[Life Is Always Uncertain. No One Knows What's In There. But Now My Life Is Everywhere, I Would Just Like To Breathe And Sleep And Get All The Rest I Could. I Wake Up Five In The Morning Some Days Just Thinking About My Own Thoughts And Stare Blankly In Thin Air. Not Sure What I Am Looking At But I Know For A Fact I Am In My Own World. Those Times I Am Just Inside My Head Just Thinking About What Is Ahead.]

Author: Happy Positivity Blankly Ahead Quotes

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"Vivent les fous qui sautent à pieds joints là où nosent se poser les anges."

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"I do not think we should be trying to save our freedom by killing the safeguards that keep our liberties."

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"You need a job and I need a PA, why dont you come and work for me?""No thanks, God knows what being your PA would involve."He laughs. "Well it would involve the usual, faxing, filing, answering the phones, takingbookings, relieving my sexual needs, etcetera.""Yeah I thought as much." I tell him, my tone doing all the rejecting for me."Seriously though, the offer stands. Think it over." He tells me in a soft voice."I dont have PA experience.""Ill teach you," he says, in a tone that insinuates other things."Sure."He lowers his voice. "I think Id enjoy teaching you things.""Cant say I w-would enjoy it." Yeah, right."You stuttered," he says"

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