dont have so many tricks."

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"Depression makes me stronger"

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"Drama and comedy, to me ,are all about being surprising, coherent, and true, all at once."

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"You can blame your mother, and she can blame hers. Leastways sooner or later its the fault of somebody whos dead."

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"I work in a medium where I get to be totally invisible and I get great pleasure from that, being a pretty self-conscious person." - Author: Terry Gross

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"If you sucker punch me while Im not looking, Id understand. Thats why Im not looking." - Author: Jarod Kintz

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"Its about the dream of second chances," he says finally. He hasnt raised his eyes from the paper on his desk and I feel him looking at me without looking when he uses his grandfathers words. "The narrator doesnt respect the beauty of life and the world around her, so it crushes her into the ground and once shes dead, she realizes everything she took for granted and didnt see right in front of her while she was alive. Shes begging for another chance to live again so she can appreciate it this time.""And does she get that chance?" she asks Josh while I desperately focus on the poster of literary terms on the wall and wait for absolution. When it comes, I barely hear it."She does." - Author: Katja Millay

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"He saw that I was shy, and at the time I was still scared of feeling with another person, so he put his arm around me and pulled me and put my head on his breast and gave me love actually." - Author: Allen Ginsberg

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"Donovan Caine naked, water droplets sliding down his lean body, his muscles clenching and relaxing as he washes himself. Mmm. Nice image. Despite our earlier confrontation, I still found the detective extremely sexy. Hed be even more attractive if hed lose the righteous anger and the stick up his ass. But no man was perfect." - Author: Jennifer Estep

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"In fact, I noticed everything about Alex. Like that his left nostril was slightly larger than his right nostril. And the way he ate a Kit Kat bar: chocolate first and then the layers of wafer separately. I could pick his one sneeze in a room full of sneezers." - Author: Autumn Doughton

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"Trumpet players see each other, and its like were getting ready to square off or get into a fight or something." - Author: Wynton Marsalis

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"Sin and forgiveness and falling and getting back up and losing the pearl of great price in the couch cushions but then finding it again, and again, and again? Those are the stumbling steps to becoming Real, the only script thats really worth following in this world or the one thats coming." - Author: Brennan Manning

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"Averages might mean something to bureaucrats and engineers, but the sea had no struck with statistics: it was a succession of unpredictable circumstances and extremes." - Author: Frank Schätzing

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"In winter night Massachusetts Street is dismal, the grounds frozen cold, the ruts and pock holes have ice, thin snow slides over the jagged black cracks. The river is frozen to stolidity, waits; hung on a shore with remnant show-off boughs of June-- Ice skaters, Swedes, Irish girls, yellers and singers--they throng on the white ice beneath the crinkly stars that have no altar moon, no voice, but down heavy tragic space make halyards of Heaven on in deep, to where the figures fantastic amassed by scientists cream in a cold mass; the veil of Heaven on tiaras and diadems of a great Eternity Brunette called night." - Author: Jack Kerouac