[Life Depends On, How Much You're Alive]

Author: Simone Damgaard Quotes

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Dan Ariely Quotes

"But suppose we are nothing more than the sum of our first, naive, random behaviors. What then?"

Henry V ONeil Quotes

"No food, you die in weeks. No water, you die in days. -- Corporal Cranther in GLORY MAIN"

Noel Streatfeild Quotes

"Its about that applause I want to speak to you. I want you to remember that when youve done a little dance or a song or sketch, the applause which you get is not only because you yourself have done your best, but because each of those men is seeing in you someone he loves at home, and because of you is able to forget for a little while the unhappiness of not being in his home, and in some cases the great tragedy of not knowing what has happened to the children in his family."

Ally Sheedy Quotes

"I think that acting involves doing your job so well that you are able to help the viewer identify with the character."

Blake Jenner Quotes

"I really love to run, and then right after, get some good lifting in. Then, of course, follow all that up with some healthy meals and protein."

Gary Goldstein Quotes

"Issues are like tissues. You pull one out and another appears!"

Nolan Bushnell Quotes

"Grand Theft Auto, in its deification of antisocial behavior, is where I heap the most of my scorn."

Matthias Zdarsky Quotes

"Snow is not a wolf in sheeps clothing - it is a tiger in lambs clothing."

Emy Nursafitri Quotes

"girls always waiting. even if it takes long time. when that time come she will be the lucky girl"

Jonathan Tucker Quotes

"Ive always used music for my acting, and I do have a kind of a very personal play list that I create."

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Quotes About Jester

"In the days of Caesar, kings had fools and jesters. Now network presidents have anchormen." - Author: Ted Koppel

Quotes About Arbitrio

"Amor animi arbitrio sumitu, non ponitur; we choose to love; we do not choose to cease loving." - Author: Lauren Groff

Quotes About Evidence Based Medicine

"Alternative therapists dont kill many people, but they do make a great teaching tool for the basics of evidence-based medicine, because their efforts to distort science are so extreme." - Author: Ben Goldacre

Quotes About Calypso Music

"All music is dance music. But when people think of dance music, they think of techno or just house. Anything you can dance to is dance music. I dont care if its classical, funk, salsa, reggae, calypso; its all dance music." - Author: Afrika Bambaataa

Quotes About Prim

"As I was running back to camp, thoughts of tripping and crushing the endangered lemur crowded my head. I could see the headline, "Former NFL Cheerleader Squashes Worlds Smallest Primate With Her Left Breast." I slowed down just a little bit." - Author: Mireya Mayor

Quotes About Neferet

"Darius held Stark back from launching himself at Neferet, and Duantia spoke quickly into the rising tension. Neferet, I think we can all agree that there are many unanswered questions about the tragedy that occured on our island today. Stark, we also understand the passion and rage you feel at the loss of your Priestess. it is a hard blow for a Warrior to-Duantias wisdom was cut off by the sound of Aretha Franklin belting out the chorus from "Respect," which was coming from the little Coach purse Aphrodite had slung over her shoulder.Oopsie, um, sorry bout that. Aphrodite frantically unzipped her purse and dug for her iPhone." - Author: P.C. Cast

Quotes About Jesus Is The Answer

"Money can come and go, and fame comes and goes. Peace of mind and a relationship with God is far more important, so this is the precedent that weve set in our lives. The bottom line is, we all die, so Jesus is the answer." - Author: Phil Robertson

Quotes About Occupy

"If you take a book of a thousand pages on the Second World War, in which 50 million people died, the concentration camps occupy two pages and the gas chambers ten or 15 lines, and thats what one calls a detail." - Author: Jean Marie Le Pen

Quotes About Compassion At Work

"We cannot worship the suffering God today and ignore him tomorrow. We cannot eat and drink the body and blood of the passionate and compassionate God today, and then refuse to live passionately and compassionately tomorrow. If we say or sing, as we so often do, Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, we thereby commit ourselves, in love, to the work of making his love known to the world that still stands so sorely in need of it. This is not the god the world wants. This is the God the world needs." - Author: N. T. Wright

Quotes About Pursuit Of Excellence

"My philosophy all my life has been the pursuit of excellence." - Author: John Kluge