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Author: William O'Brien Quotes

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Jane Devin Quotes

"Underneath my imagination there didnt seem to be anything solid except for the space where I shoved my pain and sadness. Besides that, there were only twisted steel threads of axiety, woven through my body and brain, wired into me like a constant warning. Watch out, stay still, move away, stay silent, fight back, run and hide. Even when I was dreaming, but more so when I was awake, there was the constant fear of being caught off-guard, or by the wrong person at the wrong time."

William Dalrymple Quotes

"I grew up in extreme poverty, said Hari Das. ‘Like me, my father was a day labourer, who also did theyyam during the season. Today theyyam can bring in muchmore than labouring – in a good season, after expenses, maybe Rs 10,000 a month – but in those days earnings were very meagre; maybe only Rs 10 and bag of ricefor a single night.‘I lost my mother when I was three years old. She had some small injury – a piece of metal pierced her foot – but it went septic, and because she couldnt afford areal doctor she saw a man in the village instead. He must have made it worse. Certainly he failed to cure her. She died quite unnecessarily; at least that is what I feel."

Nick Rynerson Quotes

"Have you ever read a wonderful quote that you want to post on your twitter/facebook/blog/whatever but you feel like it may come off as "not Christian enough" or just a little theologically lacking?"

Tahir M Khan Quotes

"Bring up the past only if it will help to build the future, otherwise its best to be left to sleep"

Srikumar Rao Quotes

"Before you can follow your own drummer, you have to hear the drummer."

Apoorve Dubey Quotes

"Happiness is a state of mind and not a state of possession. Be as you are and you will be happy, if you try to be someone else you will be miserable."

Manu Joseph Quotes

"Operna did not understand this habit of Indian men. If they could letch at her so overtly, they might as well ask her directly who she was. Why did they always turn to someone else and say, Wont you introduce us? It was so pathetic."

Jerry Rice Quotes

"People would look at me weird. You know, like, Why is this guys hands always in his pockets? But I was embarrassed by the size of my hands."

Boomer Esiason Quotes

"You can imagine what a dorm room environment is to a CF parent. Its like, oh my God. Its crazy."

Thomas De Quincey Quotes

"Rightly it is said of utter, utter misery, that it cannot be remembered; itself, being a rememberable thing, is swallowed up in its own chaos."

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Quotes About Loneliness Being Good

"And yet all loneliness, angers, hatreds, envies, and itchings that it contains, if rolled into one single experience and put into the scale against the least moment of the joy that is felt by the least in Heaven, would have no weight that could be registered at all. Bad cannot succeed even in being bad as truly as good is good." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Escuchar

"Porque de pronto, quiero escuchar sus huesos crujir. Quiero sentir la suavidad que ofrece su carne, escuchar su grito de asombro mientras el hueso de mi cadera se estrella contra ella. Quiero tirar su cabeza hacia atrás hasta que su cuello está expuesto. Quiero rasgar mis manos por su cabello hasta que su respiración sea entrecortada. Quiero hacerla llorar y lamer sus lágrimas. Y luego quiero llevar mi boca a la de ella, devorarla en vida...." - Author: Gayle Forman

Quotes About Force Love

"You cant force love, I realized. Its there or it isnt. If its not there, youve got to be able to admit it. If it is there, youve got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love." - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Windows To The World

"To the Kathakali Man these stories are his children and his childhood. He has grown up within them. They are the house he was raised in, the meadows he played in. They are his windows and his way of seeing. So when he tells a story, he handles it as he would a child of his own. He teases it. He punishes it. He sends it up like a bubble. He wrestles it to the ground and lets it go again. He laughs at it because he loves it. He can fly you across whole worlds in minutes, he can stop for hours to examine a wilting leaf. Or play with a sleeping monkeys tail. He can turn effortlessly from the carnage of war into the felicity of a woman washing her hair in a mountain stream. From the crafty ebullience of a rakshasa with a new idea into a gossipy Malayali with a scandal to spread. From the sensuousness of a woman with a baby at her breast into the seductive mischief of Krishnas smile. He can reveal the nugget of sorrow that happiness contains. The hidden fish of shame in a sea of glory." - Author: Arundhati Roy

Quotes About The Sidelines

"I always want to win because I never want to sit out on the sidelines outside." - Author: Kevin Durant

Quotes About Horrible Friends

"Saying its hard is ultimately a justification to do what seems like the easiest thing to do-- have the affair, stay at that horrible job, end a friendship over a slight, keep loving someone who treats you terribly." - Author: Cheryl Strayed

Quotes About Nagel

"Immer zwei Schritte voraus, unser Master Artemis. Die Leute sagten, er sei ganz aus dem alten Holz geschnitzt. Doch sie irrten sich. Master Artemis war aus nagelneuem Holz, von einer Sorte, die noch keiner gesehen hatte." - Author: Eoin Colfer

Quotes About Being Written Off

"Oryx," he says. "I know youre there." He repeats the name. Its not even her real name, which hed never known anyway; its only a word. Its a mantra. Sometimes he can conjure her up. At first shes pale and shadowy, but if he can say her name over and over, then maybe shell glide into his body and be present with him in his flesh, and his hand on himself will become her hand. But shes always been evasive, you can never pin her down. Tonight she fails to materialize and he is left alone, whimpering ridiculously, jerking off all by himself in the dark." - Author: Margaret Atwood

Quotes About Losing Hope In A Relationship

"We accept it because we have seen the vision. We know that we cannot reap the harvest, but we hope that we may so well prepare the land and so diligently sow the seed that our successors may gather the ripened grain." - Author: Liberty Hyde Bailey

Quotes About Lifetime Relationships

"I want you cool and regal, earthy and impertinent, spoiling for a fight and abashed at your own temper. I want you flushed with exertion and rosy with sleep. I want you teasing and provocative, somber and thoughtful. I want every emotion, every mood, every year in a lifetime to come. I want you beside me, to encourage and argue with me, to help me and let me help you. I want to be your champion and lover, your mentor and student." - Author: Connie Brockway