[Life Isn't A Matter Of Milestones, But Of Moments.]

Author: Rose Kennedy Quotes

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Amitabh Bachchan Quotes

"I have never really been confident about my career at any stage."

Jenna Elfman Quotes

"And as a character, what I found very inspiring about playing Dharma, especially at that time, is that the women on television were more neurotic than they were free. And I thought, this is a rare bird and this is unique on television and I think its really refreshing."

Jaime Sabines Quotes

"¿Es que hacemos las cosas sólo para recordarlas? ¿Es que vivimos sólo para tener memoria de nuestra vida? Porque sucede que hasta la esperanza es memoria y que el deseo es el recuerdo de lo que ha de venir."

Jonathan Auxier Quotes

"It was a choice between comfortable misery and terrifying uncertainty… professor Cake had given him a choice – a gift that no one had ever offered him before" 68"

Debashis Dey Quotes

"In Nature, things are broken with a purpose—clouds break to pour rains, rivers break to water fields, fields break to yield crops, seeds break to yield plants … so if ever you feel broken, understand that you must be part of a better and more beautiful purpose..."

J William Fulbright Quotes

"There is an inevitable divergence between the world as it is and the world as men perceive it."

Augusto Lunel Quotes

"Soy lo único que me queda de tí"

Miranda Linda Weisz Quotes

"When many voices are speaking at once, listen to the one most quiet and gentle. Thats the one worth listening to. ~ Miranda* ~"

George McGovern Quotes

"The highest patriotism is not a blind acceptance of official policy, but a love of ones country deep enough to call her to a higher plain."

Drew Gates Quotes

"Instead of being a gift that separates us from the animals, free will has become my gaoler. Junkies are the ultimate outsider, not only are we outside of society: we are outside of nature. I spit, turn, and wander towards the beach. Heroin gave me wings but took away the sky."

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Quotes About Life Changing In A Second

"You know, Bo, there is a feeling, in that instant following some life-changing tragedy, that you can actually step back over that sliver of time and stop the horror from coming. But that feeling is a lie, because in the tiniest microminisecond after any event occurs, it is as safe in history as Julius Caesar. Data in the universal computer is backed up as it happens." - Author: Chris Crutcher

Quotes About Peggio

"She began to study with a teacher of teachers, whom they brought for that purpose from the city of Mompox, and who died unexpectedly two weeks later, and she continued for several years with the best musician at the seminary, whose gravediggers breath distorted her arpeggios." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Quotes About Younger Sisters

"I was picked on because I was timid. I had younger sisters; I couldnt turn to them for help. I didnt have an older brother." - Author: Mark E. Smith

Quotes About Preencher

"Não sinto apenas a dor física, mas tudo o que perdi, que é profundo, catastrófico e que deixará uma cratera em mim que nada poderá preencher. Mas também sinto tudo o que tenho na minha vida, que inclui tudo o que perdi, assim como o grande desconhecido daquilo que a vida ainda poderá trazer-me." - Author: Gayle Forman

Quotes About Having Doubts In Love

"FEARLESS is not the absense of fear. Its not being completely unafraid. FEARLESS is having fears. FEARLESS is having doubts. Lots of them.FEARLESS is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. FEARLESS is falling madly in love again, even though youve been hurt before. FEARLESS is getting back up and fighting for what you want all over again... even though every time youve tried before, youve lost. Its FEARLESS to have faith that someday things will change. FEARLESS is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even if you cant breathe without them. Its FEARLESS to say "youre NOT sorry," and walk away.I think loving someone despite what people think is FEARLESS." - Author: Taylor Swift

Quotes About The Radio 1920

"You have no sense of your true duty, which is to be a man and preserve humanity. You imitate wise men so badly and bandits so well. Your movies and radio programs are full of murder." - Author: Wilhelm Reich

Quotes About Prunes

"Or on retiring to Prunesquallors he might take down one of the Doctors many books and read, for these days a passion to accumulate knowledge of any and every kind consumed him; but only as a means to an end. He must know all things, for only so might he have, when situations arose in the future, a full pack of cards to play from. He imagined himself occasions when the conversation of one from who he foresaw advancement might turn to astronomy, metaphysics, history, chemistry, or literature, and he realized that to be able to drop into the argument a lucid and exact thought, an opinion based on what might *appear* to be a life-time study, would instantaneously gain more for him than waiting until the conversation turned upon what lay within his scope of experience." - Author: Mervyn Peake

Quotes About Being In Relationship

"Our higher needs include making full use of our gifts, finding and fulfilling our calling, being loved and cherished just for ourselves, and being in relationships that honor all of these. Such needs are fulfilled in an atmosphere of the five As by which love is shown: attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, and allowing." - Author: David Richo

Quotes About Crisis

"Because of the economic crisis, China and the United States are bound together. This is a totally new phenomenon, and nobody will fight for ideology anymore. Its all about business." - Author: Ai Weiwei

Quotes About Being Shy With A Crush

"He was discomfited to see how easily men (and women as well) stepped from the train to station platform, from platform to train – with ease, with levity, laughing and talking and greeting each other as though oblivious to the abrupt geographical shifts they were making, and disrespectful of the distance and differences they entered. Many were hatless, their clothes brightly colored. The cases they carried appeared, from the way they handled them, to be feather-light." - Author: Carol Shields