[Life Isn't A Matter Of Milestones, But Of Moments.]

Author: Rose Kennedy Quotes

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Kalon Jackson Quotes

"One of our greatest challenges is to handle Winning without arrogance, being educated without being condescending and having compassion without developing indifference"

Frederick W Hackwood Quotes

"A good meal soothes the soul as it regenerates the body.From the abundance of it flows a benign benevolence."

Alex George Quotes

"Our deeds in life echo down the corridors of time. The greater the deed, the mightier the resonance." --Alex George, author of Under the Dragons Claw"

Tom McNeal Quotes

"You know, for a while there we kept horses for the boys, and we had a mare that had broken down. Couldnt ride it... You could feed it and brush it and water it and all. Sometimes, Ive thought thats what most marriages get to. A horse you still care a little about but cannot any longer ride."

HO Charles Quotes

"What are we if we are not products of our history? History is not in our past but forms us in the present. And how histories are written or interpreted depends on what we do today."

Mel Blackaby Quotes

"My prayer life IS my life."

Gavid Hood Quotes

"You can sustain visual beauty and innovative visual ideas for a certain length of time, but in a two-hour experience, which is really what movies are, usually audiences - whether they know it or not - most want an emotional connection to character."

Patti Roberts Quotes

"I spend many hours in conversation with wonderful characters from fantastic books."

Agnes Mary Clerke Quotes

"What has been done is little—scarcely a beginning; yet it is much in comparison with the total blank of a century past. And our knowledge will, we are easily persuaded, appear in turn the merest ignorance to those who come after us."

Gary F Patton Quotes

"The best ‘apologia (defense) of Jesus Following is your life ...not talking religion!" http://diigo.com/0odk2 ~ gfp 42©"

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Quotes About Norms And Rules

"Only stilted pedants can conceive the idea that there are absolute norms to tell what is beautiful and what is not. They try to derive from the works of the past a code of rules with which, as they fancy, the writers and artists of the future should comply. But the genius does not cooperate with the pundit." - Author: Ludwig von Mises

Quotes About Unequal Treatment

"Early diagnosis is so important because the earlier a mental illness can be detected, diagnosed and treatment can begin, the better off that person can be for the rest of his or her life." - Author: Rosalynn Carter

Quotes About Dancing Badly

"They play in the Meadow. The dancing girl with the dark hair and blue eyes. The boy with blond curls and gray eyes, struggling to keep up with her on his chubby toddler legs. It took five, ten, fifteen years for me to agree. But Peeta wanted them so badly. When I first felt her stirring inside of me, I was consumed with a terror that felt as old as life itself. Only the joy of holding her in my arms could tame it." - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Gristle

"Its worth noting up front that I have always conceived of my mind as a digestive organ. A stomach for processing knowledge, if you will. As a looping, wrinkled mass, a human brain unmistakably looks like gray intestines, and its within these thinking bowels that my experiences are broken down, consumed to become my life story. My thoughts occur as flavorful burps or acrid barf. The indigestible gristle and bone of my memories are expelled as these words." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Quotes About Being Wonderfully Made

"Good lack-a-daisy, Clara!" her aunt reproached her. "The man might dress improperly, but hesbehaving like a perfect gentleman otherwise. And being wonderfully kind to the lassies, too. Why do youinsist on being rude to him?""Yes, mademoiselle," Morgan teased, "do explain yourself." Settling back against the carriage, hecrossed his brawny arms over his chest. The muscles strained against the flimsy cambric shirt, making hermouth go dry. Why must a scoundrel fit only for hell possess a body fit for heaven?" - Author: Sabrina Jeffries

Quotes About Bible Embarrassment

"Any religion that would prohibit life-saving surgery simply because it goes against the literal word of the Bible cane nothing other than a cult. This is an abuse of dogma that crosses the line." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Gaskell

"When you asked me to speak about women and fiction I sat down on the banks of a river and began to wonder what the words meant. They might mean simply a few remarks about Fanny Burney; a few more about Jane Austen; a tribute to the Brontes and a sketch of Haworth Parsonage under snow, some witticisms if possible about Miss Mitford; a respectful allusion to George Eliot; a reference to Mrs Gaskell and one would have done." - Author: Virginia Woolf

Quotes About Silent Suffering

"All women speak two languages:
the language of men
and the language of silent suffering.
 Some women speak a third,
the language of queens." - Author: Mohja Kahf

Quotes About Malinconia

"A un certo punto ho sentito una sensazione a cui non sono mai riuscito a dare un nome. È un misto di malinconia, tristezza, insoddisfazione, ansia, felicità. Quando la sento mi commuovo. Mi succedeva spesso in passato. Era qualcosa che mi sfuggiva e che provavo soprattutto quando restavo solo o mi fermavo un po a pensare. Sentivo che saliva come il dolore dopo che hai preso una botta." - Author: Fabio Volo

Quotes About Spanish American War

"This is the difference between the Spanish advent and the American; that the technical revolution provoked by the first produced the Filipino, while the cultural upheaval provoked by the second merely helped us to become more aware of this Filipinoness." - Author: Nick Joaquín